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Saturday, 16 March


Autumn Fair Markets and Fairs in Brisbane

Saturday 16th Mar, 10.00am 1.00pm, Seasons Aged Care

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Saturday, 02 March


North Brisbane Lapidary Club Gem and Jewellery Show 2019 Markets and Fairs in Brisbane

Saturday 2nd Mar, 8.30am Sunday 3rd Mar, 3.00pm, Bracken Ridge State High School

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Sunday, 17 February


Suitcase Rummage Markets and Fairs in Brisbane

Sunday 20th Jan, 12.00pm Sunday 28th Apr, 5.00pm, Brisbane Square


Technicolor Chinese New Year Night Market Markets and Fairs in Brisbane

Saturday 16th Feb, 4.00pm 9.00pm, DiverCiti Centre

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Thursday, 07 February


Matcha Honpo - Brisbane CBD Espresso & Matcha

2019 Must be the year that dreams come true. Although I've been able to resist the temptation of most desserts, Matcha is one thing I've never been able to walk away from, no matter how stringent the diet restrictions. Readers will know how obsessed I am with Sydney's Matcha cafe, Cre Asion, and my prayers were answered when when Brisbane's own Matcha Honpo opened along Wharf Street last week. 

We headed there right after work for a quick afternoon snack.



Northey Street City Farm E-News February 2019 Northey Street City Farm

Northey Street City Farm E-News February 2019  Northey Street City Farm publish a free electronic newsletter every month. To subscribe to our monthly free e-newsletter CLICK HERE. You will receive the newsletter to your email once a month to let you know what is happening at the farm. To read this months E-News CLICK HERE

The post Northey Street City Farm E-News February 2019 appeared first on Northey Street City Farm.

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Wednesday, 06 February


Eating Out: I Like Ramen Kittens Gone Lentil

I Like Ramen started as a weekly vegan pop-up down the coast, then got a permanent little kiosk at Love Child Miami (which I have visited once), then a pop-up in Brisbane, and finally its own permanent vegan venue. I visited one Saturday evening with some friends to check it out.

We started out sharing the Panko Mushrooms with a sour cream and garlic seasoning and aioli. I couldn't taste the seasoning much, but the mushrooms were crispy and tasty, though I wish there had been just a bit more aioli.

Panko Mushrooms at i like ramen

Also on the small plates menu, Agedashi Tofu. This was very tasty, but it was not agadashi tofu. The shiitake dashi was quite tart, and not at all like a traditional agadeshi broth. Given all the other food we ordered, I was worried that I wouldn't have room for this, but it was quite a small serving, only three pieces.

Agedashi Tofu at i like ramen

My friend ordered both of their bao options - Panko Mushroom and Kimchi Bao (with panko crumbed mushroom, bok choy, kimchi, and sriracha aioli) and the Holy 'Duck' Bao (crispy "duck" glazed in plum sauce, cucumber, mint and pickled daikon slaw with chilli lime dressing and pomegranate mayo). I also had the duck bao, but without the chilli lime dressing. This was really nice, though it came with a lot of raw onion that I picked out.

2018-11-24 16.59.32

But what about the Ramen, you ask? Never fear! I ordered the Cauliflower and Onion Ramen (activated charcoal noodles served in a cauliflower and onion broth with crispy beetroot, charred corn and cauliflower), because you know I could not say know to the amusing charcoal noodles. This was really tasty, though the...

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Tuesday, 05 February


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Perth: Pho Huynh Espresso & Matcha

Second lunch in Perth and again we ended up having a super late meal, but rather than being in the CBD, we found ourselves out in the suburbs. Doing a quick search, I realised that we were in a predominantly Vietnamese influenced suburb, so there was no better excuse than to have some local Pho at the highly rated Pho Huynh nearby.

Arriving just before 3pm, the place was still half full on a weekday. Obvious sign of popularity. We were quickly seated and extremely thankful for the abundant air conditioning. 

The menu was traditional, focusing on mainly rice and noodles, there were also some sides and a small amount of drinks. We ordered quickly.


huskk cafe Memories Treasure Chest

Huskk Cafe, Grange

Huskk is a new cafe recently sprouted in Grange. In a short period of time, we visited this place twice. First time, just Grace and myself and on our second trip, we took my mom and grandma here when they came to visit from Penang.

This cafe looks bright, open and lovely. What is better is that they have a small corner of children's play area as pictured! Grace managed to keep herself occupied while waiting for our food. 


On our visit, I ordered the pancake from the children's menu and it was gingerbread flavour (due to pre-Christmas). It came in a generous amount and quite lovely but the ginger flavour may be a tad strong for Grace. She had a few bites. 


As for myself, I had the banana bread pudding slice and it was heavenly. Still quite moist and not too sweet which was good.



Breakfast with Keith De Lacy & me to discuss Beautiful One Day, Broke the Next "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Former Queensland Treasurer Keith De Lacy AM and I will speak at an upcoming breakfast in West End, Brisbane on Wednesday 27 February at the Connor Court Book Room regarding my recently published book Beautiful One Day, Broke the Next: Queenslands Public Finances since Sir Joh and Sir Leo. Im very much looking forward to hearing more of Keiths insights into Queenslands fiscal history and our current situation. Keith made some great contributions to Queensland during his time as Goss government Treasurer (1989-1996), overseeing generally strict budget management and the corporatisation of government-owned businesses, among other achievements. Since that time, Keith has had a distinguished business career and is a former President of the Queensland division of the AICD.

If youre interested in Queensland state politics or concerned about our current state finances, I expect you would get a lot out of this event in addition to an excellent cooked breakfast from one of West Ends fine cafes. You can book for the breakfast via Eventbrite:

Breakfast with Keith De Lacy and Gene Tunny


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Monday, 04 February


Sassafras - Paddington Espresso & Matcha

Indubitably, the best way to start off a weekend is with a wholesome hearty brunch. Always keen to try out new things, we were pleased to receive an invite to try out Sassafras of Paddington, which has recently changed management and been bought out by head chef Chris Zirbel. Named after a leafy aromatic plant abundant in both North America and East Asia, it had my interest piqued, having read Joe's glowing review, I was definitely excited.

Situated along LaTrobe Terrace in what appears to be a refurbished residential house, the main counter and kitchen were indoors. There were also a few seats indoors, but the majority of seating was definitely out the back.

Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Perth: Hikaru Espresso & Matcha

First work day in Perth and it was absolutely hectic. Was unable to stop for lunch until late in the afternoon when most things were closed. Stumbled upon Hikaru in the cbd and opted for a quick bite before continuing any further

Inside was like most takeaway sushi shops, but one thing set it aside from all the others.

ONIGIRI. Delectable triangular rice balls with the seaweed stored separate from the rice to ensure crispy freshness. I had two take away. 



Eating Out: Netherworld Kittens Gone Lentil

One of the places I kept meaning to get back to, after my two visits four days apart at the end of 2017, was Netherworld, an arcade and bar with a vegan-by-default diner inside (there is the option to add animal products, wish it was all just totally vegan!). It took me a year to get back, at then end of 2018, for my friend's birthday (again). I met them for lunch, and we ate some food. You can read about my previous visits here.

We shared some entrees. The Pegasus Poutine (shoestring fries with gravy, melted cheese, and cheese sauce) and the Munchkin Mushies (sesame tempura mushrooms with wasabi mayo). I'd had the mushrooms before, and I love them. The poutine was a new addition to the menu. It was very satisfying, loaded with lots of gravy and cheese, but it got pretty soggy. I wish they had sturdier fries, and it was more a platter rather than a bowl. It was a big serve!

Pegasus Poutine at Netherworld

Munchkin Mushies at Netherworld

I was super keen to order the Cryptid Classic Burger (crispy fried tofu, pickled ginger, nori, lettuce, tomato, wasabi mayo and avocado). Sounds like a great combination, right? I was disappointed. Instead of just avocado, which would have been great, they instead used their guacamole. A very strong lime and far too spicy guacamole, that overpowered everything. The pickled ginger was a tiny pile, and I couldn't taste the wasabi mayo at all. The tofu was nice, though very salty. I ended up eating one piece of tofu on its own, so I could make the burger fit in my mouth. They had free fries with burgers at lunchtime, so we all had a side of fries as well.

Cryptid Classic Burger at Netherworld

The birthday girl o...

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Sunday, 03 February


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Perth: Infusion Coffee and Tea Espresso & Matcha

Early morning in Perth and on the lookout for good coffee, both for immediate consumption as well as for a little something to bring back home for Adam. Had read about the very popular Infusion Coffee and Tea in the mall and headed there before a busy day. It was the only thing open early enough, and I was easily able to locate it with my nose.

There was an abundance of coffee beans, each infused with a different flavour. Other than the usual favourites of vanilla, toffee or hazelnut, it also offered things like Jamaican Rum and Highland Whiskey. I loved smelling each and every sack to determine which I wanted.

Once I had decided, I could choose which bean to try immediately and watched them grind and make it. I opted for the smooth hazelnut. Delightfully nutty and sweet, it made for a wonderful cappuccino. The cookie was also wonderfully good value at $2.50 a piece. I also got quite a few bags of beans to take away for back home. Being super keen on refills at a later date, the shop attendant told me that whist they didn't have an online shop, they wou...


In My Kitchen February 2019 Tiffin bite sized food adventures

three green platic tupperware containers with yello starburst motif sit stacked on a bench

Bang! February is here. After a lovely six months off work, where we went on three different holidays (Europe, Thailand, Tasmania), I have started a new contract with the Qld Government. This means being super organised for lunches and dinners, rather than just wandering around the house and deciding on a whim, what to cook and eat. Luckily Im a Project Manager by trade so I am super organised.

In my February kitchen

freezer with door open showing labeled freezer draws

is my well ordered freezer. You may be able to see that I have labeled the drawers. The idea is that this makes it easier for me to direct Mr Tiffin, when I ask him to pull something out. Go to the meals drawer Im pretty sure its in there. Well thats the idea anyway. If a drawer is too full, its time to use up some of the items in the drawer rather than move them elsewhere. Well thats the idea anyway.

In my kitchen (and freezer)

carrot cafe muffins toped with walnut pieces sit on a mesh cooling rack

are carrot cake muffins. Whilst we were in Tasmania, we had home exchange visitors from France in our house. They jetted off the day after we arrived back home and left a wide assortment of unusual items in the fridge including two bags of carrots. I generally only eat carrots raw and theres only so many salads you can eat day after day. So, I whipped up a batch of carrot cake muffins and stashed them in the freezer. Of course, they are full of sugar and oil but at least I can control the amount and portion size. There is no cream cheese frosting so that mitigates things to some e...

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Saturday, 02 February


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Perth: Authentic Bites Dumpling House Espresso & Matcha

Landed in Perth for the last interstate trip of 2018 with Iron Fist. First stop was dinner before the long day of work tomorrow. Wanting something good, quick and convenient, I opted for Authentic Bites Dumpling House in the CBD. Apparently quite at few people agreed with how good it was, and there was a substantial wait for a table.

It took us over half an hour to get in, but luckily there was a menu stuck to the window, so at least we could ponder our order before going in.


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Friday, 01 February


Malt Dining - Brisbane CBD Espresso & Matcha

Sometimes, life is hard. You find yourself overworked and deadlines are looming. At times like that, it's a nice surprise when your other half takes initiative to take you out for a nice lunch to get your mind off work. Bonus points for deciding to go to Malt dining, a place within 50 metres from work, that I've always wanted to go to but never had a good enough reason to try, and so he took me there, just because.

Heading in at lunchtime, we were seated in the attic. Decor was elegant and classical. I loved the setup and the moody vibe.


The lunch menu was fairly short but had a few things that I could easily come back for.


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Higher Ground Espresso & Matcha

Last breakfast in Melbourne and he decided to go to Higher Ground, a popular brunch spot along Little Bourke Street. Having experienced a really good run with the weather, it was inevitable we would get some Melbourne rain before we left. Arriving at peak brunch time there was a considerable crowd and everyone was keen to get out of the rain. I think it was a stroke of genius to have a coffee cart outside to serve those waiting in line, commercialism at its finest.

Took almost an hour for us to get a table, but we finally made it inside. Iro...

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Saturday, 27 January


B+C Lab Cafe Memories Treasure Chest

B+C Lab Cafe

Anyone loves matcha? Then you really need to visit this cafe. After seeing the matcha crepe cakes from B+C Lab cafe in Instagram, I have been waiting for the right time to visit it. Despite being so eager to visit, taking Grace there would not be a good idea because she would not be able to eat anything (lol, not allowed at this stage)

So after lunch at Burger Urge, Mr and myself walked across the road to the cafe. You would miss this cafe if you do not focus. Follow the white tiles and you will find it. Once inside, you will not miss the glass cabinet display of their cakes selection. They had the Earl Grey crepe cakes special that day but I had to give it a pass for my matcha crepe cakes.

Matcha Crepe Cake

First of all, check out the vibrant green matcha colour. To me, that means B+C Lab do not skimp on the matcha (which is imported all the way from Japan). The crepe cake was heavenly with a very well balanced flavour of matcha and sweetness. It was creamy, smooth and just so good. Even the Mr enjoyed it.

Paris Brest



How to read more in 2018 Melissa Loh

Blog title - How to read more in 2018

Do you often have read more as a new years resolution? Or is it your 2018 resolution?

And as a result, do you buy lots of books that you never finish reading?

Then after reading Marie Kondos book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you end up throwing away your collection of never-finished-reading and only-read-once books?

I read more than 50 books in 2017 without spending a cent, and am hoping to repeat it this year. Heres how you can do the same.


Get a library card

If you have a Brisbane City Council library card, youre already halfway towards a universe of books to jump into this year.

Every town or city has a public library, and membership is us...

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Tuesday, 23 January


Burger Urge Memories Treasure Chest

Burger Urge, Kelvin Grove

Are you a burger fanatic? I do not consider myself as one but would want to enjoy a good decent burger. I have tried some of the restaurants in the Kelvin Grove village and yet to try the Burger Urge there.

As part of the lunch specials, we ordered the 'Boston Cheese' and 'Pineapple Express' burgers that came with sides of small chips and a soft drink. Mr opted for the healthy drink which is plain water while I had lemonade. Shortly after our meals arrived and they looked tasty.

Boston Cheese
Mr's Boston Cheese burger came with prime ground Australian beef, American style cheddar, pickles, BU special sauce, aioli and salad. His glazed milk bun burger was soft and a little smaller than my sesame seed bun. Overall, it was a good burger and a delicious one.

Pineapple Express
Pineapple and chicken in a burger? Ya, I do not mind them. The combination was quite refreshing from the pineapple but that means the juice is just dripping when you bite on to the burger. It was quite a nice burger. The chips...

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Thursday, 18 January


Willow and Spoon Memories Treasure Chest

Willow and Spoon, Windsor

Finally on a child free day (Grace's first day in childcare), Mr and myself went out for a lunch date at Willow and Spoon. Certainly it was not a romantic setting, but we appreciate this little moment we have together. I think couples deserve this time together if possible! 

Parking was easy to find along the street, and there are plenty of seats at the back of the cafe. I have been here years ago and it has been upgraded with new paint and design. It is bright and lovely.

Willow and Spoon's menu

After browsing the menu, I knew what I want straightaway. I previously had a waffle dish (could not be bothered to blog about this place or maybe I should?) in another cafe and was so disappointed. I need to satisfy that craving and hence, ordered the Southern Fried Chicken with waffle. It turned out to be an amazing dish! Seriously love the crunchy fried chicken and it was paired beautifully with the waffle. The honey and bourbon beans were quite mild and not too overpowering. Simply good!

Southern Fried chicken with waffle, honey...

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Monday, 15 January


Christmas BrewFest 2017 Brisbane Coffee Tours

Christmas BrewFest 2017 was our third running of this prestigious event. We roasted the coffee that made the coffee beer, glassed (sipped cold drip coffee from wine glasses) the coffee that made the coffee beer, then sipped and savoured three coffee beers

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Saturday, 13 January


Brick Bistro Bar Memories Treasure Chest

Brick Bistro Bar, Redcliffe

One weekend, we went to Redcliffe for an outing and explored the morning market. Prior to that, we had early lunch so that Miss G will not get cranky! We stopped by at Brick Bistro Bar and thankfully just started their lunch session, which is mostly tapas style. While waiting for the meals to arrive, G had some colouring session with the supplied crayons and drawing papers. 

We certainly ordered quite a bit for two adults and one baby/toddler. Trying to guess what she will eat, we ordered a mix of food. The meals all came out around the same time and G was just salivating (maybe just a little)! LOL! 

Cheese burger slider with chips ($9)
Firstly, we ordered a kid's meal (cheese burger slider) that came with fries and soft drinks for $9. The bun was quite dry but the rest was delicious. Beef patty flavourful and really good chips. 

House garlic and rosemary bread with olive oil and balsamic reduction ($7)


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Thursday, 11 January


Welcome to 2018 Melissa Loh

Blogpost - Welcome to 2018

I swear the years fly faster the older you get. How the hell did I blink and were already a week into 2018?

This blog has seen fuller days 2017 has not been kind, so I wanna a fresh start.

Lets start with reflecting on my 10 goals for 2017.

  • We never got around to scheduling those date nights, but there were tonnes of family time.
  • Our 10th-year-anniversary celebration was a disaster a Noosa weekend turned into a diarrhoea episode on the SOs part.
  • I smashed my 30-books reading goal by reading 56 books, thanks to BookBub.
  • I didnt get to physically attend a conference, but I DID watch videos from Social Media Marketing World 2017 conference.

And I obviously didnt stick to ANY editorial plan for this blog.

So much for that.

Lets hope I do better this year.


Celebrating 2017

While 2017 ended on a horrible note with my father having to undergo a triple bypass (more on that later), I cannot deny there have be...

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Saturday, 16 December


Kamikaze Teppanyaki Memories Treasure Chest

Kamikaze Teppanyaki, Westfield Garden City

Anyone reads the free weekly Chinese newspapers that can be collected in Sunnybank? Although I cannot read Mandarin and barely speaks Mandarin now, I enjoy looking through the advertisements particularly regarding opening of new restaurants or even what is up on offer!

Ahhaha, thanks to my MIL, Kamikaze Teppanyaki had a voucher for 'Buy 1 get 1 free' for bento, ramen or udon meals. After dropping off Grace at the in-laws, Mr and myself made our way to Garden City to have lunch at Kamikaze. As we were there right at the lunch opening hour, we were the first customer to arrive. A menu was given and I so want a bento set and ordered the unagi, and the prawn tempura ramen.

Sitting outside, we could see one chef getting the teppanyaki table ready and soon after could see him performing 'fire ball'. Well, he was entertaining other guests with his culinary fire skills.  

Our meals arrived shortly and I was happy with the unagi bento set. It came with sides of garden salad, gyoza, spring rolls and seaweed salad. I love grilled eel and I think this hit the spot! If only there was more of the sauce for the rice as well. The gyoza and spring rolls are all right, tasted better with the dipping sauce. As for the garden salad's dressing, it was not something I expect. It tasted more like grated ginger and garlic dressing, which was OK. 


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Monday, 13 November


Gardening magazines Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hello everyone
Im a new member of LFG and new to gardening as well.i would like to know if someone is getting rid of old issues of gardening magazines or would like to sell them?

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Friday, 29 September


Our Great Day Out Coffee Tour in September 2017 Brisbane Coffee Tours

Our Great Day Out Coffee Tour in September 2017 followed the steps of Laurel Edwards through the Valley as seen on Channel 7s The Great Day Out Bean Brewding segment. We roasted green bean to brown at Bear Bones, drank

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Monday, 18 September


The new Eight Acres website is live! Eight Acres

Very soon this blogspot address will automatically redirect to the new Eight Acres site, but in the meantime, you can check it out here.  You will find all my soaps, ebooks and beeswax/honey products there, as well as the blog (needs a tidy up, but its all there!).  I will be gradually updating all my social media links and updating and sharing blog posts over the next few months.  I'm very excited to share this new website with you!

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Thursday, 31 January


GUEST SPEAKER FOR FEBRUARY 2019 MEETING Brisbane Organic Growers Inc.

At the first meeting of 2019, Bruce Ham will discuss his visit to the Toowoomba facility of Bugs for Bugs. This company is at the forefront of developing biological controls to manage pests and diseases in commercial organic farms. Not only do they breed a range of beneficial insects, but they also have to breed the food sources for the beneficial insects. The discussion will examine what beneficial insects might be found in Brisbane gardens and how we might encourage them.

read more


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Tsujiri Espresso & Matcha

Having not eaten dessert as part of our dinner, Adam's evening remained unfulfilled. After a brief stroll back into the city, we came across Tsujiri, another matcha themed cafe, perhaps competition to the popular Kyo Tea House. Time for us to investigate. 

The store was fairly small, drinks menu was extensive though, but largely focused again on Matcha and Houjicha with hot and cold variations with and without ice cream.

A few of their desserts had sold out, but we still saw a few things we wanted in their pastry cabinet.


Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery - Mongkok, Hong Kong my name is Food.

When in Hong Kong, you feel like it's a must that you visit a local, typical Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng of which Kam Wah Cafe is one. Serving local chinese dishes along with its signature Pineapple bun, egg tarts and milk tea. Since we just finished lunch, we decided to just order their signature Pineapple buns and Milk Tea.

Why are they called 'Pineapple Buns' (bo lo bao) you may ask.. No, they don't have any hint of pineapple in it at all but due to its pineapple shaped sugar crusted buns, it became famous and was so called the 'Pineapple Bun'. Though I am unsure how that name came about because it doesn't look like a pineapple nor does it taste like one.

With the Pineapple Bun, you can order the bun with a slab of butter sandwiched in between but we didn't. Might just be one big mess trying to eat and walk at the same time, and with the heat, we didn't want the butter to just simply melt everywhere.


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Tuesday, 12 September


Farm update - September 2017 Eight Acres

One more post on this blog and then I think I'm going to be ready to launch the new site!  I can't wait to share it with you.

Well it hasn't rained for a few weeks and I always find this time of year tough because all the grass is dead from the cold weather and lack of rain, so its all just brown and dry and I start to worry about bushfires.  We are just waiting for rain.  Which is a shame really because apart from that its quite a nice temperature and the days are getting longer, so I should be enjoying the weather instead of wishing for rain.  Also the dogs get very dirty and static from playing in the dust!

Food and cooking
Did you see my post about growing mushrooms?  That was quite fun :)

Land and farming
We've been looking at getting a bigger tractor because we really want to try a yeoman's plough to improve our pasture.  And we finally bought a firefighting rig for the back of the ute.

Barastock sent me some chicken food in exchange for social media images featuring my chooks eating their food.  The black and white one was in the photos, but...

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Tuesday, 05 September


Getting stared with chickens - summing up Eight Acres

In 2013 I interviewed chicken flocksters on different sized properties, from suburban blocks to small farms, in four different countries, about getting started with chickens. This was a continuation from my first series of interviews about getting started with growing your own. One thing was the same in every interview, everyone loves watching their chickens! I really enjoyed reading these interviews, so I hope you did too. It is interesting to read about how people keep their chickens (and other poultry) and why they make those decisions, with lots of great advice for new chicken keepers too.

Here are all the interviews:

Ohiofarm Girl of Adventure in the Goodland (USA)

Gavin from the Greening of Gavin (Aust)

Madeleine from NZ Eco Chick (NZ)

Tanya of Lovely Greens (UK)

Adam and Amy from Sustainaburbia (Aust)

Linda from Greenhaven (Aust)

And my interview with myself (Aust)

I'm looking forward to more chicken discussions...



Our Town Coffee Tour in August 2017 Brisbane Coffee Tours

The Our Town Coffee Tour in August 2017 celebrated our town of Brisbane and its super coffee. We connected crop to cup with coffee cupping, experienced different brew methods with Honduran coffee and went on a sensory sensation!   Big

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Monday, 28 August


Pot garden progress Eight Acres

I'm still here!  I just got distracted by making a new soap website and I couldn't decide where to post this.  But I'm not ready to move just yet.  I wanted to show you my pot garden as I've been pleasantly surprised by what I can grow (in winter anyway).  We are going to build a proper garden and set up the aquaponics, but other things need to be done first and meanwhile my pot collection keeps growing every time I go to our monthly share meeting and come home with another herb!

Celery, peas, winter savory and parsley

I have my collection of pots stacked on my potting table, which is the size of a sheet of mesh - I think its 2m by 3m or so.  And I have more pots underneath.  The worm farms are up top as well.  It seems to be good for the shade-loving plants, like mints, yarrow and strawberries to be down below in the partial shade.  I really like the location, it is between the house and the shed, so every time we go to the shed or to the car, we walk past the garden.  I was going to put the garden further away, but now I can see that this is the ideal spot, so we will build our shade structure at the back (northern side) of the shed and put the garden right there.

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Wednesday, 23 August


End of Financial Year Coffee Tour in June 2017 Brisbane Coffee Tours

The Brisbane End of Financial Year Coffee Tour in June 2017 showcased Woolloongabba as a hub for specialty coffee. We watched green bean transform to brown at Coffee Supreme, appreciated espresso at Blue Sky and learnt the art of cupping

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Friday, 18 August


Wild Canary Bistro Melissa Loh

The SOs grandfather was visiting from Perth and staying with the in-laws. They had recently moved into the country, so had organised a family lunch at a local cafe close to their property.

We had started the day late. Little Mister had been sleeping in. We had a long drive ahead, and I couldnt bear being stuck in the car with a fussy toddler almost 2 hours without decent sustenance.

I scrolled through my map of pinned bookmarks and remembered Wild Canary Bistro. It has been on my list, due to the Instagram-worth breakfasts and cakes. And best of all, it was in the general direction of where we were headed.

Wild Canary Bistro


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Thursday, 17 August


Growing mushrooms in my kitchen! Eight Acres

Ive been wanting to try growing mushrooms for some time. I LOVE mushrooms and we buy them from the supermarket every week, so I was keen to find a way to produce them at home to reduce waste and potentially cost as well.

eight acres - how to use a mushroom kit to grow your own oyster mushrooms

A few years ago I found out that you could grow mushrooms from the spent mushroom compost from mushroom farms. So we dropped in to a farm on the Sunshine Coast and picked up a couple of boxes for $2 each. I diligently kept them dark and sprayed them with water, but in our climate, I just couldnt keep them damp enough (and I had to keep them outside because our shed was too hot). I never managed to produce any mushrooms from those boxes, but when I gave up and tipped the compost out onto the garden, mushrooms sprang up everywhere. I wasnt confident that they were the right mushrooms though, so I didnt harvest any of those. As the proverb says, All mushrooms are edible, but some only once! I am generally a bit nervous about unidentified fungi.

Since then, I had been thinking about trying a mushroom kit, sure they are more expensive, but probably more likely to succeed as they are designed to help you grow mushrooms at home. I hadnt decided which one to try, so I was very pleased when my friends at Biome Eco Stores sent me a Life Cykel Mushroom Kit (Affiliate link) to test. These are nice and small (unlike my big boxes of mushroom compost), so they can be kept in your kitchen. The kits consists of a cardboard box containing a plastic bag filled with coffee grounds collected from cafes (recycling!) which is inoculated with oyster mushroom spores and ready to grow, you just have to cut open the bag.



GreenPro - implements for small farms Eight Acres

A tractor with implements is an essential tool for getting work done around the farm (as I recently wrote about here). At Cheslyn Rise, our 258-acre property, we have a 75 HP tractor with front bucket and forklift tynes. We have ploughs, a hay rake, cultivator drill (seeder), an 800 L spray tank and a slasher. At Eight Acres, we only had a tiny 15 HP tractor with a slasher. Often we wish we could use the big tractor there too, but it's just not practical to transport it. 

When I write about farm work weve done using our big tractor, I usually get questions from readers about how to do these things on a smaller scale, for a hobby farm or lifestyle block, especially our recent pasture seeding, which required two ploughs and the cultivator drill. Until recently, I havent had any answers. I think it's an issue that weve all experienced, it's hard to justify buying even a small tractor for a small hobby farm, and even if you do buy one (ours is second hand), it's hard to find appropriate implements, thats why we only have a slasher. We havent been able to plant pasture on our small farm, and we are always lugging around manual spray packs because we havent found any implements suitable for an ATV or small tractor.

Back in 2015, Ben Hestehauge Product Manager from greenPRO contacted me to tell me about their new range of implements for small farms I instantly saw the potential for this equipment. Since then they have continued to develop their three leading products for small farms - The ATV-Pulled 6-IN-1 Seeder, The Solar Powered Travelling Irrigator, and ATV Sprayer Trailer, all of which are designed to be towed by an ATV. greenPRO contacted me again recently and asked me to update my post, as they wanted to make sure that you have the latest information about these exciting products.

greenPRO is based in Warana on Queenslands Sunshine Coast, and are a division of Quik Corp, a company that has been manu...

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Saturday, 12 August


The story of our house cows - part 4 Eight Acres

I just updated our house cows' story over on my house cow ebook blog.  You can check it out here.

Bella with Molly in the background

future house cow Charlotte


Farm update - August 2017 Eight Acres

Its been cold this month, and very nice to have the fire going every night.  Here's a photo of my boy in his cape, great for late night woofing at things.  Most of July we were either preparing for the butcher to come or putting meat away.  Its always a big job, but its only once a year, and its all done now.  My lovely neighbour came over to help, so it was fun to have the company and work together.  Taz was a champion once again as she helped us to move cattle in the yards ready to load for the market.  Gus is not at that level yet and had to stay home (he cries when he gets left behind, but he just gets in the way and scatters the cattle).  We have had a few sprinkles of rain here and there, but also plenty of cold nights, so the grass is mostly dead and dry, waiting for the warmer weather to revive our summer-active pasture.

