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Friday, 02 February


Food Forest Abundance: an indigenous perspective Our Permaculture Life

Come walkabout with me and my good friend Wiruunga Dunggirr, (, an indigenous Aboriginal elder from the Namba Gumbaynggar Nation (around Nambuka Heads, NSW) 

Listen as Wiruungga talks about plants, their uses, their healing potential, their cultural meaning and much more. He was taught by his elders from a young age and has such rich knowledge. 

Yesterday we spent most of the day walking, talking, exploring together - I learnt so so much. I filmed as much as I could of our chat about plants to share with you. 

We talked about many plants and roots, shoots, flowers, leaves, bark for their use as food and medicine, but also other purposes. Wiruungga and I have planned to do lots of walkabouts - there is so much to learn and share.  Next week we'll be heading down to the river.

This clip is a short section of the whole film I have made which will be available soon in the Our Permaculture Life Membership Community. Each month I will be uploading new interviews and films of permaculture site visits. You can join the membership group for around $1/day. Find out more: . I will be donating a moneys from this to support Wiruungga establish a Bush University - a dream he has.  

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Thursday, 01 February


Espresso & Matcha's Saporous Expedition - Perth: Bib & Tucker Espresso & Matcha

As an East Coast girl, there is no way that I would go to Perth and pass up the opportunity to appreciate the West Coast sunset. Finishing up on our errands for the day, we drove over to Freemantle beach to walk around a bit and have dinner at the beach-side restaurant, Bib and Tucker.


Making a reservation just before the scheduled sunset time, we were able to grab a drink earlier and appreciate the views before our cosy diner. Iron Fist, as usual, had his red wine, and I had my lemon lime bitters. The views at Freemantle beach were truly specta...


Norton Motorcycles switches Aussie distributors "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Norton Motorcycles UK has announced the change of its Australian distributors from NF Importers Pty Ltd to Brisbane Motorcycles based in Queensland.

Brisbane Motorcycles managing director James Mutton says they have been retailing the bikes for some time from their Caboolture store and immediately will take over warranties, servicing and spares.

He says they have the Commando and Cafe Racer in stock and will receive their first order of 2018 stock in April.

Nortons will be sold from their Caboolture and Windsor stores and James hopes to have a dealer network with a dealer in each state within six months.

Norton Motorcycles prices

Norton Motorcycles in Beak St, London levis tweet

Norton Dominator and Commando on show in London

The entry level 961 Commando costs $31,990 (+ORC) and the Cafe Racer is $33,990. Upcoming models include the V4 at about $59,9990, the Dominator Naked at $41,990 and the made-to-order Dominator at $49,990.

Norton V4 RR BritishNorton V4 RR

Brisbane Motorcycles hit the news last year when Jamess father and dealership owner Brett Mutton said mum and dad dealerships were being squeezed out by the big conglomerates.

Brett is successfully battling cancer and is currently off medications. However, he is retiring and handing over the business to his son.

James says he will have an as-yet unnamed partner in the Norton importing business from the moto...

Wednesday, 31 January


Espresso & Matcha's Saporous Expedition - Perth: La Veen Espresso & Matcha

The next day, Iron Fist and I found ourselves prowling the streets of Perth looking for a hearty breakfast (despite last night's epic dinner). Wandering through the classic colonial style buildings on King Street, we noticed that La Veen had started to fill up, despite the early hour. Readers will know by now that in deciding which restaurants to try, I find that following the crowd is often a safe bet, so we headed inside to see for ourselves. 


Inside we were served immediately, given a table and instructed to order by the counter. I liked their all day menu, and the semi customisable eggs, which we eventually ordered.



Qld electric superhighway goes online "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Coming to a place near you: fast-charge stations for electric vehicles. Image iStock

Drivers of electric cars will now be able to travel nearly 2000km along the Queensland coast thanks to the completion of an electric superhighway of charging stations.

The state government first announced the $3 million project seven months ago, and there are now stations from Coolangatta to Cairns, as well as west from Brisbane to Toowoomba.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said with charging stations at Townsville and Carmila coming online last week, the first stage of the governments Queensland Electric Super Highway was officially up and running.

We now have the worlds longest electric vehicle super highway in a single state stretching all the way up our beautiful eastern coastline, Mr Bailey said.

To encourage the uptake and interest in electric vehicles, the fast-charging stations are available for use at no cost for the initial phase.

The stations fully recharge an electric vehicle in an average of 30 minutes and have been placed at 18 locations along the coast, at sites chosen to be near cafes and shops.

Mr Bailey said in addition to being environmentally friendly, the electric highway was planning for the future with electric vehicles becoming more common, including more than two million sales globally last year.

The next charger expected to come online will be at Helensvale, and will be operational after the Commonwealth Games in April.

The post Qld electric superhighway goes online appeared first on Echonetdaily.

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