Gus in his cape
Taz after she helped to move cattle

Food and cooking

It was all about beef in July and we are very happy to have the freezers loaded again with plenty of the nice cuts (we were still finishing roasts from the last animal, it was luxury to try the first t-bone!).



What weed? Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi, I'm new here so hope this the right place to ask this  

can anyone identify these plants please.  Sorry photos have ended up out of order and in the middle of the post.  Sigh.  another new thing to master.

I'm assuming they are weeds since they grow amazingly well and I don't remember planting them.

The greyish one grows to at least 3 meters in less than a year.  The bobbly things turn into small puffy mauve flowers and the leaves are quite large and downey.  i have a dim memory of someone calling it a wild tobacco but no idea why.

The second one grows to about 2 meters before i chop it down. the leaf veins and stems are a pinkish red, havent seen any flowers  

Are either of them any use other than as compost material?  the grey one is about to flower so if it is a weed I'd like to get rid of it before it sets seed.

Thanks in advance.  im hoping to make it on sunday. This seems like a fun helpful group  

Cheers, marilyn


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Wednesday, 02 August


RIP Molly Moo Eight Acres

I don't have a proper post to write today.   At the moment we are just a bit stunned.  Pete found Molly dead on Monday when he heard her calf bawling.  We don't know what happened to her.  She had starting losing condition due to feeding her calf (we haven't been milking) and we had just put out hay to make sure that everyone was getting enough to eat.   We don't know if there was an underlying condition, or that something else affected her while she was already weak, but she didn't seem deathly ill to me when I chatted to her on Sunday afternoon.  I googled it and there are over 200 causes of sudden death in cattle, so we will probably never know for sure.

Her absence is still sinking in.  I've stopped looking for the cow with horns when I do the herd check.  Her calf is, fortunately for us, about 3 months old, so can be weaned as long as he gets enough hay.  He is wild and there is no way to catch him at the moment without making everyone walk through the yards again, he's with the rest of the herd and seems ok.

 Molly came to our property in 2011 as a six week old calf with her mum Bella.  She grew up to be the best milker, always happy to stand patiently while I put on the milking machine, and she made plenty of milk for us and her calves.  Molly was MY cow, I spent the hours sitting in the yard with her to keep her tame for milking and she would always come to me for a scratch (and I learnt to avoid her horns when she was excited).

I'm actually not as upset as I would have expected, I think a sudden death is easier in some ways because I didn't have to watch her suffer or try to nurse her or decide to euthinise or not, the decision was made and she is gone and we have to get on with things.

Thanks everyone who left lovely messages on my Instagram and Facebook post.  A house cow is very close to a dog in status, very nearly more a pet than livestock, and I thought she would be around for longer than six years.  I really appreciate the kind thoughts.


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Monday, 31 July


Keeping our new house clean Eight Acres

I know I keep saying that I hate cleaning, but now that we are in our new house, I have more motivation.  Firstly this house is way nicer than our old house, from the colour of the walls (that we chose of course) to the high ceilings and better lighting, I just enjoy being in the house more than ever before.  And I know how much effort went into getting it this nice so I don't want to see it getting dusty and dirty.  Permaculture principle "produce no waste" suggests that timely maintenance prevents wasteful rework and big jobs to fix things that could have taken very little time if they were done earlier.  This helps me to prioritise small cleaning jobs before they turn into big ones.

eight acres: using ENJO products to clean our new house

One new thing that we have tried since moving is the ENJO range of cleaning products (affiliate link).  You won't find ENJO in your supermarket, its sold by independent consultants, and also available online (I get a small commission if you use my links). ENJO's chemical-free, all-natural fibre cleaning products eliminate the need for chemical-based cleaners.  This saves you money in the longer term (cleaning products are expensive!) and you get to avoid the toxins as well.  The best part is that the ENJO system is very easy to use and you get great results from very little effort, overall, this is my kind of cleaning!

I'm not just writing this post to get you to use my affiliate links, I have found myself in several conversations lately talking about these products because I really like them (and its really not like me to want to talk about cleaning), and recently a friend also asked for more information, so I wanted to share what I like about ENJO and if you're interested, please do use my links...

The FloorCleaner
One of the main reasons I started looking at ENJO was that I wanted ideas fo...

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Wednesday, 26 July


Bean to Sydney Brisbane Coffee Tours

Weve bean to Melbourne a few times but never bean to Sydney to enjoy the caffeinated highlights on offer. We had the opportunity to sample a number of locations and these venues form our fantastic 4. So if youre ever


How I use herbs: Feverfew Eight Acres

Sometimes I write about the herbs I've been growing for a long time and use frequently, other time I use these posts as an opportunity to find out more about a new herb.  Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is the latter!  I've had it in my garden for a couple of years after a friend gave me a seedling and it has self-seeded, but I haven't known how to use it., so its time to look up the herb books!

How to grow feverfew
Apparently it is a perennial, it must die back when its too cold or too hot and dry because it disappeared for a while.  It grows from seed or root division or cuttings.  If you let it flower and seed it will self-seed (that's my favourite type of plant!).

How to use feverfew
  • The flowers are pretty, however they repel insects including bees, so not one for the bee garden (although can be used as a companion plant around brasiccas to repel cabbage moth etc and the dried leaves can be used to keep moths out of your wardrobe)
  • Can sooth pain and swelling from insect bites (I MUST try that next summer)
  • Used to prevent headaches and migraines if taken regularly - by reducing inflammation (it contains parthenolide, which inhibits the release of prostaglandins and histamine which cause inflammation) 
  • It seems to help with other pain conditions such as arthritis
  • Reduces fever (hence the name)
  • Induces menstruation (and can reduce cramps) and used after childbirth - therefore not to be taken while pregnant
  • As a bitter herb...

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Wednesday, 30 January


How to become a permaculture teacher. Morags new masterclass Our Permaculture Life

Have you ever wondered how to become a permaculture teacher or how you make permaculture your livelihood as well as your way of life? The masterclass I just released this week is all about doing just this.

There are so many ways that you can create your own job as a permaculture teacher. I have taught permaculture around the world for over 25 years. Its always been my real job. I absolutely love it!

Take a listen to the 50 minute masterclass. I talk about:

  • How to become a permaculture teacher. Ill will share different pathways for you to become a permaculture teacher too.
  • Finding a permaculture mentor. I believe that finding mentors is so valuable in developing your permaculture education skills. Learn ways to go about finding a mentor.
  • how to build permaculture teaching experience. The best way to become a great teacher is, of course, to teach. Ill share lots of ideas of how to build your teaching experience.

$700 off Permaculture Educators Program

And, if you happen to be reading this before January 31st, 2019, you might want to make the most of the $700 discount on the Permaculture Educators Program the only place in the world you can do both a Permaculture Design Course and a Permaculture Teacher Certificate online. This is the course I have designed to share with you 25 years of permaculture teaching experience. The program is super comprehensive, flexible and supportive.

I am so keen to encourage people to become excellent permaculture teachers in their own communities. I have created this program so that you can work it around your current commitments, and begin designing and teaching as you study this course.

With the $700 discount, the program is AUD1297.

To register or find out more, please visit the Permaculture Educators Program information page of the Permaculture Education Institute.

In February, the price will be AUD1597 but you will also receive a bonus course The Incredible Edible Garden, the return to its usual price of AUD1997.

How to become a permaculture teacher

Click on the image below to watch the masterclass.

Its a great time to start this course

If youve ever contemplated making permaculture your livelihood as well as way of life, this is a great opportunity to focus, learn, connect, practice, research, be mentored and experience permaculture in a course that is:

  • comprehensive and in-depth course curriculum
  • very flexible to fit around yo...


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Entrecote Espresso & Matcha

Its hardly a trip to Melbourne without a fancy Euro style meal. Having already scratched our itch for Italian, I decided that the Parisian Steakhouse and Cafe, Entrecote, situated near the royal botanical gardens would be a nice place to have dinner. Making a reservation beforehand, it was a relaxing stroll through the greenery that really set the mood for dinner.

Seating was as requested, indoors. The chic French setup was wonderful, although tables were a little small.




Recipe Round-Up: The No Meat Athlete Cookbook Kittens Gone Lentil

To be honest, I really wasn't sure if The No Meat Athlete Coobook (by Matt Frazier and Stepfanie Romine) was a cookbook for me. While I had seen people making some very nice things from it, I am hardly and athlete. The only marathons I participate in are the sort where I sit on the sofa and marathon watch a TV show. I don't need all sorts of weird athlete fuel recipes, as I am hardly burning off the same amount of calories. However, a friend who also is not an athlete said that the book was great, so I took the plunge and I am glad I did. Lots of fun recipes packed full of yummy ingredients. This book definitely is a wholefood type cookbook, no mock meats or cheeses, but it is not oil or gluten free (though there are options), and there are some tasty things. This is the first round up I have done from this book, but you can see a few recipes I have posted individually in these posts.

Peanut Butter Tempeh with Korean Tahini BBQ Sauce: I love peanut butter and I love tempeh, so I was excited for this. But unfortunately I found the taste of the yummy peanut sauce kind of dried out and faded once it was baked with the tempeh. The tempeh was the main flavour. I did use tempeh from the supermarket though, so I'd like to try it again with some better tempeh, and also double to sauce so it doesn't dry out so much. However, the Korean Tahini BBQ sauce definitely perked things up. With tahini, red miso, garlic (I used powdered), ginger, vinegar, and sugar (I left out the chili), it is very tasty! It thickened up nicely after blending with the immersion blender. I served this with wilted spinach, rice, and steamed broccoli.
Rating: Tempeh :| (need to try again with better tempeh and more sauce), BBQ Sauce :)

Peanut Butter Tempeh; Korean Tahini BBQ Sauce

Savoury Oatmeal: There are couple of variations you can make with this recipe, so I've made it twice. Oats, grated carrot, spinach, nooch, and sauce (either salsa or marinara) are simmered to make a nice, savoury breakfast. I found a half recipe makes a decent serve for one. Topped with smoked paprika, pumpkin seeds, and avocado. The first time I used the option with salsa as the sauce (a bottled one), and the second I used marinara (home made). Both versions were good.
Rating: :)


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Monday, 24 July


The buzz about bees - book review Eight Acres

The more I learn about the bees, the more I'm fascinated by them and amazed at the things that researchers have figured out!  To be successful beekeepers we need to try to learn as much as we can about the bees in our care.  Some of the books on beekeeping use a kind of rote learning approach and tell you exactly what to do with your bees, but they can't possibly cover every situation, so you need to also learn to think for yourself using bee-knowledge to make the best management decisions for your bee hives.

Eight Acres: The buzz about bees - book review - you need this book to take your beekeeping to the next level!

The book The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism (affiliate link) was recommended by the awesome Rusty on Honey Bee Suite so when I decided that I needed to know more about bee biology, I purchased a copy (using Amazon credit from you guys clicking on my affiliate links, thank you!!).  This is a good-sized book, packed with information and wonderful close-up photos of bees (they look all fuzzy and cuddly at that size!).

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Friday, 21 July


Making our own sausage mix Eight Acres

Our butcher is coming next week and he will do two beasts this time, so we are getting organised.  I've written a lot about butchering over the years and this will be our eighth and ninth animals killed on our own property.  On that last day, they will know no fear, maybe some curiosity (who is that strange man pointing that stick at me?) and it will be a quick end to a fairly peaceful and comfortable life.  Its not such an easy day for us, it can be quite emotional seeing the death of an animal that you've raised from a young age, not to mention physically draining putting all the meat away, but its all worth it to get the best quality meat possible.

eight acres: bush butcher guide to home cured meats and sausage making review and sausage recipe for homekill butcher

One of the things we are doing this year is make our own sausage mix.  If you want to know more about home butchering in general, here are all the posts I've written in the past:

Homekill meat - some tips for beginners

Home butcher vs meatworks

Homekill butchering

Homekill butcher day - tips and tricks

Homekill beef - two small beef cattle for added co...

Getting the best from homekill meat

Organic sausage mix for home butchering

Homekill beef - is it worth it?

Wet aging our beef (and BBQ show and tell)

We are gradually getting more adventurous with our own recipes.  Even thou...

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Wednesday, 19 July


Order homecooked food cooked by your neighbour FoodByUs launch Melissa Loh

Menulog co-founder Gary Munitz launched new startup FoodByUs in Sydney last year, and its now finally in Brisbane!

FoodByUs allows vetted passionate local cooks to list their homemade food on a platform. Buyers then select what they want and either collect their order or get it delivered for a delivery fee depending on the location.

FoodByUs have already signed up over 75 Brisbane makers, so there is plenty of choice! Some of the ones Im already eyeing are:


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Monday, 17 July


Goat milk and honey soap - and a natural soap book review Eight Acres

I've been wanting to try making soap with milk for ages.  We haven't been milking our cows, so I was waiting for a friend to have enough goat's milk to spare.  I know I could just buy milk, but that seemed like a strange thing to do (you start to forget that milk comes from the shop when you've been milking a cow for a few years!).  Anyway, I was happy to wait as I had plenty of other soap to make.

While I was waiting, I also received a review copy of a new soapmaking book called The Natural Soap Making Book for Beginners: Do-It-Yourself Soaps Using All-Natural Herbs, Spices, and Essential Oils (Affiliate link), by Kelly Cable of the blog Simple Life Mom.  Kelly has an amazing Etsy shop full of soaps and natural lotions, so I am very excited that she has decided to share her experience and recipes in this book.  And seeing as it contains several goat milk soap recipes and my friend finally had some goat milk to spare, I recently got my chance to try goat milk soap.  Even better, I have permission to share one of the recipes with you today. The book will be released on August 8, 2017, but is available for pre-order on Amazon now (if you order before August 7 you can head over to the Natural Soap Bonus Collection and get a host of extras - giveaways, printables, how to videos).

The trick with milk soap is to start with very cold milk, some people freeze it completely before adding the caustic soda.  Kelly also recommends only replacing half the water with milk, in her recipe below it is less than half the milk.  She also includes ho...

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Wednesday, 12 July


What farm equipment do you need to get started? Eight Acres

If you've just bought a farm, large or small, you are going to need some equipment, but what items are essential?  Which can you buy secondhand and which ones should you buy new?  Here's what I think, I hope you'll share your own experience.  Of course, there are many different types of farming, so exactly what you need is going to depend on what you are going to do, so I'll write mainly about raising cattle and improving pasture.

me on the little tractor

You might start by thinking about getting a tractor.  I've written about buying a secondhand tractor and a new tractor.  The size of the tractor that you need will depend on the implements that you want to use, so you really need to figure out your implements.  In fact you can now get implements that run off a quad bike, so you may not actually need a tractor.

Implements that you might need include:
  • Slasher - on most farms this will be essential for improving pasture and just keeping the yard tidy
  • Post-hole digger - if you are going to be building fences, you can use a crow bar to dig holes, however this will be hard work if you have more than a few holes to do.
  • Spray tank - for spraying compost tea, liquid minerals and microbes (and herbicides if you have a weed problem and no alternative control options)
  • Plough/cultivator/seeder for planting pasture or forage crops
  • Front bucket or blade - great for moving and lifting things, we also got forklift tynes and hay spikes

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Monday, 10 July


Keeping the house warm in winter Eight Acres

It doesn't get seriously cold here, but its cold enough to be uncomfortable if we don't make some effort.  We are actually finding that our house up on the hill is warmer than down in the valley, and we are above the frost line, so that is a nice change, but it still gets down to 5degC overnight.  We have a woodstove, but we have to cut the wood ourselves, so you don't really want to use more wood than really necessary to keep the house warm.

There are three ways that heat is lost from a building:

  • Conduction - direct transfer of heat from a warm object to a cold object, this is heat lost through the walls and roof of your house to the cooler air
  • Convection - caused by a flow of cold air, either draughts or air circulating around exposed windows 
  • Radiation - heat transmitted in the form of light waves, this can be another source of heat loss from windows, roofs and walls of your house.

When you understand how heat is lost, you can see the solutions for keeping heat in a building.

You can reduce the amount of heat lost be conduction by using insulation in your roof and walls.  We had to install insulation in our roof as part of our building approval when we moved the house, and we also took the opportunity to put insulation in walls any time that we had the cladding off, so the bathroom and the side veranda room have insulated walls.  Some of our walls are single clad - so its only one layer of VJ board between us and the cold air outside.  If this becomes a problem we will put weatherboard on the outside and install insulation in between.   If you don't have insulation, it is relatively cheap to buy and install yourself (be careful in your roof space!) and can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home in winter.

Reduce draughts
Queenslander homes are general draughty due to the floors, doors and windows not being completely sealed.  The new floor that we installed over the existing floor has made a huge difference to draughts and the floor is now very well sealed.  ...

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Thursday, 06 July


We don't have any cling wrap either Eight Acres

Last week I wrote about how we don't have a microwave and I really don't miss it.  So continuing the theme of "weird things about my kitchen", we also don't have any plastic cling wrap or paper towels.  And we haven't had them for so long I can hardly remember why we ever needed them.

I didn't mange to avoid all plastic at the farmers market, but I tried

I always thought that cling wrap was wasteful.  Not just from an environmental perspective, but I also didn't like spending money on something that I only used once.  When I was at uni and took sandwiches for lunch, I used to bring home the cling wrap and use it again until it didn't stick anymore.  One year when we did Plastic Free July (I can't remember when exactly - here's what I wrote last year) we decided to stop using cling wrap.  I used up the last of it recently when we were painting (its really hard to renovate without creating waste) - its handy for wrapping up paintbrushes and sealing paint temporarily, however I do not use it in the kitchen.

The paper towels were the same, it just seemed like we were always buying more of them.  And when I made a heap of cloths to use for milking Bella, we just started using them instead of paper towels.  We have a stack of them, so you can just chuck them in the wash when they are dirty, and they can be single use if you want.

As we cook from scratch and buy a lot of produce in bulk at our local farmers market (Nanango Markets, first Saturday of the month at the Nanango Showgrounds), we usually have a fair bit of food raw or cooked leftovers to fit into the fridge.  Here's how I store them all without using any cling wrap.  (For an even more comprehensive list,...


Farm update - July 2017 Eight Acres

The dogs are still sleeping outside on the veranda.  I think they are getting used to it.  Unfortunately if they don't sleep well, neither do we, as they are right outside our window.  I go out and put their coats on most evenings and I often find them like this: the little dog on the big bed and the big dog on the little bed.  I have to rearrange their blankets and put the right dog on the right bed.  The second photos shows the dogs in the correct position with their jim jams on...

So with winter solstice on 21st June, its now officially winter and its bittersweet to know that evenings are getting longer but summer will be back before we know it!  We have been pleasantly surprised to find that our property up on the hill is up to 5degC warmer than the valley most mornings, so we might get away without a frost up here (overnight temperatures have been 8degC, so the dogs are fine, but they would LIKE to be inside).  We have had the fire going most nights and its perfect for warming up the lounge and our bedroom.  We have had a few sprinkles of rain, just enough to keep the dust down and the grass more green than brown.

Food and cooking
We have the butcher booked for the 28th July, so I have been working on sausage recipes.  When we first started home butchering, we used the butcher's sausage mix, but we didn't always like the sausages and you end up with 30kg of sausages, so you want to make sausages that you like!  A few years ago I bought an organic sausage mix, which we did really enjoy, however I've been unable to get th...

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Wednesday, 28 June


The Hidden Life of Trees - a review Eight Acres

Every time I share a book review I include Amazon affiliate links, and if you use those links to buy things I gradually build up Amazon credit.  Earlier this year I used my credit to order a couple of books, which I finished reading ages ago, but haven't had a chance to share with you until now.  I just wanted to say again, thanks for using my affiliate links because it does help me to buy more books!

One of the books that I bought was The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They CommunicateDiscoveries from a Secret World.  I had heard an interview with the author of this book on ABC radio national which had really caught my interest.  We own a lot of trees, as you can see in the image below.  Our property was on the market for a long time before we bought it because it has so many trees (about 100 acres of our 258 acres) and most are protected under QLD vegetation management laws, so they can't be cleared.  Farmers around here believe that trees are unproductive and would prefer cleared land.


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Monday, 26 June


Brisbane Regional Flavours is back Melissa Loh

Evening Festival Crowd from Belinda Edwards (BM South Bank)

Brisbanes free food festival, Regional Flavours presented by The Courier-Mail, is back!

This will be the festivals ninth year and it is promising to be better than ever, so lock it in your calendar from 15-16 July in South Bank Parklands.

Which celebrity chefs can you expect to rub shoulders with?

  • Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston from MasterChef Australia
  • Miguel Maestre from The Living Room on Network Ten
  • chef and author Tobie Puttock from Jamies Kitchen Australia on Network Ten
  • pastry chef extraordinaire Darren Purchese from Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio
  • Brisbanes own Jocelyn Hancock
  • MasterChef Australia 2015 alumni Georgia Barnes
  • highly-acclaimed indigenous chef...


We don't have a microwave Eight Acres

When the cabinet maker asked me where we wanted the microwave in the new kitchen I had a mental-blank.  I couldn't think where to put it and when I really thought about it, I didn't actually want a microwave.  We did still own one at that stage, but we hardly used it.  I find them kind of ugly and I don't completely trust them.  We haven't had a microwave in the new kitchen since we moved in Easter, and I really don't miss it.

There may or may not be reasons to not eat microwaved food, but personally I don't like the taste of it and I don't like the look the microwave, so I'm happy not to have one in my kitchen.  When I considered whether to include a microwave in the new kitchen, I could only come up with three things:

  1. Defrosting meat
  2. Heating leftovers
  3. Heating wheat packs

Defrosting meat without a microwave
This one is pretty easy.  If you want a roast or a large chunk of meat, you do just have to be organised and get it out of the freezer the day or night before you need it.  These don't defrost well in the microwave anyway (I find the edges start to cook).  For smaller cuts like chops or steak, I just put it in a container of hot water and turn it over a few times, which usually defrosts the meat in about 30 minutes, which is not too bad I think.

Heating leftovers without a microwave
I'm lucky that at work we have "pie-warmer" ovens in every lunch room, so I never had to use a microwave to heat up my lunch (unless I forget to put it in the pie-warmer).  At home, I heat up leftovers in a frying pan or pot on the stove, or in the oven or Weber BBQ.  It does take a little bit longer and gets another dish dirty, but I think it heats more evenly and tastes better.


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Wednesday, 21 June


Homemade leather dressing balm Eight Acres

I don't own many pairs of shoes, so I really like to take care of the shoes I do own.  My favourite pair are these leather boots that I bought in NZ a few years ago (sorry Brisbane, but you didn't have any nice boots).  I've had these boots for about eight years.  I don't get to wear them very often, I have to wait for our short winter, but I will wear them at any opportunity!  The key to looking after leather shoes is a good leather dressing and the right storage.

I've been using a leather dressing that I bought, but I ran out, so time to make my own.  Leather dressing is made with neatsfoot oil, which is the fat from the legs of cattle.  This has a different melting point to the tallow (fat around their body).  Neatsfoot oil is popular for leather dressing and available from produce stores and horse supplies.  Its actually liquid at room temperature, so I added beeswax to make it solid and more manageable.  And some lavender essential oil for a nice fragrance as well.

For my first attempt, I followed a recipe with 50:50 neatsfoot oil to beeswax by weight, but that came out a bit too solid.  Second try is one third beeswax to two thirds neatsfoot oil and and that is a good consistency.  I use 10 drops of essential oil per 100g of leather dressing.  I melt it in a jar in a pot of simmering water, and then either keep it in the jar or pour it into a smaller tin.  Its really very easy and only a little bit messy.

Whenever my leather boots are looking a bit scuffed and dry, I apply the leather dressing with a clean cloth   I just keep rubbing it in until they are looking good again.  It doesn't take long, and it makes my leather boots look new again.  I also did a belt and a bag while I had the cloth out!


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Tuesday, 29 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Short Stop Espresso & Matcha

We didn't get to have dessert at Calia as we were quite full, but after walking around for a bit and digesting our meal, Adam's doughnut craving hit. Being a fan of the very popular Short Stop Donuts in Sydney and Melboune, we navigated the maze of laneways and found our way there just in time for afternoon tea. 

I love walking into a place and being able to see the chefs at work. Was glad to see this at Short Stop and it reminded me a little of Lune.

Also like lune, the flavours for the day were displayed rather than on a menu. I loved how the options change every day. Prices were not cheap, at around $4 - $6 a donut, but it was worth it and the crowds of people agree. I have to make a note to come back for their coffee too.



Todd and Pup - Moorooka Espresso & Matcha

Like my follow zomato reviewers, Adam and I were invited by Todd and Pup owner Kate to try out their new summer menu. Having gone just seven months ago, we were keen to try out the refreshing new options. Kicking off the Australia Day weekend, Adam and I went with the Brisvegustation family for a delightful brunch before the long weekend of bingeing. 

Arriving earlier than everyone one else has its perks, I got to peruse the menu extensively before other people arrived so that I could weigh up all options and make the best choice out of all the dishes. Quite a few light fruity options, they were definitely hard to resist.



Stallholder Profile for My House of Craft

  • Your name: Kristie Tasney
  • Your Business name and Facebook name and link: My House of Craft
  • The suburb/town you live in now: Brisbane 
  • What is it that you make and what skills do you use?: I love creating a range of terrariums, succulent displays and mini gardens. I have always been fond of anything miniature and small and have always tried different arts and crafts so find my current hobby very enjoyable. To make mini gardens the best skills to have are imagination and patience as it is a very fiddly job with tweezers, small scissors and tiny plants being turned into little landsca...

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Monday, 19 June


Brooklyn Depot Melissa Loh

Brooklyn Depot - The Reuben. AUD$12

The Reuben. AUD$12

You can be a little spoilt for choice down at the Southbank precinct, but Brooklyn Depot is one spot youve got to add on your list if youre in the area and in the mood for some Americana.

Read burgers and dogs. 

The Venue

Brooklyn Depot is in a super convenient location along Little Grey Street on South Bank. That convenience, unfortunately, doesnt apply to parking everyone knows parking in the area on a weekend is expensive and can be hard to find.

That convenience, unfortunately, doesnt apply to parking everyone knows parking in the area on a weekend is expensive and can be hard to find.

The restaurant is casual with an indoor and outdoor dining area. Weve always sat in the outdoor area, which is mostly undercover. Most seating is geared for couples and groups of four.


The Service

Weve been a...


How to make coconut yoghurt Eight Acres

Lately I have been cutting back on eating dairy.  I know, I know, we own two house cows!  But I am trying to heal inflammation (bad skin) and dairy is one of the possible triggers, so as a last resort and after much resistance, I decided I had better try to cut back.  Its been hard because I eat a LOT of cheese, and cook with butter, and love to eat yoghurt (and have written extensively about making yoghurt).  I had to just give up cheese completely, switch to macadamia oil and the only yoghurt alternative was coconut yoghurt.  I tried it and I like it, but only a spoonful on some fruit here and there because it is expensive!

The brand I can get here is $3 for 200 mL containers.  I was making yoghurt from powdered milk for about 50c/L.  So I was thinking there must be a way to make coconut yoghurt, but I didn't feel like mucking around and wasting heaps of coconut milk trying to get it right....  and then Biome Eco Store sent me a Mad Millie Coconut Yoghurt Kit to try.  The kit is a 1L jar, starter culture, thickener, thermometer and instructions.  If you don't need the full kit you can actually buy the  Mad Millie Coconut Yoghurt Thickener, the ...

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Wednesday, 14 June


A soap saver sack Eight Acres

Have you heard of a soap saver?  I hadn't until recently.  A friend mentioned to me that she was putting the small bits of soap in a sock and that I should think about crocheting a little bag instead.  And then they keep popping up on social media, so I thought I would give it a go.  Am I the only one who hoards the little end bit of soaps that are too small to use?  I have a bit of a collection of them.  So I whipped up a little soap saver sack and filled it up with a few odd soap ends and I'm very pleased with the results.  If you can do basic crochet, they are very easy to make, but you can also knit or sew a simple soap saver (or last resort - use an old sock!).

Crochet soap saver pattern
I used cotton yarn from the local market.  You could use any yarn.  I liked cotton as it can be composted (wool, hemp, bamboo or sisal would also be compostable).

Chain 6, turn
Chain 1 and single crochet back along the chain
Don't turn, but keep going around into the back of the chain to form an oval shape
Double crochet around to start forming a bag - I don't bother with linking each row, I just keep going around in a spiral because its easier
Keep going until the bag is tall enough, then do a row of single crochet
To make the bag smaller at the top - the final row was a decrease on every second crochet, but this is optional
To make the tie, just cut three pieces, plait them and thread through the second row from the top (you could also use a ribbon).

Other options
The simplest would be to crochet or knit a square (or cut out a square of fabric),...

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Monday, 12 June


The story of our secondhand house - part 1 Eight Acres

This is an article that I wrote for The Owner Builder magazine.  If you're building a house (or thinking about it), this is a wonderful magazine for those interested in alternative building techniques and DIY options.  I have just submitted part 2 of this story since we moved in, so I thought it was about time to share part 1 here.  If you are building I'm sure they would love to publish your story too, just get in touch via the website.


In mid-2012 my husband, Peter, and I bought a 258 acre property in the small South Burnett settlement of Kumbia (near Kingaroy) in Queensland, with the intention of eventually building a house and setting up a small farm. Over a year later we were still trying to decide what type of house to build. Both of us were keen to use a sustainable building method, as we like natural materials and hate waste, but it wasnt immediately obvious what would suit our property. Then we came across a removal house in our local area, advertised for only $10,000. It was located only 14 km from our property and was probably 100 years old (based on the when the area was originally settled).

More BEFORE photos of the house here.

The only problem was that it was a Queenslander style house. We had lived in a Queenslander before, and even though we loved the features, we knew it could be a lot of work to maintain and we were wary of the asbestos used in extensions. Even so, we made an appointment to view the house and were besotted with the sweet little cottage. We started referring to it as our Second-hand house. We were looking forward to the prospect of living in VJs (vertical joint walls) again instead of plasterboard and it was good to know that we wouldnt be using much new material for our house.

When our offer was accepted we began the process of organising to move the house. Fortunately we found a really helpful building inspector who was able to guide us through the process. Removal houses are quite common in our area and we had several removalists to choose from. I got my owner-builder licence so that I could coordinate all the trades.

This is when we started to realise that...

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Wednesday, 07 June


Street Lab Specialty Coffee in Fortitude Valley Brisbane Coffee Tours

UPDATE Street Lab has change ownership. Information given on this page will be inaccurate. It seemed like we spent more time at Street Lab Specialty Coffee in Fortitude Valley before they opened their doors to the public than after.


Experimenting with houseplants Eight Acres

I've never been a big fan of houseplants.  I had one on a dresser for a while and it leaked and cracked the veneer.  And I had another one that didn't get enough sun and it died.  Our new house is sunnier and less cluttered, it just felt like it needed some plants.  I've had others that I overwatered, or underwatered.  Its just seemed too hard to keep them alive.

Mother-in-laws-tongue in the bathroom

Benefits of houseplants
You might be wondering why I would bother with houseplants, seeing as I just said I don't really like them.  I haven't actually read any scientific studies, but its does seem pretty obvious that plants are going to improve indoor air quality.  If you google it you will find lists of up to 15 benefits, I guess its just one of those topics that attracts fluff articles.  A basic knowledge of biology tells me that plants suck up carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen.  This is probably more useful in the city, as we are out here surrounded by acres of trees producing oxygen.  For me, its just nice to have a bit of green inside.  I've cut back on most of the nick-knack dust-collecting ornamental things, so these plants add a bit of colour.  Maybe I've been looking at too many interior design magazines with this new house!  It started in the bathroom, so many nice modern bathroom images had plants in them, I thought maybe we could pop a plant in there and see how it goes.  It does seem kind of sensible to put a plant in the bathroom as its already damp in there.

What houseplants did I get?
I spent a bit of time (just a little bit) scrolling through photos of indoor plants on Google and Instagram because I really didn't know where to start.  At around the same time I was given two houseplants as part of our local Nanango Produce Share.  I recognised one as Mother-in-laws-tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) which had been dug out of someone's garden en masse (its not officially an invasive species in Queensland, b...

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Tuesday, 30 May


Our Great Day Out Coffee Tour in May 2017 Brisbane Coffee Tours

Our Great Day Out Coffee Tour in May 2017 followed the steps of Laurel Edwards through the Valley as seen on Channel 7s The Great Day Out Bean Brewding segment. We roasted green bean to brown at Bear Bones, drank

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Monday, 29 May


Wanted Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

I am looking for a king banana tuber. It is smaller than lady finger but sweeter. If anyone has a tuber to share. I am happy to grab it off you.


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Thursday, 09 March


Hi folks, I've been researching waste systems for an extra bathroom on our property. I've been looking into waterless/dry compost types and a worm farm waste based system. I contacted a Worm Waste sy Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi folks,

I've been researching waste systems for an extra bathroom on our property. I've been looking into waterless/dry compost types and a worm farm waste based system. I contacted a Worm Waste system company in Victoria and they are trying to find an existing client who'll let me visit to see their system in operation. But I wondered if anyone in LFG has a worm based waste system or knows someone who would be happy to let me visit to check it out.

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Sunday, 18 December


Cinnamon myrtle in full bloom in bush tucker garden. Graceville Community Garden

Cinnamon myrtle in full bloom in bush tucker garden. Thanks to everyone who braved the hot and humid weather to help out this morning.

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Monday, 21 November


Christmas party coming up on Sat 3 Dec Graceville Community Garden

To celebrate the end of a productive and enjoyable gardening year we are getting together on Saturday 03 December at 4pm. We will fire up our proud pizza oven - so please bring along your pizzas to share and the proverbial cold drinks. Feel free to invite along friends and family.

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Tuesday, 01 November


Sat arvo working bee this Sat 5 Nov for first weekend of month. Graceville Community Garden

Just a reminder that this weekend we'll be meeting on Sat arvo from 3pm instead of Sun morning as its the first weekend of the month.

A picture from last weekend's annual getaway at Cooloolabin. 

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Monday, 28 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Calia Espresso & Matcha

With our fairly heavy breakfast, I decided that a lighter lunch should be in order so that we didn't overload ourselves. Back in the cbd, we thought that Calia, a refined modern Japanese restaurant in the Emporium would be a good choice. This was definitely an understatement.

Arriving at peak lunch hour, there was a significant lineup. We waited for about half an hour and ended up being seated on a large communal table, which we didn't mind. It gave us ample opportunity to peer upon the open kitchen in all its grandeur.


Menus were provid...


Leftover Sourdough Starter Crackers Tiffin bite sized food adventures

sourdough crackers on a board with cheese relish and a knife

When you own a sourdough starter or levain, you draw off some starter each week to make a new loaf. After this, you feed the original starter with flour and water and put it back to bed in the fridge. The trouble is, I dont always want or have the time to bake a loaf, so I end up with unused sourdough starter. Some research turned up an easy way to use up the leftover sourdough starter by making these sourdough crackers.

square leftover sourdough starter crackers scattered on a table

Zero Waste to the Max!

The thing about sourdough starter is, its only flour, water and some wild yeast. It only costs a few cents to make and I could throw it into the compost, but I just *cant* waste it. As it turns out, these sourdough crackers taste amazing and are a very good facsimile of other savoury crackers and biscuits on the market. Even better is the limited ingredients and effort involved. By looking to reduce waste in our household, I have discovered a way to reduce shopping costs.

Ive adapted the original recipe from the US based King Arthur Flour website, substituting oil for butter so they will last longer in our hot climate. As a bonus, this also makes them vegan. I have also adapted the temperature and cooking time for Australian kitchens.

leftover sourdough starter crackers on a board with cheese relish and a knifePerfect with cheese and Plum & Ginger Relish

There is no end to the flavour combinations or add ins you can try. I suggest doing a plain batch...


Eating Out: VegeRama West End (Winter Menu Edition) Kittens Gone Lentil

The West End location of Vegerama has stepped up its game a bit over the last year, with seasonal menus that looks very tasty indeed. I visited a few times during the winter menu, which has now been replaced by a summer menu. You can also see other things I have eaten there before here.

I was super intrigued the the BBQ Celeriac Burger, and it didn't disappoint. BBQ pulled celeriac, zucchini pickles, apple and fennel slaw, and lettuce made for a very nice burger. I got mine with a side of fries, which unfortunately were kind of soggy. My mum was with me, and she had the same burger but with the sweet potato chips. They were much better, nice and crunch!

Sweet Potato Fries at VegeRama

They also have some lovely drinks. I am not the biggest fan of avocado in smoothies, but I tried two from them that were both excellent. The Green Goddess (with banana, spinich, rocket, kiwi, lemon myrtle, avocado, coconut water, lime juice) and Date My Avo (avocado, banana, coconut flesh, spirulina, pear, dates, cinnamon, coconut water, Himalyana salt). Plus they both sound ridiculous when you read the ingredients, so right up my alley!
Green Goddess Smoothie at VegeRama

Date My Avo Smoothie at VegeRama West End...

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Monday, 24 October


Working bee 24/10/16 Graceville Community Garden

The rain didn't come as forecast so we had a productive morning filling in the new garden bed and planting some seedlings. 

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Thursday, 13 October


Seeking Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi, I am looking for a Amla (Indian gooseberry) plant to grow. I gre up eating this fruit. It is highly nutritious. I wonder if anyone or know anyone who sells Amla plant. Happy to chat.

Many thanks.

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Sunday, 09 October


Working bee 9/09/16 Graceville Community Garden

Very productive working bee today, new turkey proofing infrastructure thanks to Liz, Alice, James and Clara and propagating rosellas with little helpers for Sherwood community festival.

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Sunday, 25 September


Bush tucker garden in bloom. Graceville Community Garden

Beautiful morning in the garden with lots of little helpers - big thanks to all the energetic lads in the garden today!

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Sunday, 18 September


Working bee 18/09/16 Graceville Community Garden

A wet morning at the garden today but perfect for more planting. Okra and cucumber were planted today.

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Sunday, 11 September


Working bee 11/09/16 Graceville Community Garden

The garden looked radiant after the rain. Lots of flowers in the bush tucker garden. 

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Friday, 09 September


Organic Unpasteurized Miso paste Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi guys, if you are looking for an unpasteurized organic miso paste made by a local using local ingredients in Brisbane, here it is.  I have made extra miso paste from the winter of 2015.  If you are interested in the best possible miso in Brisbane, please contact me. 

Made in the slow and traditional Japanese fashion.  Miso is a Superfood using local organic biodynamic soybeans, biodynamic white rice, Australian sea salt, filtered water and the Aspergillus Oryzae culture. It is then fermented in ceramic crocks and covered, much care has been taken to provide the highest quality possible. The unique double fermentation process transforms the beans and grains into a potent medicine as well as a delicious food with a range of flavours, colours, textures and aromas as varied as that of wines and cheeses. 

Miso has a sweet and salty flavor that is ideal for a wide variety of recipes. The color of this ingredient may vary from light yellow to brown. Lighter varieties are sweeter and ideal for applications in warm weather while dark miso has a heartier flavor that is better suited to combinations with dark, leafy greens, cubed root vegetables or wakame sea vegetables consumed during colder months. You should add just enough miso to a recipe to increase the overall flavor of your dish without making it too salty.

Miso Recipes

1) Quick Miso Soup

No need for powdered packets for this quick soup recipe: Just pack a thermos with veggies, tofu, and miso in the morning. Come snack time, youre a cupful of water and a couple of minutes away from a delicious, bone-warming soup.




2 tablespoons grated carrot

1 scallion, thinly sliced

2 tablespoons finely diced silken tofu

1 tablespoon miso

Smoked bonito flakes for serving



Combine all ingredients in a travel mug. To serve, pour 8 oz. boiling water into the cup and stir until miso is well blended. Let sit 2 minutes before eating.


2) Miso-Turmeric Dressing

Try this tossed with cooked soba noodles or drizzled over seared salmon.




 cup unseasoned rice vinegar

 cup mirin

 cup vegetable oil

2 tablespoons finely grated carrot

2 tablespoons white miso

1 tablespoon finely grated peeled ginger

2 teaspoons finely grated peeled turmeric or teaspoon ground turmeric

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil



Whisk vinegar, mirin, vegetable oil, carrot, miso, ginger, turmeric, and sesame oil in a small bowl.

Do Ahead: Dressing can be made 5 days ahead. Cover and chill.

Recipe by Claire Saffitz



3) Sesame-Miso Vinaigrette



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Sunday, 04 September


First Sat arvo working bee a great success Graceville Community Garden

We had a great start to our first Sat arvo working bee on the first Sat of each month. 

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Thursday, 01 September


First Saturday arvo of the month working bee starts this Sat Sep 3rd. Graceville Community Garden

Please join us for our inaugural "First Saturday of the month" working bee from 3pm until dusk. First Saturday of the month afternoon working bees will commence from Saturday 3rd Sep from 3pm - dusk. Please come and join the fun and bring a plate for a potluck supper.

read more

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Thursday, 11 August


Advice please - curled leaves Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Anyone have any ideas on why the leaves of my sugar snap peas are all curled like this?  The plants seem healthy otherwise and I'm getting a decent crop but I'm just wondering why they all look like this.

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Sunday, 27 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Yi Fang Tea Espresso & Matcha

After breakfast we decided to walk back into the CBD from Fitzroy given the good weather. By the time we made it back, we were parched. Opting for another tea place which wasn't available in Brisbane, we tried Yi Fang, a popular Taiwanese chain which had just opened recently along Swanston street.

Again the shopfront was tiny, merely a small slot in the wall. Other than drinks, its hard to see that anything else could viably function in that area.

The menu was far more appealing to my taste, with a fair few traditional options. Prices are getting steep for bubble tea, but in this case we paid for quality. The enthusiasm of staff though, was enough to convince us to try more adventurous options. I'm glad we did. Word of warning though, when we went it was still cash only.


Eating Out: Greenhouse South Brisbane Kittens Gone Lentil

Following on from my last post, I though I'd do a post about a dinner I had awhile ago at Greenhouse in South Brisbane. As well as being 100% vegan, Greenhouse is also 100% gluten free. But even for gluten-full gluten lovers like myself, the food is amazing. The menu had changed a bit since my last epic visit, and I forgot to take a photo of the new menu (which I cannot find online at present), so I will try to remember things the best I can! The photos are a little weird as something about the lighting makes everything look murky green! And, as always, they love their pea sprout garnishes!

I went with my parents, and we all ordered some drinks. Ginger Kombucha for me, Blueberry Kombucha for my dad, and a hot chocolate for my mum. We also started with some deep fried fondue. This was so tasty! It wasn't as runny in the middle as you'd expect, but the flavour was awesome. Three pieces shared between three people was perfect, a it was quite a rich little entree.

Deep-Fried Fondue at Greenhouse Canteen South Brisbane

My mum had the Grazing Board, which was a huge platter covered in dips, cheeses, fritters, salad, fruit, corn chips, crackers, and a pumpkin wedge. Delicious, but huge.

Grazing Board at Greenhouse Canteen South Brisbane

I had the Miso Maple Pumpkin, which was a big wedge of roasted pumpkin and broccoli, toppe...

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Tuesday, 19 July


Looking for holiday ideas - SEQ Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Dear fellow gardeners,

I am planning a short holiday to get away in the next two weeks.  Wonder if  that has the following attractions. 

1)  7-10 Days  (Between 1Aug to 10 Aug)

2) Bush walking or physical activity or gardening or permaculturing

3) Prefer Lamington National Park or O'Reilly Park or Mt Tambourine area

4) Affordable accommodation (Happy to bring own linen or swap muscle for food/accommodation)

5) Two people

Much appreciate your help.


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Thursday, 30 June


The Bestaurant for Hot Pot Hungry Kittens

The Bestaurant
409 Mains Road, Sunnybank

It's winter in Brisbane; that time of the year when for a couple of weeks we get hit with the kind of weather other countries would find mild and fine, but as a QLDer, sends me frozen to the core. The only cure for these painfully chilly nights is hot pot.

I love hot pot and I enjoy all versions, be it Chinese-style sliced lamb hot pot, Korean-style spicy seafood or Japanese shabu shabu. If it's bubbling and interactive, I'm a fan. We do Chinese hot pot at home a fair bit but one night, the mood struck me suddenly and I didn't have any of the necessary ingredients. Going out was the only solution.

If I'm to be totally honest (which I always am) the thing that intrigued me most about this restaurant is its name. I'm a sucker for lame puns! I didn't even know what they served until I was Googling hot pot restaurants around Brisbane and 'Bestaurant' came up as one of the options. Since they're the "best" I definitely had to give it a go :).

The restaurant was more or less what I expected. The staff had limited English and communication skills and handed us menus without any explanation. I was confused about what the system was but one sheet had prices on it and the other just had a total so I assume there's an all you can eat option and maybe an a la carte option?!

I asked a waitress which menu we were supposed to circle items on and just went with the one that she suggested, which was the AYCE option. At least that keeps the ordering process more straight forward.


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Wednesday, 22 June


Dinner at Atalanta Hungry Kittens

Atalanta Bar and Greek Restaurant

Greek food is one of my favourites and although I can name a number of reliably delicious options in Brisbane (mostly around the West End area), it always excites me to see new additions to our dining scene. Atalanta opened a while back in Portside Wharf and at first I was wary because I heard some mixed reviews but then my friend Jenny said it was good and I trust her opinion more than anyone else's. We arranged to have a group dinner there last Saturday night.

The restaurant is large and quite easy to find. It's located near the entrance of Portside Wharf, directly opposite IGA. It was busy on a Saturday night and very, very noisy. A large portion of our night was spent yelling "hey? Sorry, what?" and smiling and pretending to hear what others were saying when all we (or at least, all I) could hear was the persistent drone of a very chatty crowd. As the night progressed this became slightly less of a problem, I think because we naturally got louder the more we drank.

Watermelon and basil margarita

Speaking of drinks, there's a good selection of alcoholic beverages. The majority of the group tucked into beers but I started with a watermelon margarita (very tasty) and progressed to wine.

The food menu at Atalana is designed for sharing. In theory, this should be perfect for a group dinner but it was actually quite a headache deciding what everyone was in the mood for. Luckily most of our table lost interest and left that ordering to Jenny and myself so we just powered thr...

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Monday, 06 June


Sydney Weekend in May 6 - Lunch at Catalina Hungry Kittens

Catalina Restaurant

After our oyster pitstop (I wish that was something I could say every week), we boarded a ferry to Rose Bay. I had never been to that part of Sydney before but had heard many nice things. Mostly, I was just excited about the restaurant we were about to try. I booked Catalina months in advance and spent the weeks leading up to Sydney checking out their website and rethinking what I wanted to order.

The day of our booking was like something out of an ultimate lunch date fantasy. The weather was perfectly clear but not too hot. We entered the restaurant and were seated out on their expansive deck with full views of the water. The setting was dreamy and I couldn't wait to put down my (heavily rehearsed) order.

We pretty much had nothing on between lunch and boarding the plane back to Brisbane (which wasn't until early evening) so we settled down to an enjoyable long meal. That involves wine, of course. We ended up trialing a bottle of red and a bottle white because when it comes to wine, why discriminate?

The menu at Ca...

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Saturday, 04 June


Rain rain come down and come back again another day Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Well it is great to have all this rain.  It is a bit of a shame about LEAF, but happy that my garden is wet for a change.  I had been really concerned that we had entered our dry season after has such a dry summer.  I thought we had missed our chance for soil wetting rain.  I am so happy that this rain is recharging the soil and filling my empty rainwater tanks.   I am also really happy that I have increased my water storage capacity by 3000 litres recently.

My new rainwater tank (approx 1000L) given to me by Wayne Bischof, is overflowing for the first time since I put it in many months ago.  I have directed the overflow into 5 blue drums (so another 1000L).  A friend gave me 2 IBCs a month or so back, so I moved one of these to the corner of the house and directed the downpipe into it (that is another 1000L).  Now I just need to find a spot for the other IBC and get it filled (that would mean another 1000L).

I also have many containers all around the place collecting rainwater so I can reduce the town water I need to use.  Rainwater is better for the garden anyway.

Hope none of you are flooding

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Monday, 30 May


Sydney Weekend in May 4 - Dinner at Master Hungry Kittens

Master Dining

Our dinner at Master was something we had planned with Sydney friends many months before the actual trip. That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since I only mentioned recently how meticulous I am about planning things in advance. I'm sure some find this approach to life to be stressful but for me, the earlier I plan something, the longer I have to look forward to it. And this was a dinner I was most definitely looking forward to.

In the weeks leading up to our weekend in Sydney, I kept seeing 'Master Dining' mentioned in all the up and coming restaurant guides online. Excitement grew and it was with utter glee that Marc and I approached the restaurant when the night of the booking finally came around.

Master is located in Surry Hills and is smaller and more hip than I expected. I don't know why but the name conveyed a very serious, fine dining, traditional Chinese restaurant to my mind and the actual restaurant is very much the opposite of those things. We were seated upstairs and because we were the first of our group to arrive, I had some time to soak up the atmosphere.

The decor is dark and almost warehouse-like with exposed bricks painted white and our table made of some kind of dark tiling. As I said earlier, it was anything but a traditional Chinese restaurant setting.

We ordered some drinks and waited for the rest of our friends to arrive. Our friend Sarah from Sydney was the one who recommended the restaurant to us. She is my food guide to Sydney and every place she has told me to try has been a banger. When she go...


Sydney Weekend in May 5 - Champagne and Oysters at The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar Hungry Kittens

The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar

You know life is good when you decide you can stop off for a spontaneous oyster and cocktail brunch by the Sydney harbour. We had planned a ferry trip to Rose Bay for lunch but had underestimated the number of hours between check out at the hotel and lunch. It was nice weather so we took a leisurely stroll through the city to Circular Quay to enjoy the amazing views.

Chewbacca suggested we treat ourselves to some oysters. It was Jenny's birthday and there's no better way to celebrate a young ladies continued advancement through adulthood than with some bubblies and treasures from the ocean.

We apparently arrived before the kitchen was open but we cracked open a bottle of champagne and by the time we were half way through, we were able to order oysters.

Oysters natural and with wakame seaweed, soy and mirin

The oysters come in natural or a variety of toppings and we chose half a dozen of the natural with half a dozen of wakame seaweed topping.


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Wednesday, 25 May


Sydney Weekend in May 3 - Dessert at RivaReno Gelato Hungry Kittens

RivaReno Gelato Barangaroo

After our delicious dinner at Rockpool Bar and Grill, an ordinary couple would've been full and content to give their stomachs a rest. Not us!

Marc knew of a gelato store that had recently expanded and it was getting glowing online reviews. We happened to pass through the area on our way back to the hotel (more accurately we Googled the address and spent an hour getting lost in construction sites but determined to get gelato) and finally came across the shop front.

I eagerly raced inside to see what flavours they had on offer. All the classics were present as well as some more creative options. Both Marc and I are boringly conservative with what we like in gelato. We have our 'old faithful' flavours we rarely divert from.

To add interest, the ice-cream lady suggested that Marc add their RivaReno chocolate sauce to his already very chocolatey gelato. I expected this would be too much chocolate but he said this made the night for him. The chocolate sauce was apparently the standout!

I'll summari...

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Tuesday, 24 May


Sydney weekend in May 2 - Dinner at Rockpool Bar and Grill Hungry Kittens

Rockpool Bar and Grill

Because of my anxious personality, I always need to plan things well in advance. If anyone asks me to think of a restaurant to visit on the fly, I freeze up and my mind goes blank. It's alright for when I'm in Brisbane because I live here and have a supply of general 'go to' places (mostly eateries around Sunnybank) for when I have no other ideas. On an interstate trip, it's less desirable to be unplanned because I don't know other cities well so unless I have a booking made at a restaurant pre-researched, I assume we'll sit down somewhere unremarkable.

Friday night of our Sydney weekend, this exact scenario happened where we had no actual plan of where to go but wanted to have dinner out. By some stroke of good fate we happened to walk past Rockpool Bar and Grill and I remembered this was a restaurant I'd been wanting to try for a long, long time. I had once walked into this Rockpool building before, by accident, when I was looking for their fine dining restaurant so everything looked vaguely familiar.

We didn't have a booking and I didn't know if we could get a table but amusingly, the restaurant wasn't even officially open when we rocked up. The efficient front of house staff made arrangements for us, provided we finished eating by a certain time (it was ample time to eat without rushing). We then hopped over to the bar to enjoy a drink before service started.

Even though it was too early for dinner, the bar was packed with guys in suits. I had a wistful moment daydreaming about a corporate office worker in Sydney, thinking this could be the kind of place I drink at every Friday evening. We sat at the bar and soaked up the theatre of it all. One of the drinks we ordered was smoked in front of us and I tried to take a photo but it turned out blurry (see above). The resultant drink was strong.


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Saturday, 21 May


Sydney weekend in May 1 - Lunch at Izakaya Yebisu Hungry Kittens

Izakaya Yebisu
10/501 George Street, Sydney

I managed to do that thing again last weekend, while we were in Sydney, where we ate at so many places that I simply got overwhelmed by the amount of blog posts I had to write. The end result is that I procrastinate and put it off and end up writing nothing. This weekend, I'm forcing myself to do some reviews before I forget everything and make it harder on myself.

Marc and I arrived early afternoon on a Friday. I had slept through the flight so I missed out on the refreshments and I was hangry. We found where our hotel was and decided for simplicity sake to get lunch nearby. This being Sydney, we stumbled across a little shopping mall full of food after crossing just one street so I thought "this will do" and we ended up lunching at Izakaya Yebisu.

To be perfectly honest, we were immediately attracted by the touch screen menus. Call us childish or antisocial or whatever (both is true) but touch screen menus are so much fun! We scurried to a table and started flicking through the icons.

We were in a casual mood so we clicked through a bunch of items to munch on and sat down to a jug of beer. It was a huge jug and did...

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Wednesday, 11 May


Food and Drink at The Apo Hungry Kittens


The older I get the more I learn to appreciate any opportunity I have to catch up with good friends. A couple of weekends ago, a group of us met up for share plates and (lots of) drinks at The Apo in Fortitude Valley.

The Apo is located just past Laruche on Ann Street. The shop front is small but there's some depth to the actual dining space, with a long bar and open kitchen to look into.  I didn't go exploring but from what others told me, there is an upstairs section with balcony as well. We had a really cosy table tucked under the stairs with space to lie down (perfect for once we've had a few too many drinks and nibblies).

There is a hefty drinks menu with plenty of choices of cocktails, beers and wines. I started my night with cocktails and everything I tried went down a treat.

The food menu is designed to be shared. Reading through the options I got quickly overwhelmed because this is not your standard tapas fare. Each dish sounded exciting and adventurous and I didn't even know how to begin narrowing down. Luckily, Goldilocks was much more decisive and started laying down the order. We ended up choosing a wide range of varying sized share dishes, doubling up where necessary to ensure enough for our group of 6.

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Saturday, 26 January


Lodger - Albion Espresso & Matcha

Another Saturday and we were on the hunt for lunch, this time in his home suburb of Albion, far far away from the southside that I am familiar with. Being familiar with all of his local restaurants, he decided that Lodger would be a great option for a relaxing weekend lunch.

Promoting comfort food with a fine dining twist, I was definitely keen to try it out. Our waitress was super friendly and menus were nondescript and leather bound, comprising of a few options for each course. It didn't take long for us to decide.


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne Industry Beans Fitzroy Espresso & Matcha

Ventured out to Fitzroy for breakfast, the trip was brief but the weather was pristine. Adam was really keen to eat at Industry Beans, and I gladly tagged along. The venue was quite large and seating was abundant. It was decked out with wooden palates to give it a very industrial wooden vibe.

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Saturday, 07 May


Crustacean Feast at St James Crabhouse Hungry Kittens

St James Crabhouse and Kitchen
22 Baildon Street, Kangaroo Point

This was my MOST anticipated restaurant opening of 2016. I heard about these guys around the start of the year when they announced they were opening Brisbane's first American-style crabhouse. Since then, I've been following them religiously on social media and listening out for news and updates. St James opened its doors not that long ago and already, it's generated a lot of hype. All of my friends were talking about it and all the Brisbane lifestyle news forum I followed were raving. I couldn't wait to try it out.

I gave it a couple of weeks for the restaurant to find their footing and for the initial chaos to cool. Tidbits of information were flowing through my food network from people who had tried it or wanted to try it and the word on the street was a) they don't take bookings and b) it's a small restaurant so be prepared to wait. Marc and I are really impatient and have a general principle of not waiting for food. We decided to only go on a weekday when it was less likely to be busy.

I ended up taking my mum and dad on a Wednesday night. We got there around 6pm by car and driving past, I felt a wave of relief that there was no queue outside and I could even spot a number of empty tables. Unfortunately in the time it took us to park our car and walk back, these spots were taken. It was a case of superbly bad timing because that meant most of the groups in 4 seat tables had just sat down and hadn't even ordered. We buckled down for a long wait.

If it was just the wait itself, we wouldn't have minded so...

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Thursday, 05 May


Lunch at Madtongsan IV Hungry Kittens

Madtongsan IV
Market Square, Corner Main Road and McCullough Street, Sunnybank

When I was studying in the city, I was a fairly regular attendee of the Madtongsan franchise. The Sunnybank branch has been open for a long time now but last month was my first time trying it out.

I was starting to come down with a cold and my remedy for sore throat is always, always spicy soup. To some that may seem counter-intuitive but for me chili is the best medicine.

We drove down to Market Square on a Friday at lunch time. I thought it might have been really busy around there but it actually wasn't too bad. I guess there's just so many restaurants that it's easy to get a table no matter which one you pick.

Once we were seated we started looking through the menu. There's lots on offer but Marc and I focused on the lunch specials. I already knew what I wanted so we put an order down ASAP.

Seafood pancake

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Tuesday, 03 May


Dinner at LONgTIME Hungry Kittens

Longtime Restaurant and Bar

There's no shortage of Asian-themed bars in Brisbane. Just off the top of my head, Kwan Brothers and Madame Wu come to mind and both left fairly positive impressions for me. You would think my mental quota for this genre of venue would be satisfied but for whatever reason, when I heard of Longtime, I was newly intrigued. I'm not sure how long ago Longtime opened; it seems 'newish' but not brand new. When it opened, I did a spot of casual research and found that they were hosting a theme night with guest chef Dan Hong from Ms G's in Sydney. I loved that restaurant so I was super keen to try this special event but alas I was working on the nights it was on.

Fast forward a year or so and I still hadn't been to Longtime. A friend of mine was visiting from Sydney and requested someplace 'cool' to dine. I know there are funky, thematic venues littered throughout Brisbane but my skeptic's voice told me there wasn't going to be anything on par with Sydney or Melbourne. My mind went blank and I panicked momentarily until Longtime presented itself as an option. It's difficult to know whether a restaurant classifies as 'cool' when you haven't been there yourself but the website looks hip and the font is edgy so what the heck, I made the booking.

Unlike many other restaurant...

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Sunday, 01 May


Nursery stuff Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi All

I run a small nursery and we have to move SOON due to owners return.

I have lots of pots {FREE 6 inch mainly } nursery trays, hothouse, prop unit w/bottom heat elect leaf misters etc.

very cheap forLFG members.

Cheers Bob 32976974 emailis dodgy as telstra are disconnecting soon. 0456711580 if all else fails.

Some labor reqd if you want to swap your muscles.

I hope this mees with posting guidelines but this move was very unexpected and I am a bit stressed.

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Thursday, 28 April


Thai Terrace for Dinner Hungry Kittens

Thai Terrace

I was in a burger mood a couple of weeks ago and Marc suggested we try this burger place we saw that had just opened in Rosalie. When we got there, we realised it had already closed down and after lamenting over how fickle and competitive the hospitality industry is, we settled in for some Thai instead.

Thai Terrace is a restaurant I've walked past numerous times and always found inviting but never actually ventured into before. The external wall has these lit up pink window panels that I really like the look of. It's like... a classy lounge bar setting for Thai food.

When we entered the restaurant, we found it to be quiet with only a couple other tables of diners. There was one waitress on duty and she was more than capable of managing all of us.

The menu has a good variety of Thai style mains, sides and entrees. Curiously, there's also a section of Cantonese dishes. We decided on two mains with coconut rice to share and a starter to line the stomach.

Golden cups

I wasn't too enthused about the usual starters like spring rolls etc so we opted for the most unique-soun...

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Thursday, 21 April


Food Garden Project Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

I have set aside a section of my yard, approximately 10 metres 6 metres for food production. At the moment it is just a clay wedge cut into the side of the hill. I plan to document my progress in turning this clay patch into a productive food garden here. Hopefully I can get some input as I progress, and my results might be useful for others in their food gardening endeavours.

On the site I plan to include:
1. Larger coup for my chickens.
2. Green house and garden shed.
3. Water tank. Water will be collected from shed.
4. Several raised vege and herb beds.

I plan to build it all myself using recycled materials as much as possible.

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Tuesday, 19 April


Dinner at Spaghetti House Trattoria Hungry Kittens

Spaghetti House Trattoria

Marc and I stumbled across Spaghetti House once, many years ago when it was in West End. I enjoyed the food we had that night and kept meaning to go back but things got in the way and suddenly there were all these new other restaurants to try. Before I knew it, Spaghetti House had relocated to South Bank.

Revisits continued to alude me and once we then moved to Sinnamon Park, South Bank was a chore to get to. Last weekend, our group of friends caught up over dinner. When brainstorming for dinner locations, dozens of new establishments jumped into my brain for attention but for whatever reason, I got hooked on the idea of Spaghetti House. It was an irresistible combination of nostalgia, promise of carbohydrates and their limited edition lobster gnocchi that drew me in and blocked off all other suggestions.

I made the booking online and in doing so, came across some less than complimentary online reviews. Alarm bells went off but I when I researched the menu, I found it hadn't changed much since the West End days so I assumed standards would be the same. I put the bad reviews down to service issues and pushed through with the dinner plans.

We met on a Saturday night and were seated just after 8:30pm. The place was packed when we first got there but as our meal came to a conclusion, Spaghetti House was packing up around us, which I guess is fair enough considering it would have been quite late by then.

I didn't see much of the inside of the restaurant but the outside space is huge. The weather in Brisbane these days is as close to perfection as there ever will be in the world so it was an ideal time to embrace the elements.

Members of our group arrived at different times so we kicked the night off with drinks. There are Italian beers on tap, quirky craft beers, wine and cocktails. The girls mostly stuck to cocktails and th...

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Friday, 15 April


Bare Bones Society for Brunch Hungry Kittens

Bare Bones Society

Moving to the west of Brisbane, the restaurant I was most keen to try was Bare Bones Society. It has been on my radar for a long time but always felt too far away. Now, it's barely 5 minutes drive so there were no more excuses.

I've been to Bare Bones twice now for weekday brunch. They're also open for dinner on Friday nights with a changing menu. The restaurant is smack bang in the middle of the Homemaker Centre in Jindalee, so there are lots of parking spots.

The first time I visited, it was extremely busy and it took me forever to get the attention of waitstaff. More recently I went again and it was much quieter with spot on efficient service. Both visits happened during the week around the same time so I guess it just depends on your luck on the day.

There's a generous indoor seating space with some extra tables set out the front if you want to enjoy fresh air.

The menu is my kind of dream cafe menu. There are so many things on there that sound good to me. On my first visit I ordered the green power smoothie and the heirloom tomatoes on flat bread.


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Thursday, 14 April


Lunch at Woka Woka Hungry Kittens

Woka Woka
Shop 20-22 Warrigal Square, 261 Warrigal Rd, Eight Mile Plains

Sometimes when I'm bored on the weekend I'll pop over to mum and dad's and see what they have to offer. Their solution to entertain me is usually to feed me and I'm not one to complain about that.

For lunch a couple of weeks back, mum and dad took me to Woka Woka at Warrigal square. I wasn't sure what type of food I was in the mood for and they reasoned that since this was fusion Asian, there would be something on the menu to appeal to me.

The restaurant was actually extremely busy. We just managed to get a table outside. Others who arrived later had to queue up or go elsewhere. I'm not sure if it was our location outdoors or the general busyness but once we were seated it took ages to get the attention of waitstaff. Dad had to go inside to hail someone to take our order.

The food menu is very varied both in terms of dishes on offer and styles of ordering. You can select from the a la carte menu or order a lunch special or choose a group set. On this day we each chose a dish from the lunch special menu.

Chicken and corn soup

The lunch sp...


Spanish Feast at Toro Bravo Hungry Kittens

Toro Bravo

Last week my close friend Blossom had a showcase at the RAW artist exhibit. We all hopped along to show our support and afterwards, wandered through the valley for a bite to eat.

Garthritis recommended we try Toro Bravo because he had heard of their Thursday night sangria and paella special. At $45 for your choice of 2 paella and a jug of sangria, we honed in on that option.

I had been to Hotel Bravo when it was a BBQ house and we enjoyed our meal there. It has since changed to focus on a Spanish theme but steaks still feature heavily on the menu.

Two paella plates might seem like a lot of food but it's definitely not enough for 5 hungry individuals, including 3 boys with big appetites. We chose a selection of tapas to round out our meal.

Red wine sangria

Our sangria was brought out first. We ended up buying a second jug because our waitress suggested one might not be enough. Two ended up being excessive for us on a school night so we had left over sangria by the end of the meal.

The first of our food took a while to be brought out but once the plates started coming, they kept coming.

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Saturday, 09 April


Melbourne 7 - Brunch at Trunks Hungry Kittens

Trunk American Diner

It's shocking to think that I've taken a month to blog only 4 days worth of eating in Melbourne.  I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise considering how much we ate but I'm somewhat relieved that I'm up to the last post for this particular trip.

We had checked out of our hotel and it was about 3hrs till our return flight... just enough time for a spot of brunch.

Staying where we did, Marc and I walked past Trunk a few times and repeatedly noted how nice it looked. There's something about an open courtyard beer garden with fairy lights that is oh-so-inviting and it was buzzing with clientele at all parts of the day. We decided that our last meal stop in Melbourne would be at the Trunk American Diner. Note: the restaurant, bar and beer garden are all separate sections with separate menus (please refer to the website).

It was another lovely day so we took up a table outside to enjoy the sunshine. The menu at Trunk Diner was fairly comprehensive with lots of breakfast options, plus some items that were a bit heavier. There was an entire section on pancakes! The milkshakes looked tempting too (Tim Tam Slam anyone?) but I feared I would start regretting anything too heavy o...

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Friday, 25 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Hot Star Espresso & Matcha

How to win a girl's heart. Step 1: Take her out to a night of jazz. Step 2: Top it off with a gigantic piece of fried chicken. Honestly, I thought I knew what affection was. That's until he said the magic words to me after a great show at Paris Cat Jazz Club: "Let's get some Hot Star". I don't believe I've ever felt such emotion to another human being as much as I felt for him in that moment. Perhaps there is a thing as a soul mate, and we both love ridiculously oversized fried chicken.

Making our way over to Little Bourke Street at 10.45pm, the place was still bustling with a huge queue for deep fried goodness. He ordered at the counter as I was still overcome with emotion.


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Friday, 08 April


Melbourne 6 - Dessert at Spring Street Grocer Hungry Kittens

Spring Street Grocer

After our meal at Warra Warra, I found myself craving ice-cream. This might have something to do with the in depth dinner conversation we had about the quality of gelato in Brisbane versus Melbourne. Obviously my Melbourne buddies were adamant that what we considered good gelato in Brisbane was ass water compared to what they had on offer. I got a bit offended at first but the promise of top quality gelato lured me into wanting to try a place they suggested. We headed for a night time stroll through the city and ended up on Spring Street.

As the name suggests, Spring Street Grocer is a gourmet grocery store complete with its own veggie section and cheese room. I had a quick look around but my main focus was on the gelataria, which was outside at the front of the store. Apparently one of the 'disadvantages' of getting ice-cream here was lack of choice in flavours but because I'm very simple with what flavours I like to taste, this wasn't a problem for me at all.

I ordered two flavours in a cup and tried pistachio and fior di datte. It was, in a word: heavenly. I had to concede this was much better in terms of texture and flavour than anything I could get in Brisbane by a fairly long shot. I was reminded of the very best gelato we tasted in Italy.

In the match up for Brisbane versus Melbourne, we have definitely lost on the gelato category. The pistachio gelato I tasted from Spring Street Grocer was one of the nicest things I put in my mouth this whole...


Ginger & Green Braking for Breakfast

When I heard that the owners of The Ponycat in New Farm had opened a new cafe in South Brisbane, I was intrigued and so immediately hunted down the menu. I saw Double Chocolate Brownie Pancakes, Beef & Jalapeo Croquette and Crispy Potato Skins - mouth-watering sounding to most but not generally my thing, especially when trying to up the healthy eating to counteract the recent kilo pile on. But the glowing reviews convinced me that it was worth trying so I suggested it as a mid-week breakfast option to my friend C.

The address is listed as being on Merivale St but my geographically-challenged brain was convinced it was on the same street as Merriweather aka Cordelia St. Obviously it wasn't so after working that out, we parked in the Secure Parking lot between Merivale and Cordelia Streets. Trusty Google Maps showed number 52 as Subway so we assumed that it had replaced Subway but no, Subway was still there. Slightly perplexed, we walked around a little before finally finding it in the area between the two streets but closer to Russell St...literally in front of where we had exited the lift from the carpark.

Ginger & Green is in a green building but I'm not sure if their name is an acknowledgement of that. Inside has that minimalistic, clean Swedish look with white walls, timber tables, colourful chairs and complete glass frontage allowing plenty of natural light to shine through. It's a popular look for Brisbane cafes but I especially like G&G's take on it. It's a relatively small space, perhaps similar in size to Ponycat, but elongated and with a very different vibe to Ponycat's casual, cozy appearance with their awesome 90s themed decoupaged tables. Inside is a large communal table as...

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Thursday, 07 April


Melbourne 5 - Dinner at Warra Warra Hungry Kittens

Warra Warra Korean Kitchen

After one failed attempt to meet my friend Doc for brunch (I simply couldn't wake up in time), we rescheduled a catch up, this time at the safer evening time slot. We were both in the mood for Korean and he suggested Warra Warra.

Wait a minute. Isn't there a Wara Wara (spelt differently) in Brisbane also? I asked him if it was a chain or if "Warra" was just a very common food-related word in Korea. He didn't give me a straight answer so I still have no idea. Based on the style of food I tasted and addition of extra 'r', I assume the two Warra Warras are unrelated.

This Warra Warra was tucked in a laneway with a couple of other restaurants. We wouldn't have found it without religiously following Google Maps. There were tables inside and out but on this occasion we sat outside.

Doc seemed to know exactly what he wanted so we let him take care of the ordering. There was a plate of sunflower seeds for us to munch on as we waited for food to arrive. This might seem barely worth mentioning but these sunflower seeds were surprisingly tasty!

Spicy galbi soup

The first dish that was brought out was a spicy beef soup. Unlike other Korean beef soups I've tried this had actual large chunks of beef and potato. The flavour was bang on though. It made me think this is more of a casserole type dish to have with rice than a soup to drink on its own.

Scallop pancake

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Wednesday, 06 April


Melbourne 4 - Shabu Shabu Lunch at Momo Hungry Kittens

Momo Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu

Fast forward to the Sunday of our friend's wedding. We were in holiday mood so we probably got out of bed around noon, just in time for lunch. The hotel Marc and I stayed at was just a street away from Chinatown (Little Bourke St) so that's where we headed.

There were restaurants galore but I wanted to make a decision before we became overwhelmed with options. We thought that Japanese sounded good and gravitated towards Momo. Upon studying the menu further, Marc was disappointed that it specialised in hot pot. As an addict of hot pot and all things soupy, I couldn't be more over the moon. Marriage may be about compromise but on this occasion I put my foot down.

Umeshu (plum wine)

Best of all, I spotted a seasonal special of black truffle soup base. Hell yeah! It was settled. That's what we would be ordering.

Momo wasn't too busy when we dined there but I imagine it to be more so the kind of restaurant that kicks off at night. We were seated in a nice quiet nook towards the back of the building where we could much away at everything we ordered without judgement from street passers by.

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Monday, 04 April


Melbourne 3 - Lunch at Carmine's Hungry Kittens

Carmine's Bistro

Marc and I did the touristy thing while we're in Melbourne and decided to take a stroll along Lygon Street. Most online articles reported the Italian strip along there to be a bit of a tourist trap with inauthentic pizza/pasta combos churned out for unsuspecting interstate/international visitors. I could picture my true Melbournian friends rolling their eyes at how naive we were but I ignored that mental image and focused on enjoying my day. Marc and I like walking as a means to take in new cities so for us, it was a chance to venture away from our hotel.

I had been to Lygon Street once before with Kat for our weekend away in Melbourne, many years ago. I even spotted Stuzzichino, a cafe we visited at the time. I'm sure lots of things have changed since 2010 but I felt a bit of nostalgia all the same.

We were aiming to get to a pizza place that reviewed well but after 30min walking, I checked Google Maps to find it was still 40min away. That reshuffled our plans completely. I may like walking but when hunger strikes, I gotta eat. There were plenty of restaurants around us but Carmine's caught our eye because we could see what some of the other patrons were eating and it looked pretty good.

The restaurant has outdoor tables and a larger inside space but we took this opportunity to do a bit of street watching. It was an uncharacteristically sunny and warm day in Melbourne so our table was in the sun but one of the restaurant staff extended the patio covering to put us in the shade.

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Sunday, 03 April


Melbourne 1 - Lunch at Laksa Bar Hungry Kittens

Laksa Bar
108 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD

It's the season for weddings! After Marc and I headed to Noosa for some friends wedding, we spent the following weekend jet setting to Melbourne for another friends wedding. Hey, it's an excuse for me to travel, eat and have time off work so I'm not complaining.

Melbourne is a good stop for us because as the years have gone on, more and more of our friends have dispersed out of Brisbane and moved interstate. The wedding itself was the highlight but we also took this opportunity to catch up with some old friends.

I'll blog about our meals chronologically, for ease. Pretty much all Marc and I did in Melbourne was eat, drink and sleep. I'm very stubborn in just how much of a "Brisbane girl" I am and am resolute about not moving away unless absolutely necessary... but having said that, I do admit that Melbourne has got us beat on the food scene. Everywhere we turned, there was another cafe or eatery tucked away that looked amazing.

On our first meal venture out of our hotel, I was hungover as anything and didn't want to walk far in case my stats started to drop. We spotted Laksa Bar right around the corner and not only was this suitably close, it genuinely looked good to me.

The dining environment is casual and friendly with staff handing us menus and instructing we order at the counter. The menu contains much more than mere laksa. There are plenty of shared starters, rice dishes and other noodle dishes.

Within the laksa section alone there were multiple options of main protein, choice of size and the option of a healthier style of...


Melbourne 2 - Banquet at Rumi Restaurant Hungry Kittens

Rumi Restaurant

Perhaps the most urgent meet up I had arranged in Melbourne was with Mochi, my old housemate and long ago co-eater on this blog. I told her as soon as our flights were booked to think of a restaurant we could try. Because this is such a vague request (especially considering how much Melbourne has to offer), I narrowed it down to middle-eastern cuisine.

We ended up trying Rumi which is a modern Lebanese restaurant in Brunswick East. This was a Saturday night and every restaurant we drove past was busy, busy, busy. Despite having a booking, our table wasn't quite ready but the Maitre d' was very apologetic. Honestly, we were just happy to all be catching up so there was no huge rush but I like when restaurants acknowledge service flaws.

While we waited, we had plenty of time to peruse the menu. There are lots of varying sizes of share dishes to choose from but for simplicity sake, we ordered the 4 course classic banquet (also available as 5 course with dessert).

I wasn't ready to embrace alcohol again after a previous night of festivities, so I ordered the Rumi mocktail. Marc chose a beer and Mochi tried the pomegranate juice.

Our courses wer...

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Sunday, 14 February


Little Sista, Coorparoo After meal musings

In my constant search for a local cafe where I can be a regular at, I decided to try Little Sista. I've been here for coffee a long time ago with a friend and made a mental note that it might be worth coming back to for a proper meal. So on one fine day off, sleeping in well breakfast time, we decided to come here for their all day breakfast!

We sat outside in their patio area to soak in some sun. I often sit outside in the sun with my coffee on my days off and while on holidays so I thought the setting was relaxing and peaceful and felt like was away from Brisbane for a little while.

We started with a couple of coffees and after the many awful coffees we have had recently, we were looking forward to a cup of Campos. The espresso shot was extracted well but the milk texture could have been smoother.  The coffee wasn't bad, but it was nothing to write home about either.  I'm a Barista and a decent one at that, so my expectations are probably a little higher than my dining companions.

Our waitress was very quick and bubbly and ordering was done without a hitch. Jamie, being a growing man, ordered the biggest breakfast he could; the Big Sista breakfast which consisted of eggs, chorizo, mushroom, bacon, beans, tomatos and hasbrowns served with sourdough. 


Oriental Yum Cha, Fortitude Valley After meal musings

I consider myself a pretty greedy person when it comes to food, so me hearing about any kind of buffet is like a kid hearing about Disneyland. I've been waiting for an all can eat yum cha for some time, so when Thoa mentioned Oriental yum cha was doing this, I didn't hesitate, not even for a second. 

We were seated and offered tea but food was yet to come around as they were still setting up, apparently twenty minutes after opening was still too early to arrive. We must of sat around for about 15 mins before trolleys came around so it really took time out of our 1hr seating time which they were very adamant about keeping. They however didn't seem to mind how many items you have on table at once though, so we made up for some lost time on the first trolley that came by.

Along with ordering classic favourites, we decided to try a few new things since it wasnt costing us any extra. Beef balls were a new discovery...not the good kind of discovery though. I have nothing to compare it to so i'm not sure what a good one is suppose to taste like, but what I can say is, as a dish in general, it was quite unpleasant to eat. Texture was gelatinous and slimey and tasted and looked like raw mince despite being cooked. I'm not sure i'm game enough to try that one again at a different place unless someone can tell me that I just had some dud ones.

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Tuesday, 09 February


Chinese New Year 101 - A Foreigner's Guide to a wonderful CNY The Food Extinguisher

Xin Nian Hao !  Happy Chinese New Year!

It's that time of the year when you wonder where this year has gone. This year has flown by so quickly that before you even realise, it's already 2016, the Year of the Monkey!

Over the past year, my boss has told me numerous times that I'm like a monkey at work - at least I now have a legitimate reason to explain why I'm acting like one.

Asians are quite superstitious (at least I am). At the end of every single year, we would spend many days hours collecting things/food which symbolise good luck and prosperity to prepare for the new coming year. But there are some things you can't get in Australia during this time of the year - so what do we do? Well here's an Australian adaptation.

How to have a wonderful new year:
An Australian Adaptation...


How I celebrated CNY - Meeting new "peng you" at Peng You The Food Extinguisher

What better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year than by spending it with a big group of "peng you " aka friends in Cantonese)?
And that's exactly what I did - I was fortunate enough to be invited to Peng You's CNY Eve Cocktail Lunch and met heaps of new peng you there.
What is most striking about Peng You is definitely the ambience - with its oriental red lanterns and grey cobbled walls, it feels as if you've travelled back in time.

And if that's not enough to make you impressed, Peng You organised lion dancers to ward off evil spirits and welcome the new year of the monkey!

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Sunday, 17 January


New GMO info, update on stingless bees and LOS Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi from the south of Thailand where I once again potter about on long lazy days by the beach.

For those of you who'd like to get the latest dirt on GMOs here is a video that will give you the very latest from a whistle- blowing, ex insider. Very revealing stuff indeed?!

On the beez front, a small group of us have been working on the design and construction of a native stingless 'OATH' bee-hive box that can be 3D printed using recycled plastic and then combined with recycled corrugated cardboard infill to create a cheap, durable and effective hive. Some serious research and trials will need to be done b4 this can be declared a success or not. Stay tuned for further updates.

The other new thing (well for me anyway), is learning how to recycle the growing mountains of Lithium battery packs that have been discarded with dead laptop computers, power tools etc. With these, when tested and re-assembled, it is possible to construct 'power-wall' stand alone PV connected systems for a very low price. However, there are extensive man-hours involved in this rather complex process and it is not without some risk.

Of course, all this is on hold until later in the year when I return to Oz for a perhaps a relatively long term.

Happy sustainable gardening.

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Sunday, 03 January


YOU DIRTY RAT Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

I see a few people looking for rat solutions,  ha ha me too.

My PC died before Christmas, so have been offline for a while. 

OK I can tell you bunnings keep running out of traps.  If you do get traps get the plastic ones, they are dearer, but the wooden ones fall apart.

I actually made cages for some traps so only rats could get in.  So no dogs, cats, birds got trapped.

If you find their holes stuff a rag in there with diesel on it, they really hate the stuff.  We tried boiling water but the diesel works best.

We also bought packets of DEB mashed potato.  You leave the packets with a corner cut off and the other important component is a water bowl with water in it.  It works pretty well, what happens is!  The rats fill themselves full of Deb and have a drink.  The deb swells up inside the rat and they die. apparently rats don't have a "gag" reflex and they can't throw up.  So its death by potato.  (I think they know that one now and leave it)!

You can also use equal parts flour, sugar and bicarb mixed up near water.  However we didn't have much success with that mix.

Rats are very weary of anything new, so leave the traps around for a few days unset, even put some bait on them.

When you do set the traps don't use peanut butter or cheese.  Use what the rats have been eating at your place.  With me it has been broccoli, tomato, eggplant, strawberries, silverbeet and so on.  I have given up growing out the back until the rats have gone.

It may help if you  use rubber gloves to bait and set the traps, also when you catch a rat hose the trap off and don't touch with your hands.

We hesitate to use poisons of any kind we have dogs, chooks and other birds so we have to be very careful. 

We have also toyed with the idea of getting a Jack Russel or something similar.

There are a lot of rats around Logan at the moment, we have had a lot of bush cleared for industry.  Hope this help some of you.  If I find I can't win without poison I will have to resort to that.  Oh yes, they also like mangos, bananas, bok choi, pack choi, blue berries.  One of their favorites is chook and dog food so try not to leave any around. 

Maybe we can save all the rats and make "ratatouille", OR save all the ratshit and make ratshit screwdrivers. 

Hope this helps.  Any other ideas? I would like to hear them.

P.S. we also bought 2 electronic traps on Ebay, bit expensive but they seem to work OK>

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Thursday, 31 December


Quick Recap ! A Frenchie in Brisbane!

A few pictures might actually tell more than a full text ! Lets just say we have been very busy We renovated our kitchen: from dated maple syrup cupboard with dodgy appliances to modern dark oak with induction cook top Continue reading

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Thursday, 24 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: King Tea Espresso & Matcha

In our two days at Melbourne, we had walked past King Tea numerous times to see small crowds formed outside. Making a point not to drink at bubble tea places that were readily available at home, we made a point to check it out when we had a moment. With dinner being unusually quick, it was a good chance to stop by for refreshment before the show.

The shopfront was small, drinks were more contemporary than traditional with a  focus on cheese foam, brulee and fruit tea. My preferred basic green tea or basic milk tea for that matter was nowhere to be seen.

Waited in line for a while, and it took that long for me to decide what to get.


Eating Out: Flora by Greenhouse West End Kittens Gone Lentil

Newish to the Brisbane vegan scene is Flora by Greenhouse, a 100% vegan cafe in West End. Flora has existed down at the Gold Coast for almost a year, which I had visited once before when I went to the opening of the LC Miami complex down there. But now they have come to Brisbane! If you are wondering about the 'by Greenhouse', Greenhouse is a great vegan dinner place open at the Gold Coast and in South Brisbane that I have visited a few times, and Flora is their day time offering.

I met up with some friends for brunch there a couple of weeks ago, and we were all very impressed! The atmosphere is cute, and the food is great! Oh, they are big fan of pea shoot garnishes, as you will see.

In my effort to eat all the vegan benedicts, I had the Mushroom Benefict. It has creamy mushrooms, sauteed kale, avocado, and cauliflower hollandaise with avocado on an English muffin. I also added some rice paper bacon and a hash brown. This was lovely! The tangy sauce went really well with the creamy avocado. It was my first time having rice paper bacon, and it was a bit weird. I had to kind of just eat it separate because it was in big long shards.

Mushroom Benefict with Rice Paper Bacon and Hashbrown at Flora

I also had an iced turmeric latte on soy milk (coconut milk is their normal base).

Iced Turmeric on Soy at Flora

My friend had their Scrambed Tofu, described as turmeric tofu with sauteed greens served on organic rye with avocado and dressed greens. The verdict was good! A nice flavour and good texture.

Tofu Scramble at Flora...

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Tuesday, 29 December


Oliver Brown - Westfield Garden City | Upper Mt Gravatt The Food Extinguisher

You may have heard of Oliver Twist, but have you heard of Oliver Brown? 

If you haven't, maybe it's time to check it out. Oliver Brown - one of Sydney's leading Belgian chocolate cafes - has finally arrived to Brisbane!

Since its opening, I've been dying to try it out. Literally - but I just couldn't find the time in between dying recovering from whooping cough and working. 

Imagine my delight when an invite turned up on my doorstep.

Without further ado, I dragged Mr Cookie along with me to be my chauffeur indulge our senses.



Peng You - 76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead Brisbane QLD 4006 The Food Extinguisher

What's a girl's best friend? Surprisingly, not diamonds, but rather, scrumptious food and good company. And that's exactly what I got at Peng You China Kitchen & Bar.

Together with its romantic oriental ambience and soothing jazz background music, you're definitely in for a good night. As soon as I walked in, I was taken away by the dimly-lit red lanterns, the old Shanghai girl posters and the colourful patchwork cushions on the vintage wooden chairs which gave the place a rather homey feel.



Midam - Shop 3 | 21 Farne Street, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109 The Food Extinguisher

Not sure where to take your guests? Why not charm them with Midam? Offers a wide range of a-la-carte Korean dishes and all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet for only $28.50.

The moment I stepped inside, I felt I was walking through a peaceful nature sanctuary - the bamboo and wooden dcor creates a very calming soothing ambience. Perfect place to chill after a long long week!

Not to mention it even comes with its very own waterfall!

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Monday, 28 December


Suburban West End Braking for Breakfast

West End and I have a beautiful food relationship - Saturday mornings at the Davies Park Markets are a ritual, breakfast at one of the many cafes is a weekly thing and it's my go to area for close cheap eats. And yet there are still places I'm yet to eat at. Until recently Suburban West End was one of them. Perhaps it's just that I have my favourites I like to revisit or that the nondescript name and unobtrusive location hadn't caught my eye. Either way, that changed recently when I was invited to try Suburban's new menu and met C for a pre-work feed.

The location on the corner of Boundary and Mollison Streets made it an easy ride, especially being early in the morning, and a fence out the front made for convenient parking. When we arrived at 7.30 there were a few people already there but we had our pick of tables. It's a large open space with both indoor and shaded outdoor seating so we opted for a table outside. It's not the prettiest of locations being on a main road but touches like flowers in vases make it feel a bit more special

After placing coffee orders, we sat back to peruse the menu. Suburban have recently updated their menu for Spring/Summer but have kept a few old favourites there too. It's an extensive range of sweet and savoury so I imagine it would be hard for someone to not find something they'd as usual I had issues deciding. Very helpfully, the vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free options are clearly marked plus gluten-free bread and non-dairy milks can be used at no additional cost. I love that.

I'm a mad fritter fan so the gluten-free Zucchini Fritters with charred corn, avocado, beetroot relish & creme fraiche ($16) sounded right up my alley. But then I saw the House Smoked Salmon with asparagus, greens, tomato creme fraiche & poached eggs on rye ($19) and I'm a sucker for those words 'house smoked'. Plus they do a Bircher Muesli ($14), which I'm constantly on the hunt for the best in Brisbane. Oh decisions...I swear I'm getting worse at making them. Fritters won out in the end...

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Sunday, 20 December


Making awesome bread Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

I would like to share with you the things I put in my bread mix to make the most awesome bread (and the reasons why).  It is not sour dough and it is not spelt, but it is awesome anyway.  I put all the ingredients in the breadmaker and put it on timer to be ready in the morning.  When I put it on timer it makes a much better loaf of bread.

2 c white flour (not organic as the organic I have bought from Woollies does not make a good bread)

1 c wholemeal flour

1 1/2 t salt (ground rock salt coz I dont what to eat aluminium which is what anticaking agent is made from)

1tbls glucose syrup (to reduce fructose)

1tbls honey - slightly lower fructose than table sugar

2 tbls coconut oil (handles high temps and I don't use rubbish vegetable oils anymore)

1 tsp kelp powder - iodine

1tbls ground brazil nuts - selenium

2 tbls pepitas/ sunflower seeds - zinc, antioxidants and vitamin E/ fatty acids, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins

1tsp Chia seeds

2 tbls coconut milk powder or milk powder (about to try grinding my own coconut milk powder out of dried coconut due to the evils of milk powder - note even the coconut milk powder I buy has normal milk protein in it!!!)

water (I think it is 280 mls)

I do not use bread improver or bread mixes as they contain soy (unfermented soy is not healthy to eat).  Also I have learnt that 9 out of 10 loaves of bread sold in Australia have GM soy in them.  All the non GM soy grown in Australia is used in Soy milk.  The soy in bread is imported.  That means that the soy in bread mixes and bread improver are probably also GM soy.  The milk powder I currently use has soy lecithin in it (possibly GM), so that is another reason to replace the milk powder.  Soy is in almost everything we buy, so we can't avoid it completely, but the less we eat the better I think.

Do you make bread?  How do you make it?  What do you put in it?

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Sunday, 13 December


Gauge Braking for Breakfast

Seriously, it's December already?! Life in 2015 has been quite excellent so far with some big changes like moving out from by myself to a shared house, learning a different role at work, meeting heaps of new people (mostly lovely foodies!) and doing some unexpected travel. It's also been an inconsistent mix of very slow months and insanely busy months - October being one of them. After months of feeling uninspired at work, I finally have been given a project to work with that involved me travelling to Bangalore, India, which is a trip I've been hoping to go on for a while. But of course that had to happen in a month which was already busy, mostly involving events around the wedding of one of my best friends, Kirst. So I squeezed this trip in between her Hen's Day and the wedding, after which I headed down to Melbourne for a long weekend for another wedding. Weddings galore!

Anyhow, as usual I'm taking forever to get to the point of the review, prior to the big Hen's Event my fellow Brisbane-based bridesmaids and I gathered to do a final round of planning and as avid breakfast lovers, we decided to meet at Gauge for the intense discussions for an early morning meeting. I'd been to Gauge a few times when it opened and enjoyed both times and am still dying to go for lunch and dinner.

The lovely C offered to give me a lift and so no bike required - however the trip via bike is super convenient either via the city and over Victoria Bridge or crossing over Kulripa Bridge and riding up near GOMA. The central South Brisbane location isn't very conducive to easy parking and the large amount of construction causing the majority of available spaces to be blocked off didn't help. However, it turns out that there are about three 1 hour parking spaces right outside Gauge so if you get there early, you can nab one of those like we did. Score!

Located on Merivale St, just off Fish Lane, Gauge is uno...

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Saturday, 14 November


Pomegranate cuttings Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Gabriele, I have cuttings from two types. One is an unknown variety that I got from a guy selling them from his backyard. The other is from a bought variety -" A Wonderful". Both are in flower now. I have had very little fruit from the first variety, but as they have responded very well to the recent rain, I believe it is my lack of watering that has caused this. The Wonderful is only two years old but is growing very well. You are welcome to a cutting of each. Please call me on 32000431 to arrange pick up


fussy chickens Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

I seem to have very fussy chickens who throw the feed they don't like out of the feeder, which adds up to quite a substantial waste not to mention the continuous food for vermin. I use Jenko grain layer mash. I have tried the ground feed which is just the same. Has anyone experienced this and how did you fix it. I am thinking of just buying pellets (nothing to sort - all the same) but i have tried them with a small sample znd they won't eat it. Is it a matter of tough love and just give them pellets? Surely they will eat them if there is nothing else to eat.

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Wednesday, 04 November


Atticus Finch Cafe Braking for Breakfast

I can't even explain why it's taken me so long to get to Atticus Finch, being close in Paddington and a favourite of one of my regular partners in breakfasting crime, Y. Although funnily enough, I can count the number of times I've had breakfast in Paddington on one hand since moving nearby so maybe it's a case of too convenient? There's also that small issue of Paddington hills and not wanting to ride up them...

I finally visited the To Kill A Mockingbird namesake up on Latrobe Tce a few weeks ago for an early Sunday breakfast with Y. It's not overly obvious that it's there, tucked in a shady corner, but upon approaching I immediately felt the relaxed vibe and we were welcomed immediately by the friendly staff. Being early we had our pick of tables and we opted to sit outside, being a nice day, but in a shaded area on the front deck. The all-day menu is short but hardly simple with options deviating from the standard - think warm malted semolina & rhubarb, black sticky rice with banana, tapioca & coconut, miso baked salmon on Japanese rice w pickled ginger & dashi dressing. Coffee is made with beans by Coffee Supreme and apart from the usual espresso based, they do Aeropress and (to my sleepy delight) unlimited filter brew (both $5), which we ordered. That's right - unlimited coffee - you're welcome. Y decided she felt like the Mixed Grain Porridge with poached pear, berry compote, honey, pistachios & cinnamon. Despite being tempted by the salmon, I chose slow-cooked broad beans and lentils with a poached egg, tahini, tomato, pickled cucumber & toasted sourdough but with gluten-free bread instead, which was no extra charge. Already I was feeling like a winner at this point. Orders are taken at the counter which I hadn't realised but luckily Y knew the drill. 


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Wednesday, 28 October


The best it has ever been Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Wow my garden keeps getting better and better.  The soil is getting better so the plants are growing better and producing more.  I also have more garden beds than I have had in the past, so I have more opportunities to grow a greater variety and quantity of vegies.  This all adds up to food growing heaven.  

In the weekend I did a big clean up of junk that had been lying around and sent my hubby off to the dump.  It feels good to have the yard looking productive AND tidy (well tidy-ish).

I am so grateful to Shanti, Raewyn, Mary and Sandy.  Who have all come and helped me in the garden recently. With their help I am able to tackle those jobs that I otherwise put off.

If you would like to come and garden with me I have a gardening hour every Tuesday morning that you can come to. Have a look at the event's tab for the event details and to RSVP.  I would love to share this bounty with you.

Here is the harvest from today

Here is some of my tomato collection.  This season is the best tomato harvest I have ever had.

This is the new cubby house I have made from a wooden crate and plastic pallets.  The kids are loving it :)

I have made my first batch of very mild kimchi.  Very delicious.  Sorry cant get it to turn around.

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Tuesday, 25 August


Asana Braking for Breakfast

One of the best things I've gotten out of blogging has been meeting several lovely other food bloggers. Unsurprisingly, we've got a few things in common and they're always great to catch up with and also are always interested in eating out. Plus I feel slightly less awkward pulling out my camera and phone to take shots of my food when everyone else is too! A group of us try to meet for breakfast before work once in a while and the most recent suggestion was Asana at the new Capri by Fraser hotel on the corner of Margaret and Albert Streets in the CBD.

Asana has had more hype surrounding it that most hotel-related restaurants tend to due to the menu being designed by Paleo Diet advocate Pete Evans. As a result, the menu has a focus on having Paleo options but it not limited to them - bread lovers can breathe a sigh of relief here. While not personally a follower of the Paleo Diet, or particularly convinced of it, I do admit that the side effect of it being gluten-free is helpful as wheat does not appear to agree with me. While Asana offer an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner, they only offer a buffet for breakfast. However at only $25 for a full menu or $20 for continental, it is very reasonably priced.

I arrived just after 7 on my bike - Asana is easy enough to get to but the one way streets in the CBD can make it tricky unless you're coming from the Botanical Gardens. I couldn't see any bike racks nearby so locked my bike to a signpost across the street. Bookings for breakfast are not required and a few who arrived earlier were already ensconced at a booth table in the relatively empty restaurant. I like the comfort of booths but it can be tricky when in a group larger than four as there is always someone who has to get up for the middle person when they want to get out. There are plenty of tables at Asana and everything, being a new hotel and all, is modern, clean and colourful. After sitting down and catching up while waiting for a few others to arrive, we decided to take a look at what was offered.


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Wednesday, 19 August


bio-char Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Bio-char story here, made on a massive scale. See you all in the Spring, but from now on I will be bicycle powered, walking or catching public transport in order to reduce my carbon footprint and try to make up for all those international flights eh?

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Tuesday, 18 August


Moving to Stockleigh Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

My partner Anna and I have just bought a 5.25 acre farm in Stockleigh, having almost exhausted our garden space in our rented Graceville flat. I have been working in and around Brisbane as a permaculture consultant for over 5 years and will be able to continue doing design work in the area. My business is called All You Can Eat Gardens.

The farm has a large house and shed, small dam, a paddock and has been used as a market garden in the past. We have plans for developing the property including resurrecting the market garden, growing various fruit, adding more top bar bee hives, medium scale composting and worm farming, and raising animals. There's a great space for workshops and we'll be hosting a natural beekeeping workshop on the 5th of September (check my event).

We're looking forward to meeting fellow gardeners in Logan.

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Wednesday, 23 January


Criniti's - Chermside Espresso & Matcha

Had a craving for Italian food the other week and decided it would be a nice chance to try out something different for dinner. Having heard of the recently opened Criniti's situated at the lower ground food court of Westfield Chermside, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to check it out. Having originated in Parramatta, Sydney back in 2003, it has expanded to quite a few stores in New South Wales, Victoria and Perth. Reading deeper into the reviews and seeing photos, I was definitely excited to try out their first Queensland store.

Arriving fairly early in the evening, we were one of the first to arrive. The restaurant was huge, and for some reason very much car themed, with a sports car in the centre, a motorbike on the bar, and even a coffee machine that looked like a car engine.

Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: La Camera Espresso & Matcha

Had a brief interlude after lunch where we worked really hard to digest the food we had already eaten before embarking on our quest for dinner. Wanting to try out somewhere with not only good food, but a good view of the city (seeing as we were doing the tourist thing), I did some hunting online and opted for La Camera at Southgate before our Jazz show that evening.


We got there for our early reservation. Our table was situated outside but the view was quite obstructed by the hanging plastic on the balcony. We were seated promptly, menus were extensive, but service was a bit brusque. It took quite a while for us to get the attention of staff before we could make our order.



2018 Parental Birthdays Kittens Gone Lentil

I love cooking for people, so every year I make a special feast for my parents on their birthdays (as well as Mother's and Father's Day, which you can see here).

Dad's Birthday (Mini Viva Vegan Recipe Round-Up by Terry Hope Romero):

My Dad is a big fan of Indian food, which is normally the theme of his special dinners. But this year he felt like a change. Chinese for Father's Day, and Latin Food for his birthday. I turned to Viva Vegan for all the recipes, which is a great cookbook that I don't use nearly enough.

Steamed Red Seitan: The first step was to make some lovely, flavoured seitan. This recipe was so easy, and turned out very well. The dough itself was quite wet, which worried be a little, but it firmed up beautifully when steamed. I used garlic powder in the dry mix, rather than fresh garlic in the wet mix, just for ease. The recipe I was making only needed half a recipe of the seitan, so I have frozen the other half for future use.
Rating: :)

Steamed Red Seitan

Seitan Saltado (Peruvian Seitan and Potato Stir-Fry): My dad loves seitan, which is why I picked a seitan-based recipe. This recipe involves mixing a stir-fry of seitan and veggies with baked french fries, and is a great combination of flavours and textures. I only used half the amount of potato to make the fries, which was the right amount for us. The seitan is marinated briefly, and once again I used garlic powder instead of fresh garlic. You mix the fries in at the end, and want to serve this ASAP so things don't get too soggy.
Rating: :)

Seitan Saltado (Peruvian Seitan and Potato Stir-Fry)

Pan-Grilled Vegetables in Chile-Lime Beer: This is super easy to make. A marinade of Mexican beer, lime, garlic, and paprika (which I used in place of chile powder, so they aren't really in chile-lime beer). I used a mix of green zucchini and asparagus for my vegetables.
Rating: :)


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Tuesday, 11 August


Goodness Gracious Cafe Braking for Breakfast

A lingering leg injury has meant for discomfort while sitting, countless trips to the physio (oh, my wallet) and, most upsettingly, no cycling. The upside to this is that I'm becoming a more confident driver and thus exploring a larger distance range of Brisbane. And by exploring, I of course mean eating. Goodness Gracious Cafe has been popping up on my Instagram feed for some time with pictures of their menu offerings piquing my interest and making my mouth water. With a tagline of 'fresh and local food' and with several gluten-free options, I was sold.

I made a breakfast date with Y for a Sunday morning and with both of us being early risers, we aimed for an early one and arrived at 8am. Goodness Gracious Cafe defines suburban cafe with its location in Graceville in a cottage-style shop and busy patronage at this earlyish hour. Although there is a carpark behind the cafe and ample street parking, the closest park we could find was at least one hundred metres away. When we entered the cafe, it looked as though all of the tables were already taken but luckily there was one table for two by the window that had just become free. It was a hot Summer day but thankfully the cafe is air-conditioned.

drinks menu

After being given water and handed menus we placed our coffee orders - I ordered a long black and Y, being a new convert to it, ordered the cold drip coffee. As we waited for our coffees, we perused the menu. Apart from her excellent company, what I love about breakfasting with Y is that she also likes to share meals so we tend to share and often one savoury, one sweet. The all-day menu at Goodness Gracious changes seasonally, as per their ethos, and the current menu includes the general breakfast staples plus a few extras, all with an interesting twist. For example,...


King Arthur Cafe Braking for Breakfast

As a longtime fan of Merriweather Cafe, I was excited to hear that the owners were opening a new cafe in New Farm. I was even more excited when I found out that Andrew Tolley, previously at The Statler & Waldorf, was going to be the opening chef. Slowly, little nuggets of information about it started to appear online and King Arthur Cafe began to gain social media momentum. After chatting to L from Yelp on one of King Arthur's Instagram pictures, we arranged to meet there for a weekday breakfast a few days after it opened. Another fellow Yelper (L too but we will call her TS for easy identification purposes!) also liked the look of it so joined us.

Simple exterior

King Arthur is located on Arthur St, just off James St near the Leona Edmiston vintage shop. I couldn't recall what had been there previously but L informed me that it used to be a design shop. The view in from the large glass windows allows passers-by to realise that a cafe lives here but the simple gold lettered signage in the window identifying it is unobtrusive so look hard if you're driving by. As you enter, the space downstairs is minimal with four or five high bench tables and the gorgeously tiled counter and kitchen taking up most of the small space. The decor is simple with white and navy painted brick walls and the Medite...


A return to IndiMex Braking for Breakfast

I've written about IndiMex before but was curious about their new menu items so recently returned to try them out. Fusion cuisine is nothing new to Brisbane but there isn't anything as adventurous as fusing Indian and Mexican as IndiMex do. Both cuisines are known for their strong flavours and while both are heavily reliant on spices to add flavour, they use different ones. IndiMex is the brainchild of chef and owner GJ Singh, whose background is Indian but has trained all over the world including stints in Japan and in Mexican cuisine. He draws upon his experience and love of flavour to think up combinations that incorporate Mexican and Indian elements and applies them to our traditional breakfast items. He understands that not everyone is as adventurous as him though so keeps some more traditional items on the menu too.

We arrived on a weekday morning early before work and as such, had our pick of tables. There are both inside and outside seating but we preferred to sit outdoors. Unfortunately at that time the sun was still rising and so most of the tables meant one of use were either sitting in direct sunlight (got to protect the skin!) or meant we were looking directly into it. We ended up choosing a table where we could both sit next to each other, facing away from the sun. The restaurant is festively decorated in bright colours which say Mexican Fiesta to me, helped with the well stocked bar which make me think IndiMex would be a fun place for evening or Sunday afternoon drinks! We ordered our coffees and began to peruse the menu.

The menu includes some basic bacon and egg options and big breakfasts, which all sound good but I was there for some real IndiMex food! Previously I'd tried the IndiMex Brekkie ($9.90) and the Masala O...


Hoo Ha Bar Braking for Breakfast

Let me preface this review with the note that this is an old review from October 2014 that I apparently forgot to publish...

It was a Tuesday morning and I rose early as usual with the intention of going to my Sculpt class at the gym but I left about five minutes too late and by the time I'd made it to the Go Between Bridge, the class was about to start. Sure, I could have turned up late, but I decided it was a sign that it just wasn't a Sculpt kind of day (I'm easily myself) and figured I'd do a longer ride and turned off to take the Go Between Bridge. My longer route involves going via Southbank (which is a much nicer ride than across the river underneath the Riverside Expressway) and then back over the Goodwill Bridge, through the Botanical Gardens and then coming out around Riverside. As I was riding through Southbank I decided I'd treat myself and have breakfast out. It had been a while since I'd visited Hoo Ha Bar and had been meaning to get back there for ages so Hoo Ha Bar it was.

Hoo Ha Bar is located on Tribune St and if you are exiting the Little Stanley St area on the Goodwill Bridge end, you just go straight ahead and Hoo Ha Bar is about 100m up on the corner of Tribune St and Colchester St. I may have taken a disallowed route through Southbank to get up there but it was quiet and easier than going through River Quay, which would have meant going over the dreaded speed bumps. Hoo Ha Bar opened a few years ago but still seems to be relatively unknown. It's a great space in a relatively unobtrusive grey building with high ceilings and a really comfortable, chilled out vibe. It could basically just be your home, albeit a really sweet looking home with exposed brick walls, large tables, leather couches, and one well stocked bar. They were one of the first smaller bars in Brisbane to get into the craft beer scene and offer a forever changing range on tap. Local favourites Green Beacon and Fortitude Brewing Co are just a few which feature on their list. They also support the local art and music scene with artwork displayed for sale and local music acts playing during their Sunday Sessions. Sometime after opening, they began to serve nibble...


Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen Braking for Breakfast

As I get older, I'm valuing my body more and try to treat it as well as I can by keeping active and healthy with what I eat. I try not to be too restrictive with what I eat but I prefer to eat food that is as natural and unprocessed as possible. We've hit a #superfood revolution with ingredients such as chia, quinoa and acai being as common on menus as bacon and eggs. But as much as I like all of those things (OK I admit, they're all present in my kitchen) I'm just trying to eat food which is good for me, or whole foods. Whole foods refers to foods which have had minimal or no processing or refinement prior to consumption. The easiest way to eat this way is to cook food yourself, which I love doing but I also love to go out to eat and try new places. There are a number of places around Brisbane promoting the whole food ethos (Mondo Organics, PlentyMerriweather Cafe and Felix to name a few) and the latest one is Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen in West End. 

As a regular visitor to...


Scout Cafe Braking for Breakfast

I'd been meaning to check out Scout Cafe on Petrie Terrace for some time but I just never seemed to think of it when the time came to choose a breakfast venue. Whenever I'd passed it, there always seemed to be a lineup of cute looking hipsterish young people outside, so I assumed it was popular and hopefully for good reason. I finally remembered it a few weeks ago when working out where to go to catch up with N and S.

N had been before and cautioned that it could be a long wait if we went late so we decided to meet at 8:30am on Sunday morning. I was the first to arrive (incredibly unusual for me!) and there were no available tables but I was told it should only be a short wait. Scout Cafe is in what looks like a converted house or shop, with a small room off the main front room. There isn't a lot of space but they've managed to squish in quite a few tables with several stools to allow perching at the counter and there are a couple more outside. As I was waiting, a table outside became available but the waitress who greeted me was busy and another one gave the table to a couple who just arrived. Luckily the original waitress saw what happened but as the others hadn't arrived yet, and I preferred an inside table as it was an incredibly warm morning, I told her I'd just wait for the next one. S and N arrived shortly afterwards, just as an inside table became available - great timing!

Counter-slash-bar area

We did have to squish into what was really a table for two but we made do. We were handed menus and given water and ordered our much-needed caffeine hits. Scout's breakfast menu rotates regularly but I believe that they keep a few favourites like the avocado toast and the standard breakfast bagel. Some of the other items change completely and a few are just modified. I'd intended to get the Breaky Bagel because I'd heard that Scout do a mean bagel and this...


The Jam Pantry Braking for Breakfast

Once upon a time, I discovered an adorable cafe in Milton called Comfort At My Table. It was a loner in a small complex of shops, away from the popular Park Road strip but had a large fan base ensuring that if you didn't get there before it opened at 8am on a weekend, you were guaranteed a wait. It was here that I first discovered Nims' Banana Chutney and immediately researched it when I got home to try to replicate it and although I succeeded in making a banana chutney, it was never quite as good as Nims'. With delicious menu items such as Nims' Eggs (which included the aforementioned banana chutney along with poached eggs, bacon, spinach and pesto) and mixed exotic mushrooms with grilled lemon and goat's cheese as well as regularly changing specials (the hotcakes always sounded particularly amazing), it became a firm favourite of mine. A while back I was saddened to hear that Nims and her husband Gideon sold Comfort and although the cafe has new owners, I'm yet to return. So when I heard that the couple were opening a new cafe, to say I was excited is an understatement.

After what felt like eons, The Jam Pantry opened in Greenslopes a few months ago and a few weeks after it opened, and after much Instagram stalking, I made it there for breakfast one Saturday morning post-markets. By 9am there was already a queue outside and an estimated half-hour wait but we were able to give the waitress our name and phone number to call when our table was ready and so we trekked up the hill to the IGA, because I love browsing the local products in IGAs. Yes, I'm that strange person who can spend hours in specialty food shops and consider visiting supermarkets in other countries an exciting outing... After a short wait, I was called to be informed that our table was ready so we headed back down to the caf...

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Monday, 10 August


Zeus Greek Street Food - Shop 13, 14 Little Stanley Street, Southbank QLD 4101 The Food Extinguisher

Zoom into Zeus - the Almighty Greek chain for pitas, dips and more.

As we walked in, we were welcomed by numerous signs like "Welcome to our home" and "We're not your new neighbour. We're your new family".

But none of them were as welcoming as this sight - large chunks of meat roasted over a charcoal barbeque. Just the smoky aromas alone was enough to make me drool.


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Tuesday, 21 July


Little Red Dumpling, SUNNYBANK HILLS After meal musings

If I had to pick one cuisine to eat everyday for a year, without a single shred of doubt, it'd be dumplings. I could eat it three meals a day and not get sick of it so when Little red dumpling offered all you can eat dumplings for $30 (for two people), how could I resist?

The all you can eat deal was limited to dumplings and a couple of noodle dishes. Entrees and drinks were not included but with a couple of main sized noodle dishes and several choices of dumplings on offer with the option of having them either pan friend or steamed, I wasn't complaining. 

We arrived for dinner on a relatively busy Wednesday night without a booking but staff were still accommodating and sat us down with menus, table water and friendly smiles. I started with a pot of tea while we browsed over our choices and discussed a game plan of how we should tackle this and make the most out of an(already amazing) deal. 

generous amounts of tea for one person served in beautiful teapots and cups

We decided we didn't want to fill up on noodles and to stick with just dumplings so we could try all the different flavours. I didn't bother taking photos of all the plates we ordered as they looked very similar save for some very slight variances in sizes/shapes between the different fillings.


Toro Bravo, FORTITUDE VALLEY After meal musings

The fortitude valley is becoming a utopia for dining with many new venues serving up exciting cuisines from around the world but before trying all the new stuff, I decided to visit a place that has long been on my list; Toro Bravo. I absolutely love the idea of tapas and small share plates so naturally Toro Bravo would be on my ever expanding wish-list.

I dined here a couple of weeks ago and to this day I still havent come up with a definitive answer as to whether I had a good night or not. There were amazing points and there were moments that tipped the scale towards the other direction. I arrived earlier than my friend so decided to proceed inside, the bartender casually strolled up to greet me and I informed him that I had made a reservation. Unaware of any bookings made, he asked me whether I was by myself. I told him I was waiting for a friend and happy to do so at the table that had been set aside for us and the response I receive was uncalled for and it really put me off, so I decided to go back out front and wait while I contemplating eating next door.

My friend arrived and we were then greeted by the waiter who sat us down inside. Service took a massive turn at this point and I was glad I chose to stick around. Our waiter handled things superbly; he was a friendly and knowledgeable and helped us choose the right amount of food and made the experience fun and comfortable.

We started our dinner with the Field mushrooms and feta that came with a mound of rocket. This was probably the simplest dish we ordered but was definitely my favourite. The mushroom was cooked well and full of flavour and juicy while the feta was soft and rich. A perfect example of how simple ingredients can taste astonishing when cooked well.

Sauteed field mushrooms with roquette roast pumpkin, feta & manzanilla sherry dressing.

Croquettes are a must have every time for me; its exciting to see what new flavours chefs are trying with the croquettes. That night at Toro Bravo, it was hamburger. Intrigued at first and not sure what to expect, we were bitterly disappointed when they finally came out...not to say they weren't absolutely delicious and perfectly crispy, it jus...

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Thursday, 16 July


You are going to laugh at this Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

I have desperately been trying to correct a nutrient deficiency in some of my brassicas.  They look a bit like the attached photo.  I have just realised my error.  This is an ornamental cabbage and not an eating cabbage!!!  So the white and purple are to look pretty in flour arrangements and are not a nutrient deficiency!!!  My friend who works at a wholesale nursery gave them to me (along with a variety of others), so he probably didn't realise they were ornamentals!!!  

I am so happy this problem is solved!!!



BF Food Court () - 1/2898 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119 The Food Extinguisher

Last week I went to BF Food Court. Aka the "Bun Fun Food Court" in Underwood.

They don't really sell buns (unless you count the yumcha ones), and they're really not that fun, so why is it called the Bun Fun Food Court? Turns out that Bun Fun translates to which means rich and diverse in Cantonese, so it really suits a food court with various eateries.

The BF Food Court resembles the Little Taipei Food Court near Market Square, but looks a lot classier and cleaner with its oriental-antique wooden tables.

The variety of food is quite impressive.

Choose from
  • Traditional Chinese Food and Set Meals:

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Tuesday, 14 July


Fluoride update from LOS Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi from LOS where happily they do not poison the water; at least not with this toxic crap. Mind you, they're about to run out of the stuff around bkk and areas to the north and east if it doesn't rain within the next 3 weeks!

If after reading this article, you still believe that the water fluoridation inflicted upon us by our daft, and most likely corrupt politicians, then you clearly have been drinking way too much of the water.

I believe it's time to stand up against having our water poisoned, don't you?


Afanti Uyghur - 95 Mains Road, Sunnybank QLD 4109 The Food Extinguisher

Having never tried Uyghur cuisine, I was quite eager to try Afanti Uyghur.

A small restaurant with lots of clean black tables.

Based on my very limited knowledge on Uyghur cuisine, Uighurs are big on mutton, chicken, goose, noodles with lots and lots of spices including cumin seeds, red pepper flakes, and pepper.

Seems like I might be right - Afanti Ughur offers a variety of traditional meat dishes including Roasted Lamb ($450), Roasted Lamb Shoulder/Leg ($70-$120), Big Plate Chicken Dish ($35) and more.  



Hello Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hello everyone. Would like to add some photos and information about my garden and share the great things about gardening. These are my new resident ducks. Not edible but lots of fun. Eggs are good too. They have names Latte, Caramello, Indigo and Jill. Great mobile fertilizers.

Have a great day in your garden tomorrow. :-)

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Sunday, 12 July


~Hotel Urban (aka Gazebo) First Ever Insta-Eat~ The Food Extinguisher

In honour of their brand new menu, Gazebo decided to host their very first Insta-Eat.

To my delight, I was invited. I loved the food here so I knew I would be in for a wonderful night (you can read about my previous experience here).

We kicked off the night with a drink of our choice.

Mine was a passionfruit mocktail.


1. Grilled chorizo and warm creamy halloumi, dipped with spicy sriracha aioli is definitely a winner at special events.



Gazebo = Magnifico | 345 Wickham Terrace Hotel Urban Brisbane QLD 4000 The Food Extinguisher

Gazebo - it's Magnifico!

Furnished with lots of greenery and comfy couches, the outdoor terrace was certainly inviting - I basically sank myself into one of them in no time. Nothing beats a large plushy armchair after a looong looong week - it was sooo relaxing and satisfying!

So much green - feels like I am in the middle of a rainforest!

Open 7 days a week, Gazebo offers an array of culinary delights - traditional breakfast staples, gourmet caf-style meals, decadent treats and more.


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Tuesday, 07 July


Restaurant Two - 2 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 The Food Extinguisher

Don't expect to be full after a meal at Restaurant Two. But that's to be expected from a fine dining one-hatted restaurant which prizes quality (over quantity).

Who could possibly resist going in after seeing a sign like that?

A 2 course lunch with Sour Dough Bread & Cultured Butter and a complimentary glass of wine and unlimited sparking water for only $45!

Located in one of the most beautiful heritage-listed building on Edward Street, Restaurant Two offers a stunning view of Brisbane's Picturesque Botanical Gardens. Not to mention a stylish, modern dining space.

We started off with...

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Monday, 06 July


Funny Funny Korean Bar & Restaurant - 85 George Street Brisbane QLD 4000 The Food Extinguisher

If you want to save money, don't go to Funny Funny. It's slightly more expensive than its Korean competitors, but the portions make up for it.

With a bar and main dining area, it's got a pretty cool upbeat vibe.
The menu offers an extensive selection, including traditional Korean choices such as dumplings, Bi Bim Baps (mixed rice), Korean pancakes, Fried Chicken, and Hot Pots.

Drinks/Set Menu


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Thursday, 02 July


Bacchus - Rydges Hotel | Cnr Grey and Glenelg Streets, South Brisbane QLD 4101 The Food Extinguisher

Getting into Bacchus was more painful than getting hit by a cactus. Apparently it was completely booked out on a State of Origin night. Seriously, why would you want to eat at a place with no TV when the game is on? Guess I can't really talk, because I chose Bacchus over the game :P. You see, it was my aunt's birthday and I promised to take her somewhere special, but I was slightly upset that we had to wait over 1.5 hours to get in. Anyway, more on that later.

Bacchus is the Greek god of wine, indulgence, and ritual madness. Inspired by this theme, Bacchus has somehow managed to create an elegant yet classy nightlife experience by integrating a pool in the bar area and furnishing the restaurant with varnished wood and splashes of gold.

Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, high tea, and...

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Sunday, 28 June


Alegria Mediterranean Bistro, MILTON After meal musings

When people picking or discussing popular weekend breakfast spots, Bistro Alegria is not a place that often gets mentioned. I believe a lot of people are unaware that this restaurant, often thriving and bustling with customers most nights would serve big hearty breakfasts early weekend mornings. Bistro alegria is probably one of my favourite places to have dinner and currently the only restaurant I visit multiple times in a year. The food and dessert  are all made by the chefs in house and is consistently spectacular. 

Despite knowing about breakfast at Alegria for a while now, this was actually my first opportunity to make it out there on Sunday morning. The menu is considerably smaller but offers all the favourites  with a Mediterranean twist. 

Spanish omelette with jamon, feta, confit potatoes and roast capsicum

The Spanish omelette was served in a decent sized paella pan and filled with generous amount of jamon and the confit potatoes were full of flavour. It was a big meal and must of contained about 4 eggs and was served with a thick slice of grilled sourdough. It definitely more than I could ever eat for breakfast...or any other meal for that matter.



Carolina Kitchen, COOPARROO After meal musings

There was a lot of talk about Carolina kitchen when american food became popular in Brisbane. I was pretty late to board the train and only got around to visiting recently. Carolina's kitchen is located in a suburban area of Cooparroo, and offers popular American soul food  such as hoagies, ribs, wings and a range of dessert pies.

I love corn bread, so it was no surprise when that was the first thing I picked off the menu. The cornbread was shaped as a muffin. It was warm, moist and had the perfect amount of sweetness, probably one of the better corn breads I've tasted. I wasn't a fan of the sauce served on the side though, it was like some sort of lukewarm tomato and beef mince chili, without the chili.

I had the "Aunt Lilly Mae's BBQ ribs" that came with a side of southern potato salad. The meat was falling of the bone and topped with tangy and sweet BBQ sauce. The sauce really was delicious; if it weren't for fellow diners, I would have picked up my plate and licked it clean. The potato salad although not all that different from a regular potato and egg salad, was very tasty and seasoned well. Only down side of this dish, was the size. It was pretty small for a half rack and even with the addition to the side salad, and half a corn bread, I wasn't completely satiated afterwards. Unless you're a light eater, you really have to order...


Gauge - 77 Grey Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101 The Food Extinguisher

Gorge yourself on Gauge with its irresistible waffles and brunches.

So where is it? Without any signs, it might be a bit difficult to find.

Inside this cosy caf is a large communal table with plenty of seats and several intimate window seats.

What caught my attention, however, was the honey comb right outside the open plan kitchen. At least you know the ingredients here are probably fresh :).

Though limited, Gauge offers exciting and innovative options, including Black Garlic Bread, Sourdough waffle with artichoke custard, Smoked Kingfish and spiced pearl barley, just to name a few.

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Tuesday, 22 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Hello Sam South Yarra Espresso & Matcha

Even though I had planned my trip mostly around Asian food in Melbourne, let it never be said that I am an unaccommodating girlfriend, so when Adam said that his burger cravings had hit, I acquiesced and took a detour to South Yarra to visit his friend Chef Stewy who used to be head chef at Chur Burger.

Seeing the neon sign with what was probably Adam's life motto, I understood why we had to come here.

I liked the menu. For a burger joint, all you need are the classics, and this is what they had.


Cruelty Free Shop January 2019 Vegan Mystery Box Kittens Gone Lentil

Month two of my six month Cruelty Free Shop Vegan Mystery Box arrived earlier this month, so let's see what's inside.


  • Good Health Peanut Butter Pretzels: Super excited about these, as peanut butter pretzels are one of the best foods!
  • Uptons Real Meal Kit Pad See Ew: I've had this once before. I like the taste, not at all spicy, but I wouldn't call it a meal kit. More like a snack kit. I am not sure who Upton's think would eat a small pile of noodles and a few pieces of tofu and vegetables in sauce and call it a meal.
  • Wildcrafted Mandala Chocolate Natural: Apparently this will change my world, with unroasted cacao beans and coconut sugar. Shall I eat it as a snack? Shall I mix it into hot chocolate? Shall I do both? Time will tell.
  • The Red Balloon Musk Candy Pebbles: These are cured for a day (?) to give them the distinctive crumbly texture that goes with musk sticks. I ate them and they were just like I remembered musk sticks tasting, which reminded me that I don't like musk sticks. Thankfully my friend came over to watch some Buffy and she was happy to take them off my hands.
  • Nature's Charm Coconut Apple Pudding: The coconut apple is the healthiest part of the coconut, apparently, there is no actual apple in this. I am concerned this will be too coconutty for me, but my dad will be standing by to finish it off if it is.
  • Nature's Charmed Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk: This is being given away as I really don't like condensed milk.
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Toppers - Chipotle, Onion, & Garlic: I have tried their maple cinnamon sweet version, which I liked. But I will probably be giving this away as likely too spicy for me.
  • Euclove Floor Cleaner: I am always interested in more natural ways for cleaning

So, a mixed bag. Three of the eight things I will be giving away, and one I am not sure about. But Peanut Butter Pretzels make everything better!

Cute Kitty Photo of the Post

Dim Sim with her Yeowwww Catnip Rainbow

Dim Sim with her new catnip toy, rubbing...

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Saturday, 27 June

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Tuesday, 23 June


Pete's aquaponics update. Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi everyone, thanks for attending my aquaponics day.  It gave Robyn and myself great pleasure to host such a day. 

After losing most of my wicking pot/bed plants late last year it is taking a while to get back to normal.  That was due to what I believe was contaminated horse manure.  There is a hebicide that kills flat weeds and if this is used it goes through the horse in there manure passing on the herbecide.  So every pot/bed had to be emptied, about 2Sq meters of soil.

Ok on to the important stuff, (if I do this right) there should be the complete guide to completly conditioning you aquaponics fish tank, or aquarium for that matter.  Lots of people buy a fish tank put water in it and put fish in shortly after.

If this method doesn't kill the fish it harms them greatly by burning their gills.

I am by no means an expert in the field of aquaponics but probably know more than the average duck lol.


1. *What is fishless cycling?
2. *Why fishless vs. traditional?
3. *What items do I need for my fishless cycle?
4. *Should I use bacteria in a bottle?
5. *Where can I get the right ammonia source?
6.* I have live plants! Can I put them in the tank yet?
7. *What are the step by step instructions to fishless cycle an aquarium?
8. *What is the best seeding material?
9. *Should I use carbon? Why not? What other filters then?
10. *Where does the bacteria grow?
11. *Should I clean my tank / filters?
12. *Are there any tricks to speed up my fishless cycle?
13. *Will pH affect my cycle / pH crash at end of cycle?
14. *Should I do pwcs during my cycle?
15. *Do I need a dechlorinator?
16. *My ammo level is not going down!
17. *My nitrItes / nitrAtes are not appearing!
18. *My nitrItes / nitrAtes are sky high! Is that okay?
19. *My cycle is stalled, what can I do?
20. *What should my readings be if my cycle is complete?
21. *I think Im done! What now?
22. *How can I keep bacteria alive after my cycle is done?
23. *My cycle seems to have reverted after big pwc! Showing ammo / nitrItes!
24. *All finished! How many fish should I add initially?
25. *How can I keep my bio-filter healthy down the road?


1. *What is fishless cycling?
Fishless cycling is a fast, efficient and humane process of preparing your aquarium to be safe for fish. Basically, it is the process of growing 2 types of beneficial bacterial colonies in your aquarium. These bacteria will convert the dangerous waste your fish produce into a much less toxic form (ammonia > nitrIte > nitrAte).

Normally, cycling a tank involves sacrificing or permanently damaging a few hardy fish to grow these colonies of bacteria. Doing a fishless cycle uses a pure ammonia source instead of the ammonia a fish produces to feed...

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Saturday, 13 June


The Burrito Bar, SOUTHBANK After meal musings

The Burrito Bar has been a part of Southbank dining for a long time and remains popular with movie goers for a quick bite before or after their session. Ive eaten here a couple of times years ago when they first opened up and found it to be quite average. They have since had a makeover and extended their menu so I decided to give it another go. Surely they were doing something right to still be standing even after the addition of new burrito joints in the area.

Their change in menu does sound more appealing with crowd pleasers such as slow cooked pulled pork that can be added to burritos, tacos, nachos and quesadillas.  Along with your standard tortilla based dishes, they offer items such as buffalo wings, chargrilled corn, ribs and chilli as well as a few unorthodox dishes such as nacho chips and Mexican burger. They certainly have a lot more to offer in terms of menu choices in comparison to their neighbouring competitors.

We placed our order with a very quiet, yet friendly girl at the counter then proceeded to find a table. The only clean table happened to be in front of the counter and board menus and we found it extremely uncomfortable. I felt like I was getting in customers way as they tried to order while at the same time having my personal dining space invaded. We ended up moving to a different table next to tacky uncovered pipes and chipped away poles where we had to clear away dirty plates ourselves.

Our pulled pork nachos were the first to arrive. I was surprised to see it come out on a real square dinner plate, even though it was chipped in the corners. Serving sizes for the nachos are much smaller than the competitors for the same price but offered a generous amount of sour cream at no additional charge. The pulled pork was good and salsa was fresh, however the downside to this dish was the overly salty and oily corn chips, otherwise it was a pretty-okay plate of nachos.

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Thursday, 11 June


cooking a chook from the yard Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Hi all.

One of my chickens died, from old age, I'm guessing. Does anyone know how to prepare it for cooking, pls contact me quickly.

Thanks, Joe

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Saturday, 06 June


I am super happy :) Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Super happy with how my garden is going at the moment and the things I have been learning about growing food successfully.

I had a little win this morning when I looked up Google to find out what the nutrient deficiency was in the leaves of my brassicas in one part of my garden.  The younger leaves had white veins but green between the veins and some of the leaves were all white in the middle..  I am aware that this is called Chlorosis, however by using this key I was able to clearly work out that it was due to a sulphur deficiency.  who would have thunk it???  So I know that gypsum contains sulphur, so I guess I will add a bit of that and see how we go :)

My garden is very very abundant at the mo.  Everything is so green and lush.  Just loving it :) 

In my veg garden compound we cut down a troublesome lychee tree to free up a lovely big space for me to make more veg gardens :)  Happiness indeed.  I have a heap of sugarcane bales that I will use for creating the edge on the gardens.  It is on a slope, so the bales will act as the sides on the raised garden bed.  I know they won't last all that long, but I am keen to create a super fast garden super cheap.  To prevent nitrogen drawdown from the bales I have some tough but flexible plastic sheets I scored from the local landscape supply store (they have pavers delivered on them) that I will put on the inside of the bales before I fill up the garden bed.  I am going to install a couple of wicking reservoirs in the bottom of the new garden beds and put the garden in over the top.  I am super excited about all the extra vegies I can grow in winter in this sunny spot.  I am also very happy that I have heaps of home made compost to fill them with (from the stuff I make from delivered grass clippings).

I went to a workshop at Ian Burrows's place (spray-free avocado and lychee farmer on Mt Tamborine) I learnt a lot about using diatomaceous earth for pest control and for adding silica to the soil (for plant cell strength). YOu can put a spoonful in water and spray it on the leaves for pest control and it will be absorbed by the plant too.  Also had the benefits of calcium (from lime) reinforced (and reminded).   

Ian is a nutritech distributor, so I bought a few nutritech products to try them out.  I used them on the lettuce and tomato seedlings we sold at LEAF.  I was so impressed with how fast and healthy they grew.  They looked great for LEAF.  I am looking forward to seeing the results in my garden.  They are quite pricey in the home gardener sized packs, so I think it is so much better to buy the big bags then split it with others to share the cost and benefit.  

My compost from the grass that is being delivered by the lawnmower man is AMAZING!!!  These are the bins (if you haven't seen them already).  This is when they were empty. I have the lawn guy fill u...

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Tuesday, 02 June


Ramen Champion, SUNNYBANK After meal musings

Ramen Champion is a newer and more modern addition to dining at Sunnybank. Its beautifully decorated and offers plenty of space and comfortable seating inside which youll agree is a miracle if you know Sunnybank at all. This is the second time Ive been here and although I still prefer ramen at their competition across the road, there were many things I did like more here.

Upon entering, youll notice that the place is decked out with cool lights and furniture and that its completely spotless and clean. The guys working there are super friendly and always greeting you eagerly as you come through the door. Ordering is super quick with menus being simple and straight forward. Prices for a bowl of ramen start from $9.90 and cheap rice dishes starting at $5.90.  

Last time I was here, I tried the Spicy champion with minced pork which I didnt enjoy that much. The soup was very thick and it got quite sickening towards the end. After the noodles have finished, there was no real desire to have any more of the soup.  I much prefer the spicy ramen with the char siu pork slices over at Hakataya Ramen; my soup does not go to waste over there.

On this particular visit, I decided to go with their signature dish - ramen champion. I enjoyed it a lot more than I did on my first visit here, but the soup was still very thick and too creamy while lacking flavours making it somewhat bland and hard to get through. Once again, the soup was left after I had finished my noodles.


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Monday, 25 May


Apple Tango, WOOLLOONGABBA After meal musings

With its bright green faux grass and colourful glowing lights, its hard to miss Apple Tango. I have driven past many times to and from the city but have only gotten around to visiting now and I wish I had much sooner!

Apple Tango's menu consists of small plates that are designed to be shared so it makes for a great place to bring the family or a group of friends. Along with their usual menu, they offer a taste from a different country every month and for the month of May, Greece was on offer.

I found choosing a bit more difficult than usual as I wanted to try everything from the menu as it all sounded delicious, but after much debating and compromising we decided to start with some hickory smoked wings, crying tiger beef and deep fried duck balls.

Hickory smoked wings with Tango hot sauce ( minus 2 already eaten wings)

The wings came out quickly and we dug in without any delay. Meat was tender and falling off the bone and the wings were smothered with a generous amount of hot sauce which had a nice kick to it. It didn't start out that spicy but definitely built up after a couple of wings.

Crying Tiger: Seared Angus sirloin with spring onion, peanuts & shallots.

Next came the Crying Tiger beef. The seared beef came out a little more cooked than stated but still tender and lovely.  I liked this dish a lot, the combination of flavours greatly remind me of Vietnamese/Thai sa...

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Sunday, 24 May


218 Chinese Style Restaurant () - 218 Padstow Road, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113 The Food Extinguisher

Feeling like Chinese tonight, we stopped over at 218 Chinese Style Restaurant for a bite. With "such an original name", there really are no prizes for guessing what type of cuisine this restaurant specialises in.

So what does 218 stand for? In Chinese, 218 means "easy profit", so it's seen as a very auspicious number. Well who doesn't like easy profit?

Coincidentally, 218 Chinese Style Restaurant is located on 218 Padstow Road. Mere coincidence? I'll leave that for you to decide.

In terms of dishes, you get a huge variety, ranging from special Chinese snacks - intestines (sounds eww I know, but if you close your eyes, it's actually pretty good); shallot pancakes; meat buns; to rice/noodle dishes; soups; and casseroles. Prices are very affordable, with the most expensive dish only costing $15.90.


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Thursday, 21 May


Men Ya Go - Shop 4/123 Albert Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 The Food Extinguisher

Head over to Men Ya Go for Ramen that's only so-so.

Featuring limited options with ramen/rice and charsiu.
Shio Broth ($12.60) was light and it tasted alright.
Egg was very "well-done", but I'd rather have none. Traditionally, Japanese ramen is served with an Onsen Tamago that has a soft runny centre (and not hard boiled).
The Char Siu was a little bland but at least it had the perfect texture - it was really tender.

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Wednesday, 20 May


Vapiano - Garden City | Kessels Road, Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122 The Food Extinguisher

Attention all foodies - new and exotic cocktails are about to make their way onto Vapiano's menu.

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky few to try it before anyone else (Yes I'm such a show off :P). Last Monday, I was invited to check out the newest Vapiano in Garden City.

It's got such a fun, vibrant ambience and feels a lot brighter (and newer) than the City Store.

We started off with a large Antipasti platter which came with a selection of cured meat...

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Monday, 21 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Lune Croissanterie Espresso & Matcha

Second morning in Melbourne, we woke up early and took a stroll down Little Collins Street to no other than our favourite croissanterie in the nation, Lune. Having been to its flagship at Fitzroy with Iron Fist, I was so excited at the prospect of their cbd store, which meant that we didn't have to navigate parking in narrow laneways, but could just stroll down from our Airbnb. 


The menu was similar to their main store, with a smaller range of only five croissants to choose from and a small selection of coffees. The vibe was still futuristic and a bit like a space laboratory, but seating was vastly different. Built for speed and volume, there were no seats but a small array of standing spots at tall benches.


Espressamente Illy - Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong my name is Food.

Espressamente Illy has now closed since we came so please don't try and find it in Harbour City. They still do have their other coffee shops elsewhere scattered around the island, so best to find them instead.

Illy is known for its coffee, of course, but in Aussie, we don't always have it around or easily used in coffee shops or restaurants like the local coffee roasters. However, these arabica beans is always safe when overseas and trying to find a coffee shop that may just have a seat or two for you to sit at other than having to takeaway. Even if coffee shops are everywhere, they seems to be always full.

The cafe wasn't only a cafe but was also a store where you can buy Illy goods ranging from their beans to machines to gift boxes or even cups.


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Tuesday, 19 May


IndiMex - the meeting of Indian and Mexican Braking for Breakfast

My plans to cook lunch for Father's Day became plans to cook dinner so I found myself with a Sunday morning free and made plans to catch up with S for an early morning breakfast. S suggested that we go somewhere low-key (i.e. a not overly popular place) in anticipation of Father's Day lines. It had recently come to my attention that there was a restaurant in Stones Corner that was doing Indian-Mexican fusion food, which piqued my interested seeing as how a) I liked Mexican food b) I like Indian food and c) that sounded just plain weird enough for me to want to try it. So doing the usual foodie thing, I hopped on Urbanspoon, Yelp and Google to find out more about it. A decent enough Urbanspoon rating and noticing that they did breakfast was good enough for me to suggest it with the caveat that I was completely happy with going with something safer sounding! S agreed to try it, figuring that Shady Palms (another place I'm yet to try) was nearby enough if it looked terrible.

I'd never ridden to Stones Corner before but go regularly to Woolloongabba and Dutton Park and after realising it wasn't too much further than either, decided to give it a go. Google Maps told me that going through Dutton Park/Annerley via the Green Bridge was the quickest route but I wasn't feeling the St. Lucia hills so decided to take the long way via the Bicentennial Bikeway, Goodwill Bridge and Woolloongabba. After cutting through the Logan Rd cafe precinct, I continued along Logan Rd until I hit Stones Corner. Until then, the only reasons for me to be in Stones Corner had been cheap shopping circa 1990s (pre-DFO) and wedding dress shopping for a friend. As far as I had known, that's all Stones Corner had to offer. And until recently (well, last few years) that had pretty much been the case but is slowly becoming the new hotspot with cafes such as Shady Palms, Lady Marmalade and newbie Timber Cabin & Coffee House populating the area. The bridal shops and cheap looking shops are still around but...

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Thursday, 14 May


Bye bye roundup Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

Looks like it's the end of the road for roundup as at long last it has been outed as being an extremely toxic substance. Sadly though this comes about 40 years too late, as many people actually trust Monsanto and our regulatory authorities.

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Sunday, 10 May


Julius Pizzeria - 77 Grey Street (Corner Fish Lane), South Brisbane QLD 4101 The Food Extinguisher

Julius Pizzeria - Italian Utopia.

Specialising in authentic Italian Cuisine, Julius Pizzeria offers delicious wood-fired pizzas and Italian dishes in a chic, semi-industrial fit-out with archaic brick archways.

Proof that the pizzas are wood-fired.
There's also a few entrees, sides, and desserts to choose from:


Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen - 27 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 The Food Extinguisher

Feeling quite uninspired, I visited the much admired - Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen.

Famous for their 12-hour-slow cooked Tonkotsu broth and freshly made Japanese ramen, Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen promises an indulgent and delicious meal.

Surprisingly, there were very limited options on the menu - with only 5 types of ramen and a few sides and dessert to choose from. However, you can customise your toppings, noodle texture, amount of oil (and whatever else you can think of) to your liking. I recommend that you choose the hard/extra hard noodle texture as the noodles continue to cook while it is in the broth.

While I was deciding what to order, I was distracted by the traditional Japanese motifs and calligraphy on the walls. Incorporating sleek modern furniture with traditional Japanese sunken tables and mats was certainly interesting - I guess it gives customers a choice between modern vs traditional.

And if you're feeling thirsty, there's also an impressive bar with a wide range of sake, umeshu (plum wine), and other beverages.


Verve - 109 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4001 The Food Extinguisher

Swerve into Verve for delicious serves of Risotto.

Hidden in a uber dark and dingy basement, it is surprising that a bar like this would serve Italian meals, such as Pastas, risottos and pizzas. The menu can be found here:

The Sand Crab & Snapper Risotto ($22.90) was deliciously cooked in a rich zesty creamy sauce with diced roma tomato, thyme and parmesan. With generous serves of crab and snapper, it was certainly deliciously memorable.

Sand Crab & Snapper Riso...

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Saturday, 09 May


Forsale garden shed Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

My son has a 3w x 2.3dp x 2h  twin door garden shed. It's been dismantled & I could deliver it to you if its local area.  He's just wants a fair price so make a fair offer to me. Craig Ph 0422-308-610 

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Sunday, 03 May


Cowch Bar - 2/179 Grey Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101 The Food Extinguisher

If you're going to be a couch potato, why not head over to the Cowch?

At least it's got cool vibes and is funkier than your normal couch with its quirky udder lights.

And it's got a large comfortable couch for you to lie on.

Not to mention a breakfast/lunch/dinner menu which includes churros, waffles, pizza as well as a wide array of desserts:

As soon as I walked in, I was mesmerised by the Naked Pops.

There's 6 flavours to choose from, including chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, coffee, mint, and pomegranate. It's dipped in rich milk/dark/white chocolate and then sprinkled with your choice of toppings. Toppings include pistachio, flake, almonds, pearls, crumble, tim tams, brownie, various fruits and seriously whatever you can think of. Tastes like a magnum - but better beca...


Shouk Cafe - 14 Collingwood Street, Paddington QLD 4064 The Food Extinguisher

Look for Shouk - one of Brisbane's most popular cafes.

With a range of Middle Eastern inspired dishes and exotic Israeli options including Shakshuka (Tunisian style eggs baked with spices) and Flatbread and Lamb, it's bound to tingle your senses!


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Saturday, 02 May


Surabing Korean Dessert Cafe - Market Square | Sunnybank The Food Extinguisher

When a new shaved ice store opened in early April, I was super excited.

What grabbed my attention, however, was the big red sign seated on the left hand side of Surabing's cabinet.

The sign was also located on various parts of the shop numerous times. See if you can spot all the signs!

How many signs can you spot?

On Easter Sunday, I asked the owner of the store whether the promotion was available on Easter Monday. To which he replied "yes". I went in again on Easter Monday - and was...

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Friday, 01 May


Grill n Bao (8 Street), GARDEN CITY After meal musings

8 Street has become one of my favourite places for food and beer and Ive been back countless times yet still have not tried anything from Grill n Bao until recently noticing their sign for best voted burgers on 97.3FM. I thought it was time to see what I've been missing out on.

Grill N Bao are all about their "Gua Bao" which is essentially an Asian burger that originated from Taiwan and typically consists of stewed meat, vegetables and sauce between steamed bread (same consistency of steam buns). They also offer ramen and a few side dishes that you can add to your burger along with a drink for a combo. On this particular visit, we opted for two combos so we could sample a bit of everything.

The slow cooked marinated pork belly gua bao, with hoisin sauce was an absolute standout, the pork was braised beautifully and fell apart in the mouth and was nice against the crispy red cabbage and carrot salad. This burger was delicious and I was jealous that I didnt pick it.

The crunchy hot and spicy chicken burger was okay; the chicken might have been in the fryer for a few minutes too long and got a bit tough and dry, especially towards the end when it started to cool. Aside from the steamed bun, the crunchy chicken gua bao tasted more or less like a normal cripsy chicken burger. It just wasn't as exciting as the pork belly one. Both steam buns were good; not to sweet and texture was perfectly soft and fluffy.

The batter was crispy and golden but the calamari itself was a bit tough and chewy. Calamari is not quite up to the mark of a good fish and chip store.


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Thursday, 30 April


Miss Kay's - 185 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 The Food Extinguisher

Felt like a burger today, so off we went to Miss Kay's.

Adorned with a cool bookcase, it really is a classy place!

The town's newest burger chiefs specialises in 300 day grain fed Angus beef.

Choose from the MK Special, which consists of a beef patty, crispy maple bacon, onion rings, American cheese, or the Mac Daddy - a quirky combination of Mac 'n' cheese, fries and a beef patty or even the Ludakrisp, a crispy fried chicken burger with house slaw, pickles, doused in sweet bbq sauce and mayo.

Also on the menu are wings, fries, onions, a thing called "salad"??, and ice cream sandwiches :D ~.

Not to mention classic cocktails in jars and jugs!

Food Menu (Sorry I forgot about the cocktails)

I was super tempted by the Big Kay's Challenge ($35), because you get a $30...

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Saturday, 25 April


West End Market A Frenchie in Brisbane!

Lovely market, in West End, called Davies Park Market, open on Saturdays, with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, clothes, food etc. Really lovely-gorgeous and vibrant. Not too big, prices are OK and people are friendly. There is a park just Continue reading


Room for rent, car to best offer and going away Everyone's Blog Posts - Logan Food Gardeners

I'm off again in 2 weeks to SE Asia, this time for 4 months. As many of you know, I am looking for a house mate to rent the spare bedroom and have advertised this on but have thus far failed to find a tenant. So, I have reduced the asking price to $120. which includes free power, water and your very own flat-screen TV. This looks to be about the cheapest deal on the website. Woodridge however, would appear not to be a popular address?

Also as mentioned elsewhere, my LPG powered 2001 Kia Rio hatchback has got to go also. At around $16 to drive this car 300km it represents a real bargain to anyone who does a lot of kms. It's advertised on  and has just been reduced to $3000 ONO for a quick sale. I will take all offers before May 10 unless of course someone is willing to pay me $3000 before this date, and whoever has cash, gets the car, so spread the word please. Had to put new engine mounts in, but now have the LPG safety certificate and RWC so it can be sold immediately. All receipts and log book come with an amazing assortment of extras and upgrades.

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Wednesday, 22 April


Statler & Waldorf Braking for Breakfast

Gastropubs (or gastronomy pubs) have been making their mark on the Brisbane beer and dining scene in the last few years alongside the rise of the craft beer scene. The term gastropub refers to bars serving high-end versions of pub-style food and beer. The Villager in the CBD is one of the first self-proclaimed gastropubs that I recall opening but since then several others have joined, including some old Brisbane stalwarts which have become one as part of a makeover. Statler & Waldorf joined the gastropub crew just over a year ago along Caxton St, which is slowly changing from a street of seedy bars and strip joints to the location of some of Brisbane's best bars (Lefty's Old Time Music Hall) and restaurants (Black Hide Steakhouse). Named after the two old grumps from The Muppets (and the hotels in New York), it already had my interest piqued but after a post-soccer dinner one evening I was a fast fan.

In mid-November, I got an email announcing that Statler & Waldorf were doing weekend breakfast and with talk of items like lavender crumpets and so immediately teed up a breakfast date with Y - also a fan of both S&W and crumpets. We rocked up early at 7:30am on a Sunday morning and were rather chuffed to get a park almost directly outside. Parking in Caxton St can be a pain but perhaps that's more of a later-in-the-day issue. There were only a few other diners in the pub when we arrived so we had our pick of seats and chose to dine al fresco at one of the large tables on the sidewalk. We were brought menus and water immediately by our friendly waiter and he also took our coffee orders which was fortunate as Y had not slept well due to some rowdy housemates. Y ordered a soy cappuccino and I ordered my standard long black with milk on the side.

The menus were simply a piece of paper attached to a wooden board with rubber bands, which I really loved. No flicking between pages and easy to navigate! The menu states that seasonal produce which is loca...


Strauss FD Braking for Breakfast

Strauss FD can be found tucked away, down an alleyway off Elizabeth St in the CBD, across the road from The Hilton. It is not clearly visible but there is usually a small sign on the street footpath. If yo peer down, you should see a neon sign indicating you're in the right place. Strauss has been around for a few years and while it's a quiet achiever, they serve up some of the best coffee in the area. Not surprising given it's owned by Josh Russell of Coffee Supreme Roasters ( formerly Cup Coffee).

I first visited Strauss when it first opened and they had a very minimal menu - four simple items. Unfortunately they didn't have gluten-free bread and they were out of Bircher muesli that day so I was a bit lost on what to order - avocado on toast minus toast is not really a meal, even with an egg as was offered. I've been back a few more times for coffee but it wasn't until recently that I decided to give it another go after seeing their menu had extended since my initial visit.

Inside the cafe

I arrived early one weekday morning to meet B. There are tables inside as well as a few small ones in the laneway,  which we chose to sit at. When you're cooped up in an office all day, having the opportunity to sign outside is appealing, even if it us down a dim alleyway! Most of the tables were already taken and already a queue had formed of people waiting for their takeaway coffees. A waiter was with us shortly with menus, water and to take our coffee orders. B ordered her usual soy cappuccino and I went with my standard long black with milk on the side. Coffees are priced from $3 and mine was $3.50 for a small which is the standard but well worth it for quality coffee.


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Sunday, 20 January


Hui Lau Shan - Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong my name is Food.

In the next few reviews coming up, it will be based on our Hong Kong trip a while ago.  So let's start it off with the refreshing Hui Lau Shan. Founded in 1960s, started off the business selling Chinese herbal tea by a traditional trolley in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. In 1992, it expanded and created a new recipe, 'Mango Sago' which was an instant hit in the city which made them launch their 'Handmade Fresh Fruit Drinks' in 2000s, gaining popularity locally and internationally.

One of their handmade signature drinks would be their Mango and Coconut Juice Sago. It was refreshing, fresh and the sago was not too overly sweet but we did feel that the coconut juice was made the drink balanced. A bit pricey for its price but then I guess even the prices of bubble tea aka. boba in Aussie is starting to get a bit high themselves, so who can complain?

Will come back again and try their other drinks, maybe their handmade mango series dessert if we can find seats inside..

*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.


Greca - Brisbane CBD Espresso & Matcha

Working near riverside, one often used to see the construction that went up under the Storey Bridge throughout most of last year which accumulated to the completion of the extremely popular Howard Smith Wharves. Although not all their anticipated restaurants are open yet, quite a few already have. We took the opportunity of the holidays to check out Greca, their newest Greek offering.

Getting a table three days before the new year wasn't easy, we were lucky to have booked a table for the four of us. It was great that we did, as the place was packed and there was a queue when we got there. We were seated outside and had a good view of the river.



Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Kyo Tea Espresso & Matcha

Second stop after landing, afternoon tea at 3.45pm after lunch at 3pm. We made a beeline for Kyo Tea House, the Japanese tea and dessert bar with a cult like following, all for good reason - Matcha. Situated at the base level of the Emporium, it definitely attracted a crowd at peak afternoon tea time. Thankfully our bellies were reasonably full so no one was injured.

Waiting in line gave us a good opportunity to weigh up our options, of which there were many.

My the afternoon, quite a few desserts were sold out already, but luckily the one I had my eye on was still available. 



Eating Out: Brisbane CBD 2018 Kittens Gone Lentil

I continue to go into the CBD about once a month for appointments, so have also continued to get lunch while I am there. You can see 2017's visits here, I have continued to frequent some old favourites as well. I also ate a number of times at Grill'd, which got its own post here.

VegeRama Myer City and Post Office Square: VegeRama has two locations in the city, which are good for quick take away lunches (unlike their fancy sit down restaurant in West End). This tends to be the old standby for city lunch, and if I am meeting up with my friend Amy for lunch this is where we tend to go. My favourite continues to be their vegan lasagna with a side of dill and mustard salad (with extra dressing). I've also enjoyed their vegan frittata (also with a side of the same salad and a juice), and once I got a takeaway of two salads (Dill and Mustard, or course, and also the BBQ tofu) with a Soy Nugget Wrap.

Guzman y Gomez: This Mexican chain has a number of vegan options. Wh...


Chiang Mai Tales a Massage With a Difference Tiffin bite sized food adventures

wooden sign in front of fountain outside lila thai massage chiang mai

If you are looking to wind down after a busy day of sightseeing, a massage is ideal and believe me, theres a Chiang Mai massage centre on every corner. So many in fact, that its hard to choose one. Might I suggest a massage from a former female prisoner?

Now that Ive piqued your interest, a quick word on Thai massage. This style of massage is quite different to the typical cheap massage on a beach. Whilst there is a relaxation element, Thai massage uses acupressure, stretching and rhythmic pressing. There is no oil or lotion used and the customer remains fully clothed in supplied cotton pyjamas. It is sometimes known as Yoga Massage.

Opportunities for Local Women

Lila Thai Massage was started by a former director of the Chiang Mai Womens Prison. She recognised that many former inmates suffered discrimination and were unable to secure employment. As a result they often re-offended and returned to prison. Lila offers former inmates an opportunity to train as a masseuse, gaining a diploma as a professional massage therapist. This qualification provides a path to stable employment and assists in improving self esteem and confidence.

After a big week of visiting temples and markets, I opted for a foot massage. The partitioned massage room is very dimly lit and takes some time for your eyes to adjust. As I waited for my therapist to arrive, I could see another therapist at the end of a partition standing on a massage table. The therapist was, almost comically, pulling back on what I can only assume were the customers arms in an assisted Yoga position. After a small bow of greeting from my own therapist, I lay back and allowed her to work her magic on my tired feet. Apart from the gentle whomp, whomp, whomp that therapists use as the final action to signify the end of the massage, the room was totally quiet. No irritating pan pipes here.


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Monday, 20 April


Capri Cafe bar, FORTITUDE VALLEY After meal musings

Capri is an Italian & pizza restaurant located within the stylish emporium complex. Ive always known Capri to be there and it became a place I said I would try, but never made it around to going, so when Dimmis offered a 50% off you food bill sale, I jumped at the opportunity. I was also aware of the recent negative reviews on Urbanspoon prior to visit and to my delight; Ill have to disagree with those reviews.

We were looked after that night by a friendly gentleman who was attentive and very knowledgeable of the menu and really helped us picked the perfect dishes and serving sizes. We were seated with our menus and table water and then left to peruse through their extensive menu which consists of several entree/share menus, mains and a long list of pastas, risottos and pizzas. We eventually agreed on the beetroot and walnut arancini, followed by a belinni pizza and sand crab and scallop risotto to share.

The arancini was served with a bed of roquette and side of feta cheese. The colours on this dish were spectacular and although I was quite sceptical about the choice of ingredients, the flavours were nice together and the size of were very generous; 4 large arancini per serve which is more than enough for two people. The arancini could have been a bit crispier on the outside, but all in all a decent dish.

Beetroot and Walnut arancini with roquette and feta (minus 1 i already started eating)

While we waited for our mains, our water was refilled and we were offered a 2nd round of drinks. They have a few interesting choices when it comes to international beer which we loved as other restaurants' beer choices are getting a bit samey and you dont ever get the chance to try something new.

Our mains ar...

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Saturday, 18 April


Motto motto, GARDEN CITY After meal musings

After much anticipation, I finally made it around to Motto Motto to see what all the fuss is about.  Motto Motto sets out to be casual Japanese dining, offering quality meals at affordable prices so if youre after a quick and hassle free meal, but wanting something that is a step up from fast food, this is the place.

The menu is quite simple but still offers a variety of ramen, rice bowls, breadrolls, salads and several sides to choose from.  It is also a licensed venue and has a few Japanese beers on offer along with non-alcoholic flavoured fruit ciders.

Watermelon & Peach fruit cider 

I was extremely excited about these fruit ciders and was expecting the most amazing drink in the world...turns out they were just cute bottles of carbonated water with artificial fruit flavourings. They were tasty for what they were.  

On this particular visit, we started off with some chicken karage followed by red ramen and the wagyu beef roll on brioche. The chicken karage was a bit of let down. It wasnt crispy, lacked flavour and was very dry.  There were times when I was taking bites of batter that didnt contain any chicken pieces at all. I dont usually leave food behind, but my partner and I struggled to get through that one. Luckily our main meals werent a disaster.

Chicken Karage & Kewpie mayonnaise
The wagyu beef roll was delicious and looked great. The marinated beef was soft and tender while the s...


Bouffe A Frenchie in Brisbane!

Bouffe in French, is another word (slang of course) for food. With Easter just behind us, we cooked so much and ate so much, that I had to take pictures of all the heavy meals that make me the fat Continue reading

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Friday, 17 April


Hatch & Co. GARDEN CITY After meal musings

My partner and I took a stroll around the relatively new dining precinct at Garden city. Hatch & Co was one of the few restaurants that stood out from the crowd being the most aesthetically pleasing. We sat outside next to the water features and coloured lights which were gorgeous and romantic especially on a quieter night. We had high hopes for a good night but sadly the service and food was not up to scratch.

View of garden city's town square from out table

Prices for the mains were reasonable, cheaper than we were expecting for a place such as hatch & Co. I was however a little confused about their share menu, apparently most of the items were sold as a single piece and you had to order multiple ones before you can share it..which really defeats the purpose of a share menu. I hope they were decent in size at least because $5 for a single leek and Gruyere croquette seems a little hefty. We ended up choosing the lamb dumplings and some chips to start.

Dumplings were presented nicely and I quite enjoyed them. The lamb and yoghurt is always a great mix, spices and seasoning were on point. The chips with chilli salt and aioli were amazing and probably some of the best hot chips I've had in a while. I am aware that theyre only chips but the amount of times Ive been served undercooked and soggy ones, I no longer take good chips for granted. For $9 however, I was hoping for a slightly bigger serve.

Spiced lamb dumplings with herb yoghurt 

My crumbed pork wasnt the most visually appealing dish, but it was a decent size cut which was crumbed nicely and stayed crispy till the end. The pork itself was a tad salty and only got saltier t...


Baguette Bistrot + Bar, ASCOT After meal musings

Baguette is a long time French restaurant residing in Ascot. It doesnt look like much from the outside as you first step into the venue and enter via the bar, but it opens up to a spacious yet intimate seating area. We were seated between a large shelf showcasing their wine list and a beautiful garden with fairy lights and water feature to set a relaxing ambience.

Sticking to popular French cuisine, we started off with the Foie gras parfait which was served with caramel apples, feijoa relish and crostini. The parfait was soft and fluffy and spread across the toasted bread with ease, it was smooth, full of flavour and delicious that paired well with the sweet caramel apple. I didnt really enjoy the feijoa relish but I believe that just came down to personal preference as my companion seemed to think it tasted fine.  The only downside to the plate was the crostini was a little burnt around the edges but that really is was a minor issue in a great dish.

Duck liver & foie gras parfait, apple caramel, feijoa relish, crostini

Up next, I ordered the lamb rump served with garlic risotto and cabernet sauvignon jus. I thought this dish was excellent.  The lamb was beautifully pink in the center and was tender and juicy all through while the risotto was cooked perfectly; rice was not too hard or too mushy, which is somewhat a common problem when ordering risotto. Fava beans added a nice texture to the dish which i really enjoyed.

Rump lamb, wild garlic risotto and fava beans, Cabernet Sauvignon jus

Thoa ordered the fish (being salmon on that particular night) with king prawns, artichoke, baby potatoes and chorizo. I had a sneaky taste of the fish and though it was good. The fish and lemon sabayon sauce are a...


Haoke Chinese Seafood Restaurant A Frenchie in Brisbane!

What better way to start the weekend than going to a Yum Cha restaurant with friends? Our Chinese National Treasure, Ning the Little Fairy, took us to Haoke, for what looks to be the first round of Yum Cha restaurant Continue reading

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Friday, 03 April


Bucci, FORTITUDE VALLEY After meal musings

Thoa and I dined here out of chance a couple of months ago. The restaurant we were intending to go to was closed for an unknown reason so we took a stroll around the area and were drawn in by the impressive decor and style of the place.  The restaurant was quite packed for a Monday night but we were seated promptly without a booking.

My initial thought after being seated was to do with how close we were to the tables on either side of us; it really took away from the intimacy of the place. I felt like I either had to speak louder so that Thoa could hear, or lean over so our conversations could be kept private. Perhaps ask for a corner table when making reservations, or one near the open plan kitchen if youre not big on conversations.

It took a little while for someone to come back to take our orders but when the time came, we decided on starting off with some bruschetta from their share menu. The waitress then rushed off before I could place a wine order..maybe I dont look old enough to be ordering wine? Whatever the reason was, it was only after we received our entree that we were offered drinks other than tap water.

House made sour rye flat bread brushed with evoo & garlic, topped with dressed local tiger prawns, avocado, herbs, roast corn & smoked chilli preserve

 I wasnt quite sure what to think about the bruschetta, the sour rye flat bread just didnt do it for me. Im not a big fan of flatbread in general  so that might have influenced my opinion but it felt more like i was eating toppings on some hard rye crackers than eating bruschetta. I was also expecting more smoke and or chilli taste from the preserve, instead it was quite sweet and i would have mistaken it for a fruit preserve if I wasnt informed otherwise. The flavours as a whole was very good though, they worked well together but still felt like it was missing a bit of kick. The gentleman next to me ordered the arancini, and Ill have to say, i had food envy and that would be the first thing Id order if I were to come back.

For mains, i had the gnocchi and Thoa ordered the cannelloni. I really enjoyed my gnocchi, the gnocchi itself was made perfectly; most times Ive ordered it, its either had too much flour and was tough and doughy or had too little flour and became lumps of watery...

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Wednesday, 01 April


Nutella Hot Cross Buns from Brumby's. Forever Craving

Easter is amongst us once again, and Brumby's has not disappointed by bringing back their scrumptious Hot Cross Buns with Nutella, exclusively available at their bakeries only! 

Decadently filled with luscious amounts of the worlds favourite hazelnut spread, these will serve up a treat once you've heated them up - that is, if they last longer than the car ride home!

These are available as single buns or a pack of six, and are available at your local Brumby's bakery during the Easter period. Thanks to Brumby's on Monier Road for these delicious and fluffy buns!


KU-O, SUNNYBANK After meal musings

KU-O is an adorable Japanese restaurant on the edge of busy Market Square with beautiful decor, intimate booths, and colourful Japanese paintings along the walls. The place isnt sleek and stylish like most modern Japanese restaurants, but looks more or less traditional and offers a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Its a lot more quiet inside compared to other restaurants in the area and really makes you forget about the manic scrambling to find a car park along with the notorious crowds of Market Square just outside.  There is limited seating and I can see this being a problem for peak dinner time and weekends, but for a Friday lunch, we had no problems getting a booth.

True to Japanese hospitality, we were greeted enthusiastically by all the staff as we entered, shown to our table by our waitress who offered us menus and left to let us ponder over the choices. KU-O offers a variety of meals such as Donburi, Yakitori, Oden, Sashimi, Agemono and Udon noodles soups. They even have meal sets to choose from as well as a couple of salad options.

We started off with a serve of cuttlefish oden and crab meat croquettes. There were only two pieces of cuttlefish balls but costing $3 we werent expecting any more than what we got. I still think it was a good choice as they were tasty and left us with a nice hot bowl of soup to accompany the rest of our meal. The crab meat croquettes were crispy but I was a little disappointed in finding them mostly hollow with only a small amount of a paste like consistency within. The texture and lack of crab flavour made them a little sickening after one, which was a shame as I was really looking forward to them.

We were just after some simple lunch so decided on rice dishes; fresh salmon donburi for my partner and seared salmon for myself. The serving sizes were quite generous and both came with their own side dishes consisting of various pickles. I quite enjoyed my dish, there was a decent amount of seared salmon atop the rice along with more mayonnaise than any other restaurant would offer, free of charge. I had a sneaky taste of my partners raw salmon and believe it could benefit from being a little fresher, however, the flavours were still good and there was nothing to really complain about.


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Saturday, 14 March


Melbourne via a Nokia Lens ! A Frenchie in Brisbane!

Melbourne is gorgeous ! We only spent a few days in the CBD, and the atmosphere was great. Melbourne has a delightful CBD, with nice streets and side walks with trees, plenty of nice shops, delicatessen, coffee places, bars, great food and restaurants, which Continue reading

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Thursday, 05 March


Momo Fried Chicken & Beer. Forever Craving

I can't believe I hadn't been here or discovered this place earlier, despite regularly visiting Runcorn Square to eat at the other nearby restaurants. Momo, in short, is located at the very end of the strip of restaurants which includes Ren. Since these pictures, I have been back three times because I love their chicken so much!

My first time here, I ordered the sweet chilli chicken, a serve of the cold chicken noodles, as well as a chicken soup. Obviously, their specialty is chicken - chicken feet, offal, wings and Korean beer. 

The food came out quite quick despite how busy the establishment was, and it was good to see that customers varied from cultural backgrounds where everyone could just eat amongst each other and have a good time!

I have a very low tolerance of chilli, and yet I still chose the chilli chicken over the crispy fried original and the soy chicken, however, the sweet chilli chicken was worth every drop of sweat from the spiciness of it. The taste was sweet, sticky, tangy and hot all at the same time, which made it quite addictive for me. It was delicious. Since this first time, I have also tried the soy chicken, and although being very tasty nonetheless, I still like the chilli version.


Motto Motto. Forever Craving

Among the many new food establishments in the recently renovated Garden City shopping complex is Motto Mott, a japanese eatery that serves amazing and delicious food in a kitsch environment. We went on a weeknight and the place was cruisey; luckily for us because there isn't much seating here. 

We chose the seafood chirashi rice bowl, the tonkatsu ramen soup, and a side of soft shell crab with sweet chilli sauce. The food does not take long to come out, and of course, the staff are ever so vibrant and happy to serve you. The cutlery is stored on a bench where you can get them yourselves, and so are the napkins, which is good because a lot of asian outlets only give one napkin per customer, and sometimes incidents happen where one napkin is not enough!

The seafood chirashi bowl comes with plenty of rice, so this will definitely fill you up and make you full. However, the variety of seafood is quite limited, with cubes of salmon, tuna, and scallops, with shreds of crab meat and topped with salmon roe and sliced cucumber and leaf greens. The seafood is cold, which is a good start because I have come across some warm chirashi which was not pleasant! The lemon yuzu sauce slightly cooks the seafood in the bowl, and the tang is good to what could have been quite a bland bowl of rice.

The sweet chilli soft shell crab is slightly expensive, at $7.90 for one crab sliced in half and a few...


Deedot Coffee. Forever Craving

I'm struggling to find new breakfast places that aren't too far away to drive to, but most importantly, have a dish of some sort that has avocado on it! I am absolutely obsessed with avocado at the moment, and some poached eggs accompanying the avocado would definitely be a bonus!

Following a stack of fellow foodies on instragram, I see so many delectable dished being snapped! One of the most frequently visited places I've noticed lately is Deedot Coffee - it is quite a bit of a drive for me to get here, but the pictures look so appetising, I thought it would be worth the travel!

My friend and I arrived around brunch time, and unfortunately on this rather warm day, the venue only has outside seating. It was quite busy, nonetheless, as they also cater to takeaway coffees and a cabinet full of goodies - the bagel looked amazing! We got a table, ordered our food, and this is what we ate...

I had the Deedot breakfast with the addition of haloumi, and an apple juice to wash the food down. The plate comprised of two poached eggs, fresh spinach, sauted garlic mushrooms, roasted Roma tomatoes, bacon and tomato relish, with two slices of toasted sourdough. I personally would have preferred Turkish bread, as the sourdough was just way too tough to cut though without making a mess. You can't really go wrong with a simple big breakfast though, and subsequently, I was quite satisfied with my breakfast! My friend had the eggs benedict with bacon. Just the right amount of hollandaise sauce, instead of being drenched in it. Baby spinach, and Turkish bread also made up the dish.



Pawpaw Cafe. Forever Craving

First time venturing to Pawpaw Cafe, and they had just shut for the festive season. Second time around, we met a huge fall of rain travelling to the cafe, but trudged through the weather and we're lucky to find a spot for parking just outside the venue. Despite the rainfall, people were, just like us, willing to get wet to have their breakfast feed at Pawpaw.

The venue itself is quite small, but airy and relaxed. It kind of feels like a camping cabin! We were eager right beside the windows that overlooked the street, pouring rain trickling down from the rooftops. I settled for the avocado on toast with a side of roasted mushrooms, while my company chose the berry, banana and nut granola bowl.

The portion and price ratio, for me, was white disproportionate in the bad way. For the price we paid for our meals, I was expecting a little bit more. The avocado on toast was served with whipped feta, hummus and dukkah as a spread on the side. Two small pieces of sourdough toast, quarter of an avocado and two mediocre mushrooms added for an extra $4.50, I was quite disappointed. The spreads were quite tasty with the bread and avocado, and the eggs were perfectly poached with an oozy centre.

The granola bowl was again, quite pricey for what was given. A small bowl filled half way with goodies for $12.90? Maybe we will give this place a pass and will try other nearby venues! Service was lacklustre, with a waitress that seemed quite pushy to get us ordering when...


Kinn. Forever Craving

Hands down the best Thai cuisine I've had in Brisbane throughout my eating history! My old favourite was Thai Mountain in Jindalee, but the quality of the food there has recently deteriorated. Perfectly fitting that the new Town Square in Garden City welcomes Kinn, an amazingly beautiful Thai restaurant decorated in dark and asian-inspired fittings.

I headed to dinner with family here, and good thing we booked, as the restaurant was buzzing with patrons; I'm sure most people there that evening were stuffing themselves from Boxing Day sales. We had a huge array of dishes this night.

For entrees, we had the betal leaf, as well as the seared scallops. The scallops were big, juicy and plump, and the dressing gave it quite a spicy kick, being comprised of spicy chilli and lime. Out of the two starters, my personal favourite was the betal leaf; Thai herbs and fried shallots that lay below half a tiger prawn. The textures and the flavours of this dish were amazing - sweet, crunchy and a slight chalkiness from the betal leaf.


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Sunday, 01 March


Some success and some temporary set backs! Tulipwood Direct Seeding Project

We have had some germination of Corymbia citriodora seedlings at Tulipwood!

IMG_6766          ...

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Wednesday, 21 January


Fusion or Confusion? Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

The 3rd of January was a very long day, we had Miss Chloe's first birthday and I was clearly not in the mood for cooking.

Uncle Ad's had abandoned us tonight as he clearly had too much birthday cake so we were joined by "Cousin Bec" for dinner. We had plans to try a local Italian place we keep driving past but when we drove past tonight it looked too busy for a walk in.

So we drove and drove and managed to end up in Stone's Corner and stumbled across Inidmex, Bec said her sister Sarah who works near by raves about. So with great trepidation I decided lets give it a try, I love Mexican food and I love Inidan food....What would it be like together...and how does that even work

Luckily for us, no one tried to fuse the drinks, and the Margarita was great.... no tequila's Lasi's to be seen.

The menu had many choices, so it took us a while to decide what to order. Chloe was even having a tough time deciding what to order.

So eventually Clint went with the Beef Enchilada and on Sarah's recommendation Bec and I had the  chicken and lamb Chimichanga's,

So too answer fusion or confusion, defiantly fusion. The flavors worked really well together, with the concept of the food being Mexican but the flavours indian. The meat was also melt in your mouth tender.'



How many hours do you need to eat lunch? Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

To celebrate a success at work our team was awarded a lovely lunch out, and after enjoying their roof top pool bar our team leader suggested lunch at Lennonss Restaurant and Bar.


We had just under 2 hours set aside for lunch so really plenty of time in usual circumstances for a lunch including dessert.


So I will start with the positives:


1.     The food that came out correctly was delicious my lamb dish was amazing.

2.     The service by our service was excellent, she was attentive and friendly and sadly I think she copped the brunt of the fall out from our discontent.

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Monday, 12 January


Alter Ego - Mindful Eating Braking for Breakfast

Image taken from

What used to be Flute Food & Wine in the Rosalie Baroona Rd precinct has morphed into self-proclaimed boutique wholefood cafe Alter Ego. They promote mindful eating through a seasonal, healthy menu made up of quality ingredients with options for the gluten and dairy intolerant as well as vegans. 

Now I'm a bit of a sucker for the wholefood concept and with several other cafes doing it well (e.g Mondo Organics, Merriweather Cafe), I wanted to give Alter Ego a go. I arrived around 8am this morning (Friday) and several tables were already occupied. Given that it was only Alter Ego's third day of opening, I was impressed. There are some comfortable cushioned bench seats outside as well as some inside seating. A large rotating fan above the doorway keeps the outdoor area cool-ish, which was helpful on this humid morning but did have the disadvantage of blowing all of the napkins away... There's not a lot to the decor and the area it is in is somewhat sterile looking but they've made some effort on the inside with the now-standard blackboard inside. 

Glasses of water were brought to us soon after arrival...

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Saturday, 19 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Melbourne: Unabara Lobster and Oyster Bar Espresso & Matcha

So, earlier in the year, I had made plans to visit Melbourne alone to indulge in some alone time away from people, so that I could devote myself to solitude, eating and blogging especially whilst my two besties were overseas. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Adam decided that he would crash my trip and freeload off my thoroughly planned out eating schedule, and so my quest for me time became a sort of gluttonous romantic getaway of sorts. So kicking off our trip, we abstained from breakfast in Brisbane to conserve stomach space, took an early flight down and checked into the Airbnb. By the time our bags were dropped, we were absolutely famished. Running, not walking over to the Emporium, we made it to our first stop, Unabara Lobster and Oyster bar without any casualties. 

Having done my research beforehand (you're welcome, Adam). I knew that there were slight differences in the menu between the Emporium and Melbourne Central store. I opted for the Melbourne Central one as the choices were more suited to my palate.


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Tuesday, 06 January


New Years Eve Perfection at Aria Without the Kids Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

Rewind to New Years Eve 2013, I was 9 million months pregnant and we sat at home waiting for "Extraction Day" which was scheduled for the 3rd of January. With nothing better to do then facebook stalk what our friends were doing that night it became clear what I wanted to do next year.

So with literally 12 months in the making we decided that we would have dinner at Aria's for New Years. Well that's half wasn't until we had our anniversary dinner there in October and saw a flyer for their New Years Eve dinner I remembered my great idea....and then  I procrastinated until a .few days before Christmas and finally booked it in.

But its not about why or when with Aria, its all about the food. I often say to my husband that if we won lotto I would eat at Aria for every meal, and New Years dinner did not disappoint. So tonight we had no kids...yes no kids, sorry Chloe but Aria isn't really a kids friendly place, I have enough respect for my fellow diners to not ruin their experience. As well us the usual Uncle Ad's and the Husband we also had my Mother-in-Law with us.

Enough small talk, lets get on the important stuff, so dinner was technically 3 courses, however with all the little extra's it really is more than that and you really do leave feeling satisfied.

We arrived about 20 minutes before our sitting time and went to wait in the bar with a cocktail and some beers, unlike my cocktail earlier in the week, this was everything that a cocktail should be.

The cocktails and beer were served were served with a small bowl of olives which was a nice touch.

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Saturday, 03 January


A Brisbane icon disappoints and for the first time in my life I didn't enjoy a cocktail!! Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

Whilst many people were lucky enough to be enjoying a break over the festive season I had to work. Now on the upside I got to do something special that I wouldn't normally get to do on an average working week, have lunch with the husband and Chloe.

So I was pretty excited about my visit and we decided to head to Jojo's in the Queen Street Mall.

Miss Chloe took a serious interest in menu:

And in the end I ordered the Pad Thai, which is my JoJo's staple. To husbands disappointment they no longer served his favorite Thai Chicken so he ordered a steak. I then made a sneak to the bar and ordered a drink.

Now this is where is all goes down hill... 10 minutes later and Clint's steak was on the table...but no cocktail and no pad thai.

Now there is a reason why the steak came out so quick. See the receipt which shows the order and a picture of the steak and you can clearly see what the issue is. Luckily he isn't phased by a bit of mooing and enjoyed what was a nice tasting steak.

So another 10 minutes passes and my hour lunch is ticking away, just as I'm about to follow up on the drinks and the food out...

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Friday, 02 January


The Best Peking Duck in Brisbane Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

The Pine and Bamboo  or "Billy's"  (as we like to call it ) is an unassuming  Chinese restaurant on Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill. My Husband's family has been coming here forever...20 or so years so the story goes for one reason only, Billy's Peking Duck.

Now don't get  me wrong the rest of the food is great but the duck is amazeballs!!!

Rumour has it that Uncle Ads has even gone and eaten a whole duck on his own.

Now I might not be a Peking Duck expert, I've only eaten it at Billy's and Flour Drum in Melbourne but i'm pretty sure it would be impossible to get any better. My favorite part is the sauce which can only be described in my own naughty way "Its so good I could stick my #$%^in it", yes I told you it was naughty.

So between Christmas and New Year, Husband and I, Uncle Ads and Chloe and friends Phil and Haylee joined us for "no special occasion duck".

We basically order the same thing EVERY time.

Wontons (you have to get these) and spring rolls too start.

Then the Peking Duck pancakes

Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian lamb and the 2nd course of the duck which was duck noodles.  Phil and Haylee picked the last main so we tried something new which was schezwan beef,

We didn't get too many pics tonight, just pictures of the mongolian lamb, schezwan beef and my  first duck pancake.

Definitely give this place a try, and if you don't like it...well your nuts!


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Thursday, 01 January


Travel Plans for 2015 Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

2015 will bring some exciting travel plans, most of which have been in the making since around August when we booked our flights. We are pretty excited especially now that we have less than 4 months to go. Travelling will be Clint and I and the 3 youngest kids (Tiana 12, Hannah 10, Chloe 1), Uncle Ads and long time sidekick (but for travel insurance Ad's partner....) Julian.

So check out our plans:

Day 1 - Arrive in LA hire a car and head out to Venice Beach to have brunch and people watch. A bit of a whirl wind tour of Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood via Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive (mostly for Jules benefit as he has never been to the cess pool that L.A is).  We will do this as long as we can before the Jet lag catches up with us.

Day 2 - What every decent parent needs to do when they visit California, we are off to the Magic Kingdom , Disneyland ( this is also mostly for the benefit of Chloe...and Jules). The day will end with the red eye to Miami.


Our last visit in 2011

Day 3 - After arriving in Miami around 6:00 am we a single day to do Miami. Clint and I were here in 2012 as part of ou...

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Tuesday, 30 December


Little Sista, my current favorite spot for breaky Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

So I've mention this place as part of my review of The Rabbit Hole and mentioned it was one of my top 3 places for breakfast. Tucked away in Coorparoo is Little Sista Caf.

We originally stumbled across it thanks to the recommendations of our friends Will and Kylie, and I think we have been back around 5 times in the last 2 months.

So we dropped in nice and early before we hit the shops for Christmas shopping the week before Christmas.

The best thing about this place is the varied menu with some great menu items for vegetarian and those doing low carb diets plus some naughty sweet breakfast, there are a so many things on the menu that say eat me it does make it hard to choose. They also have a great selection of fresh juices:

Check the menu out and tell me your not drooling already

 I went with the Roasted Vegetable Stack which for being a card carrying carnivore is a big thing, I've ordered it about 3 times now.

Both the husband and Uncle Ad's ordered the "Little Sista" breakfast, which is basica...

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Monday, 29 December


Blackout Belissimo Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

It is not often that we head out on a weeknight for dinner, but the Thursday before Christmas we were hit with a  afternoon storm knocking out our power. It appeared our street was the only one around with no power so what else is there to do in a blackout but head out for dinner.

We kept it local and familiar and headed to Sugo Mi on Oxford Street, Bulimba.

We ordered fries to start, I know this sounds strange but I think I could go to Sugo Mi and just eat bowls and bowls of these fries. I think they must season them with some sort of garlic salt and they are divine.

The Aioli is similar I could just lick the bowl.



For the main course we ordered 4 pizza's to share, as we had the full crew tonight. All 4 kids, the husband and uncle ads.
Kids choice - Margherita with  Sugo, bocconcini, fresh basil & evo

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Thursday, 25 December


Nikuya. Forever Craving

Trying to stick with the healthy food choices that I've set for myself, it was my choice of restaurant for dinner to catch up with two of my closest friends. I made a reservation for dinner at Nikuya, in the M&A building complex, which houses other much talked about restaurants.

Sitting on the facade of the building, it's got prime position and exposure. The atmosphere, layout and decor of the restaurant is minimalist with a spacious layout with high ceilings. We dined on the bottom floor, which is for their al a carte restaurant, whereas their top floor is for their Japanese BBQ offering, and requested a booth for the three of us. At the time we arrived, which was prime for dinner, the restaurant was quite empty, in comparison with other restaurants nearby.

We all had a plate of cold soba noodles to ourselves, as well as a small plate of sashimi and their salmon sushi roll to share. All the food came out together. The soba noodles came out on as tray with their sweet dipping sauce. I'm used to cold soba noodles coming out on bed of shaved ice, however, this did not. Despite that visual aspect, and to keep the noodles cold, I was able to devour these delicious noodles before they dried out and became unpleasant to eat.

The sushi, which was the salmon, avocado and cream cheese, was delicious. There was a good spread of rice and filling ratio, and the colouring of the components was visually appealing. The sashimi plate was composed of three...


Bisoux. Forever Craving

Third time really is the charm, as Bisoux was the third destination we got around to, looking for a place to have brunch in the little antique area in Woolloongabba. We tried Pearl Cafe, and we're late for their breakfast menu. We hopped across the road for another place, and found they only had items available in their display cabinet. Finally, we ended up at Bisoux.

Of all the places we went to, they were the most quiet - two tables outside, and the inside was empty. The vibe feels quite run down, and their table and seats are a mismatch of old hairdressing chairs and sidewalk tables. 

I ordered the vegetarian breakfast, which consisted of grilled haloumi, grilled mushroom and tomato, spinach, with eggs done your way, sitting on top of sourdough bread. I felt like some avocado, and got a side of their avocado salsa, which was forgotten and brought out towards the end of my meal. They kindly offered an extra piece of toast for me to eat it with, but keeping my carbohydrate intake low, decided not to. The avocado salsa was very delicious, with a slight kick to it. The eggs were perfectly poached, but it would've been nice to have the haloumi a bit more warm.

My friends avocado salsa and sourdough bread with poached eggs and tomato compote also looked delicious, with a generous amount of the avocado. We also had a pineapple juice and apple juice, which were freshly squeezed and flavoursome.

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Thursday, 18 December


Simple Scrumptious American Food...without a passport Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

I dont know if you have noticed but a whole lot of American places seem to be popping up all over town along with a couple of food vans, one of our favorites is The Smoke BBQ at New Farm, but it was Sunday afternoon and we were just looking for something simple.

My husband had managed to stumble across the The Carolina Kitchen while googling American food and we were pretty interested as it was quiet close to home, about 5 minutes away at Coorparoo.  It was a bit of a late lunch just after 2pm and it seemed that we were lucky we got there when we did as the place seemed to fill up after we ordered.

Now the reviews on the usual review sites were mixed, but I decided that some people had unreasonable expectations.for example one reviewer went there as a special dinner and therefore I can see why it was a disappointment.

The example I will give is you can go to a great seafood restaurant or a little seaside fish and chip shop and have great seafoodbut its all about the atmosphere. This place isnt somewhere for your anniversary dinner or you may not make the next one bit it does have some pretty cool theming and plenty of outdoor seating.

So we ordered a chilli dog each, a serve of buffalo wings and some New York Fries.



Shouk Cafe. Forever Craving

I've heard and seen so much about Shouk Cafe, but it's just so far for me to head out that way, but finally on a day where I had not much else to do, decided to invite my cousin out for brunch. It was a steamingly hot day in Brisbane, and the relief once inside the cafe was welcomed.

The place itself is in a little corner Queenslander, with panoramic views of tree tops surrounding the area. It's inviting with its natural light, and spacious seating gives off this relaxed and true tropical feel. The menus were provided and we decided to settle on the avocado on toast, and "The Jackson".

How tempting it was to have the Jackson myself, but I consciously chose a healthier alternative, opting for the avocado on toast, which I added a side of grilled mushrooms to. The dish also had Persian feta with sukkah, pomegranate molasses and lemon, and lay on top of sourdough, and my choice of eggs were poached. Eggs were amazing, with an oozy centre, and the flavour combination of the avocado mash was tangy, with a slight kick which was delicious!


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Monday, 15 December


Ren Japanese. Forever Craving

Having seen quite a few social media snaps from friends who have eaten here, Ren has been on my must-try list for some time now!

The patronage picked up as we arrived, and was probably a good thing that we booked before we arrived. Of course, being a Japanese restaurant, the traditional Japanese greeting can give you quite a fright when they see you at the door, but hey, it's all part of the experience.

We ordered quite a bit of food, and in honour of my birthday, we ordered a huge smorgasbord of food. You can't go to Japanese without ordering sashimi, and as there were quite a few of us, we ordered the...


Fat Noodle's Second Birthday. Forever Craving

An amazing night at the Treasury Casino & Hotel in Brisbane to celebrate the second anniversary of Luke Nguyen's ever successful and popular Fat Noodle.

We were delighted to meet Luke himself, and to mingle with media personalities. It sure helped having drinks flowing through the night, and a delicious 9 course menu, sampling the most popular dishes from the restaurant.

The menu canvassed influences from all over Asia, with dishes inspired by Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisines. By the end of the night, our clothes were bursting at the waistline!


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Sunday, 14 December


A new entry in my top 3 places for breakfast in Brisbane Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

So yes we are out and about again for food.see I told you.

This morning it was just my husband Clint, my Brother in Law Uncle Ads and Chloe. So this morning we went a visited a place that came highly recommended by a good friend of ours Julian called The Rabbit Hole Cafe in Seven Hills.

 Alls I can say is Thanks You Jules, and I now have a new entry in my current top 3 breakfasts in Brisbane, with the other two places being  Little Sista Cafe  and Foxy Bean.

The menu had so many options, even with me being back and picky avoiding carbs:



Spizzico at Kangaroo Point Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

A last minute decision to go out for dinner and a night of from my current low carb diet led us straight to this family run Italian restaurant located in the unusual location as part of the Southern Cross motel in Kangaroo Point Spizzico. Dinner with the usual suspects, my husband, brother in law and my 3 youngest kids aged 12, 10 and almost 1.

 Friendly service throughout the evening and we were seated in a nicy cosy corner which suited us given we had the bub was with us. Like most restaurants in Brisbane they have one of the great Ikea high chairs for bub. We were also given a complementary bread and olives to get us started. Food came out very quickly despite the place filling up quickly

They didn't have a kids menu but told us they could do any of the pastas in a kids size, but miss 10 is a bit of a pig when it comes to spaghetti so we just ordered off the main menu. 

So what we ordered:


Ciabatta con Olive - toasted italian bread w/balsamic/extra virgin olive oil and olive tapenade(the tapenade was wow, and had bits of mint in it that added an amazing freshness to it)



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Friday, 18 January


Espresso & Matcha's Epicurean Quest - Perth: Gusto Food Espresso & Matcha

Last morning in Perth and I thought that we'd get a filling brekky before the long flight home. Stopped at Gusto Food on our way to the airport, especially love the early mornings at Perth where traffic is sparse and parking is exceedingly easy.

The cafe wasn't too large, but we found seating inside at one of the few remaining tables.

The breakfast menu was comparable to the other places I've had in...

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Saturday, 13 December


About Me Have Kids, Will Eat Out and Travel

So I'm a full time working mum with 4 daughters, who are aged between almost 1 and 17. For most that may me that nights out are now restricted to Macca's or Sizzlers and the closest thing to a holiday is a week on the Gold Coast at a Big 4 Caravan Park.

But not us, food and travel...and often a combination of the two make up a big part of my world, and kids were not going to change that.

In the past 5 years I have taken the kids to Thailand, Hawaii, L.A and New Zealand, and a few sneaky trips to Africa and the Caribbean without them. Next year in April we have over a month in the US, Mexico and 2 Caribbean cruises planned with the 3 youngest kids in tow.

As far as food goes I am a terrible food pornographer... most of my face book friends can attest to this. We often go out for breakfast a least once on the weekend and out for dinner once a week and we like trying different places and I love a good check in with a nice piece of food porn.

So basically given this I decided why not go to the next step and start writing about my food and travel experiences and sharing them.

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Friday, 12 December


The WAIT is over: now it is time to sit back and watch (measure) the seeds grow at Tulipwood! Tulipwood Direct Seeding Project

December 12th, 2014

After the driest three months in 25 years we finally have some rain at Jimboomba! Yesterday was finally the best day for the start of our direct seeding project to restore wet schlerophyll forest. Thanks Greening Australia and Logan City Council for all the help setting up this restoration project. We have another direct seeding scheduled for March 2015 when we plant our Acacia spp. Nice way to end off the year. Stay tuned for the upcoming video!

Happy Holidays!


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Thursday, 20 November


Scatter Bean Braking for Breakfast

Despite being willing to travel all over Brisbane to eat breakfast, I seem to have neglected my own local area and was looked at incredulously the other day by other food bloggers when I admitted I hadn't visited a popular cafe in my own suburb despite having lived there for five years. To be fair, it's up the hill (i.e. not easily cycle-able) and not easy walking distance (plus there's that hill...) but still I have been meaning to get there for a long time! A few months ago I noticed that a tiny cute cafe had opened near Taringa train station called Scatter Bean and thought Finally, a decent looking place near me! and then never went there. But when I was looking for a nearby place to have coffee and small bite to eat with my parents before meeting a friend for brunch, I thought of Scatter Bean.

Although well and truly within walking distance from my place, we drove there and found a park on Princess St, just outside the cafe. It's a narrow street though so I'd suggest parking in the Taringa train station carpark and just walking up the stairs. The cafe is tiny with only three tables inside and a few low wooden crates with stools outside, plus a few bar height benches along the side. The all-day breakfast menu is simple with the usual bread, avocado toast, muesli, bacon & egg roll type options and range from $4 for toast and condiments to $15 for the bacon or haloumi and egg stacks. As for drinks, there are the standard coffee and tea options plus they do cold press coffee, frappes, milkshakes, smoothies and even a Virgin Mary. When asked about the frappes, the standard is a mixed berry frappe on coconut water but they are really flexible and are happy to do whatever they can with what they've got at the time. It looks as though they try to use organic ingredients where possible with organic yoghurt and muesli featuring on the menu and they use Barambah Organics milk. I decided to try the cold press coffee ($6), which is usually done on milk but I asked for it to be black with just a dash of milk which they were happy to do. Mum wanted coffee but something cold so although not on...

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Friday, 07 November


Cafe Wrapture Braking for Breakfast

The market menu that Wrapture initially used to offer included a large range of meat and vegetarian options as well as some sweet options. Their new cafe offers all of the original savoury ones plus more, including a specific breakfast range which include eggs and bacon as well as non-wrap options. Although the breakfast menu doesn't technically include most of the non-bacon meat options, it's possible to get them as well.



Reef Seafood & Sushi. Forever Craving

I've been wanting to go here for a while now, and finally had a reason to! It's quite far from where I live but had arranged to meet with a friend after work and studies.

Apart from serving food, they're also a fresh seafood shop minus the fishy pungent smells you can get from those kinds of places. We ordered one of the specials of the day, which was the large sashimi platter to share, as well as a chirashi set and tempura set for ourselves.

The chirashi was plentiful and I was relieved that there wasn't too much rice. The seafood was fresh and sweet without the smell, and the set came with a small salad with sesame dressing as well as miso soup. 

My friends' tempura udon set also looked very appealing. The tempura included prawns as wells a vegetables like capsicum, sweet potato and eggplant. 

The sashimi platter was very generous for the price, and the assortment was great, which included scallops, octopus, squid, and an array of fresh fish including the obligatory salmon.


Tuesday, 04 November


Waiting for rain. Tulipwood Direct Seeding Project

November 4, 2014:  We have postponed the direct seeding because of the driest October in 23 years across South East Queensland. We hope that November will bring some rain. Fingers and toes are crossed.

Tuesday, 14 October


Bean. Braking for Breakfast

It's always a tough decision when it comes choosing somewhere to eat - do I go to one of my favourite spots or do I risk having an average meal by trying somewhere new? #firstworldproblems As a food blogger, I try to go for the new option but I'm pretty picky when it comes to breakfast menus and plain old bacon and eggs don't often do it for me. However, I'm a sucker for cheap eats and so when I happened across Bean Cafe on George St advertising a new breakfast menu on their Facebook page with $5 breakfasts this week, I was sold. So I planned to meet B from Sunshine & Gin at their advertised 7AM opening time for an early morning catch up.

Down a well-signed alley

I happened to arrive a little early after riding in and taking a slightly different route through QUT and the Botanical Gardens. Nice ride but not the most efficient route and meant some slightly awkward dodging of trucks along George St. Anyway, I pulled up near Irish Murphy's which is next to Bean. Having been to Bean previously for coffee, I knew where to go but it isn't the most obviously located of cafes. Easily a contender for my hidden coffee spots post, Bean is located down a graffiti and bin-filled alleyway between The Villager and Irish Murphy's. Several signs will alert you to its existence but walking past multiple large bins towards what currently looks like a construction site could make you feel like you're lost. At the end of the alley and around to the left, you'll see a door through which a short set of stairs will lead you to the cosiest of underground cafes, full of couches, artwork and vintage-looking items.


Tuesday, 07 October


Champion Ramen. Forever Craving

 I was never an avid fan of Ramen or Udon noodles, but my mate who would eat noodles for every meal if he could, has converted me! I've pretty much tried every ramen restaurant around Sunnybank, but there was one left on the list - Champion Ramen, which is the newest addition on the scene.

We stopped by after the lunch time rush, and it seems that we snuck in just before they were about to close for the afternoon and reopen later for dinner! We were among three other tables left at the time. It's quite widely understood that ramen restaurants don't have extensive menus, and Champion Ramen is the same.

My friend had the Spicy Champion ramen, while I chose the Curry Men Champion, and we also opted for gyoza as starters - we both love gyoza! Our food arrived in no time, as expected with these small eateries, and we dug into our meals.

The Spicy Champion wasn't very spicy, but it did have this slight hot aftertaste. My friend thoroughly enjoyed the noodles as well. The topper for this bowl was minced pork, with half a boiled egg. Our gyoza also arrived, and we both concluded it tasted a lot like the ones we both buy from the supermarket - not a bad thing, and we all know these places buy them defrosted anyway.

My Curry Men Champion looked like a feast for one. A huge dish of noodles topped with two s...


Bronuts at Donut King. Forever Craving

What's better than one donut? A double stack of donuts, and top that off with your everyday sweet favourites. Donut King has brought out this super creation of Bronuts, but make sure you have some room for it, because it could almost constitute a meal in itself.

Quite a few combinations to choose from, but I chose the "Bronut Sista", a double stack with a base donut filled with custard and coated in chocolate, with chocolate flake and strawberry drizzle. The top donut covered in Cherry Ripe pieces and a chocolate drizzle. 

I also had the one with a chocolate coated donut with flake pieces as the base, and the top donut being glazed with oreo pieces. Dip these in chocolate or caramel sauce and they're complete. These are both very indulgent and of course, prepare yourselves for the size of these monsters!

Donuts were courtesy of Donut King at Forest Lake.

Forever Craving Brisbane restaurants


Friday, 03 October


Kiss The Berry Braking for Breakfast

Sometime last year, I was walking along Adelaide St and a brand new pop-up shop caught my eye. Cute shop - bright green fake turf, pale timber stools, mason jars with colourful flowers poking out of them. I'm a sucker for fake turf (was this close to carpeting my apartment in it) so paused to check it out. After picking up a stray menu, I saw it was called Kiss The Berry and that they were primarily selling aa bowls and smoothies. Aai bowls are generally a blend of Aai puree with frozen fruit and some liquid and then attractively topped with additional fruit and a mixture of things like muesli, nuts, seeds and sometimes yoghurt. Basically a bowl full of healthy goodness. I'd heard of aa (an Amazonian berry with supposedly amazing antioxidant properties which will improve your health tenfold etc) but had never tried it.  I baulked at the price of $7 for a smoothie (it was a bit of a frugal time) so walked out and never made it back before they shut up a few months later. After a bit of investigation, I found out that Kiss The Berry began as the brainchild of two young entrepreneurial ladies who began selling the bowls  at local markets before expanding to this shop. Not long afterwards I started to notice them appearing on food blogs and several other healthy eateries were offering these healthy, superfood-laden aa bowls.

Several months later I heard they opened a real shop just around the corner on Creek St but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally made it into Kiss The Berry to try this famed aa bowl. I was meeting up with M, a friend with similar food issues and interest in trying random health foods, so I suggested Kiss The Berry. We met on a Tuesday morning just before 8am and the place was already packed. It's primarily a takeaway shop but there's some seating with a low bench at the back and a taller one with stools at the front of the shop. So I wouldn't advise planning large group catch-up meetings there. There is an extensive menu available including a range of aa bowls, smoothies and coffee. Prices for the bowls range from $8.50 for the basic regular-sized The KTB Original Bowl (Acai blended with banana, strawberries, apple juice topped with fresh banana, strawberries, granola, honey and chia seeds) to $13 for the large-sized Snickers Bowl (Aai blended with banana, raw cacao, almond...

Thursday, 25 September


Raw Pawpaw Braking for Breakfast

Leading up to its opening, I was regularly teased on Instagram by hints posted by Giorgina Venzin of the Venzin Group about her new cafe in New Farm opening called Raw Pawpaw in the old Cafe Bouquiniste site on Merthyr Rd. As a huge fan of the original Pawpaw Cafe in Woolloongabba, I was super excited about the prospect of having another to visit that was more convenient to cycle to than Little Pawpaw and Picnic, the other incarnations of which being in Kedron and Camp Hill respectively has meant that I haven't been there yet. All of the cafes are known for their relaxed attitudes, interesting menus, great coffee and just overall, good food. Raw Pawpaw isn't entirely a 'raw' cafe but does have a bit more of a focus on clean eating than the other cafes and has some raw items available on their all-day menu which also includes several gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options.

Raw Pawpaw opened up a few months ago but it wasn't until this week that I managed to get there. After being destroyed in the 2011 floods, Riverwalk finally re-opened on the weekend, creating a link between the CBD and New Farm. As a cyclist, this means I have a way to get to New Farm which doesn't involve riding (or walking...) up the very-steep Ivory Lane and navigating a relatively narrow shared path underneath the Story Bridge! So on Monday, after running late for my gym class, I decided to detour to check it out. It begins at the Howard Street Wharves and is a wide passageway with ample room for both cyclists and pedestrians with several lookouts and water fountains along the way. Even on Monday morning before 7am, the first non-official day open, there were plenty of people walking and cycling along it so I think it will be well used! The walk links up to Riverview Ct in New Farm which turns into Merthyr Rd so I thought I'd take the opportunity of 'being in the area' to visit Raw Pawpaw.


Thursday, 11 September


Cafe O-Mai Braking for Breakfast

I've read a few reviews of Cafe O-Mai at Annerley recently and I'd been wanting to try their Vietnamese-style breakfast menu as I love Asian breakfasts. So when nearby on the south side recently, I decided to check it out. Off busy Annerley Rd, Cafe O-Mai is located inconspicuously on the corner of Cracknell Rd and Franklin St. Plenty of street parking is around and when we arrived around 9.30, the place already looked busy and I was concerned we'd have to wait for a table. Luckily there was one left inside so we grabbed it. Inside the cafe has some cute vintage-style touches like milk jugs and glass cake domes, which don't really fit with the Asian-style menu but do make you feel very comfy and at home! Water and menus were brought over and unusually, we were given disposable cups with our bottle of water.

Extensive menu makes decision making difficult...because it all sounds so good!

The breakfast menu, presented on a clipboard like every other menu nowadays, is long. As in about seven pages, with food taking up the first five! There are standard Western-style breakfast options like fruit toast, eggs on toast and muesli and heartier options like sweet corn and zucchini fritters, O-Mai's Phat (big) Breakfast and brioche fruit toast. Then come the distinctly more Vietnamese-inspired items like the famed Aunty Five's Claypot Baked Eggs and a pork and prawn Vietnamese Omelette. Then the Traditional Vietnamese street-style breakfast menu includes five types of Pho (rice noodle soup)and eleven types of Bahn Mi (salad baguette rolls) including a bacon and egg one. To say you are spoilt for choice is an...

Wednesday, 16 January


Hatch & Co. - Gasworks, Newstead, Brisbane my name is Food.

Still a good area to go to either dine or just the supermarket, specially when the Standard Market Company is there, gosh. But anyway, coming here sometimes can be a hit and miss, so far that we've been here anyway..

To start off, we decided on a small plate of Seared lamb loin, tahini, pickled eggplant served with warm pita. The portion was decent especially to share but having it for oneself as an entree may just make you not be able to finish your whole main dish. The warm pita bread had the slight charring which was nice to see, a whole pita sliced into four.

The seared meat was nicely seared but was a tad cold. Making it into some sort of a wrap with the pita bread seemed liked an easy option and a quick way to eat it, so we went with that. It was definitely good. There was enough sauce to go on to every single slice of meat and enough greens to go with it too.



Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm - Mount Alford, Queensland, Australia my name is Food.

About an hour drive from Brisbane and 1.5 hours from the GC, you will find yourself in the midst of a lavender farm. Although it is not all season, when we went, the flowers weren't blooming as such but it was still rather nice. We thought of having lunch there but due to a birthday party event being held and the limited number of seats they have in the restaurant, we thought we'd just have a nibble and go elsewhere instead.

Beef Croquettes was something light but a suitable snack to have in an afternoon while sipping some wine and beers. It was light and not overpowered by the mince or beefy smell, but the potato was also quite fluffy and well made.

I did feel that the price was a bit high for the amount of croquettes you do get on the plate but I guess, sometimes it's better to go with something other than just a bowl of french fries.

*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.


Parisi Cafe - QVB, Sydney CBD my name is Food.

Offering a wide variety of sandwiches, rolls, dessert, cakes and even macarons, it is simply an elegant but sophisticated nook to be surrounded by. Although seats can be limited, it may be hard to have a proper sit down and you may just need to have it takeaway.

Flat White, a usual and yes, it was done well. The right amount of froth, thickness as well as coffee kick. It is rather sad when you buy coffee and it tastes more like milk than the coffee itself.


2018 Pizza Challenge Part Two Kittens Gone Lentil

Continuing on with the second half of last year's goal to make pizza once a month!

Meatball Pizza from Vegan Pizza by Julie Hasson: I actually made this twice. The first time was not such a success, because I used the Ikea veggie balls and they are just too sweet and not right for this kind of thing. The second time I made it using the Gardein meatballs, and it worked much better! I only made a half quantity of the sauce both times. The first time I tried to get it all on, which ended up making the base (I used a ready made for this attempt) too smooshy. The second time I used just what I needed, so there was some sauce left over, and it worked out better. That time I used the base recipe from the book. Definitely recommend using a meaty meatball and being careful with the sauce!
Rating: :) (second attempt)

Meatball Pizza

Meatball Pizza

Cheeseburger Pizza from Cook The Pantry by Robin Robertson: I really went for some meaty and cheese pizzas last year. I used the pizza dough recipe from the cookbook (it makes enough for two bases, so I froze half for the next time), and it was a super easy dough to make. This recipe uses a cashew cheese sauce on the base, though it could have been a bit thicker. I was worried it was all going to run right off the base! It is topped with some TVP (which I soaked in beef flavoured stock rather than water for more flavour). I also garnished with ketchup, mustard, and gherkin relish.
Rating: :)

Cheeseburger Pizza

BBQ Chickpea Pizza from Cook The Pantry by Robin Robertson: This is a very easy pizza to make. The base is topped with a mix of chickpeas mashed with BBQ sauce, tamari, and mustard (also chiles, but I subbed that with some diced celery). The topping uses two tins of chickpeas, but really you could halve it as it led to an incredibly thick layer. Although not mentioned in th...

Wednesday, 10 September


News Tulipwood Direct Seeding Project

September 07, 2014:
This weekend the direct seeding project was started. We have planned out the future forest by putting stakes into the ground to guide the areas where the seed of different species and provenances will be sown. All 255 stakes were successfully put into the ground. Next step is vegetation management coming up the week of the 23rd of September.


Monday, 08 September


Flaming Olive. Forever Craving

Time to refine my food blog and head out to a place a bit more fancy and upscale! I couldn't miss the chance to dine at Flaming Olive with the special they had on, so I booked a table without even having asked anyone to accompany me! Luckily that usually isn't an issue for me.

Located in Fortitude Valley in the new M & A building,  Flaming Olive's colleagues are also of a fancier calibre, and this restaurants' location is prime in that it is located on the main facade.
The restaurant itself is airy and very spacious, with high ceilings and tables far apart to have a decent conversation without the next hearing all your intricate details.

We had time to kill this evening, so we went all out on a three course dinner. Entrees we had grilled oysters with ponzu as well as a trio of oysters with champagne jelly. This round also included cured salmon with mandarin segments, chard and radish. The champagne jelly oysters were a mutual favorite, and I loved the salmon in that the slices were quite thick to the usual thinly slices that you couldn't really establish a texture with the bite.


Ribs & Burgers. Forever Craving

I can't get enough of these bad and unhealthy American food joints, and here I am again loathing myself for going to James Street and trying out Ribs & Burgers. Such a simple name yet offering food so delectable and tasty!

On a cool breezy spring day, my mate and I went to grab something to eat. On a day I should have been at work but only because I wasn't doing too well. Never sick enough to not go out and eat, though! Couldn't miss such a chance!

It was a bit after lunch time so understandably the place was quite empty. Menu is chalked on a large board as you enter, and order at the counter where afterwards you're given your bucket of cutlery goodies. Quite a cute touch.

We ordered the steakhouse burger and the salmon burger. We also indulged in some onion rings and BBQ chicken wings, with a cider each to wash it all down.



Red Hook. Forever Craving

Continuing on with the abundance of American eateries coming through in Brisbane, Red Hook is discretely located in Gresham Lane in the city. Despite its location, the lunch time queues are super extensive and the wait can take up your entire lunch break.

I had walked past this place many times on my way to lunch and saw it grow from a tiny corner block into the hip nook with the cut-out-of-the - box place it has grown to be. There is minumal seating is provided, however.

The menu consists of American influenced food, and more particularly,  New York. You can find things like a New York cheeseburger, lobster roll, chicken wings, and my favorite so far, the beef brisket burrito. I've also tried the duck tacos, but at $16 for two, it's a bit pricey. To be honest, the entire menu would do damage to anyone's lunch budget but is definitely a treat.

Make sure you've got some spare time on your hands, too, because the food definitely takes a while to come out. The place is still very new, so maybe some kinks in their kitchen will be sorted out soon enough.

Monday, 25 August


The Hidden Caffeine Hit Braking for Breakfast

Ever since I first visited Melbourne in high school for a Future Problem Solving (read: super-geeky extra-curricular activity) competition, I have loved everything about it - the fast and convenient public transport, the huge assortment of shops, the wide range of cultural events and, most of all, the fabulous food and consistently good coffee. Well, perhaps I don't love the weather...but the shopping always made me forget about that! For years I've wished that Brisbane was just a bit more Melbourne-like and have been sorely tempted to just move there. But Brisbane has really grown in the last few years and now has just as many great shops (if I still wore them, I wouldn't need to travel so far to get my mildly provocative FCUK tees!), high quality local coffee roasters, exciting events almost every weekend and I just can't keep up with the vast array of excellent eateries that keep opening. Public transport still has a way to go but hey, I have a bike and our weather is phenomenal!

One thing in particular that I always love about Melbourne is the hidden shops and cafes that you just happen to stumble upon when walking down a random laneway. Brisbane is following suit with the redevelopment of inner-city laneways such as Burnett Lane (home to Felix), Winn Lane in the Valley and Spencer Lane, behind the Euro, as part of the BCC's Vibrant Laneways project. The coffee scene in Brisbane has really taken off with a number of local roasterys starting up in the last few years and I find when walking down the Queen St Mall in the morning, the majority of people are holding a takeaway cup of coffee. But where do you get good coffee? Sure, the coffee from Starbucks or the Coffee Club will give you that much-needed caffeine hit but if you want good coffee, sometimes you just need to go hunting. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Gresham

Bar by night, fabulous coffee pit-stop by morning. The Gresham is in Gresham Lane in the old NAB building on the corner of Queen & Creek Streets. Walking in, you may feel like you've been transported to...


The Baker's Arms Braking for Breakfast

After a miserable rainy Saturday, Brisbane returned to its gorgeous sunny self the next day. I woke up feeling surprisingly energetic after a lateish night out and decided to go for a ride. I texted C to see if he was also up for a ride and he was so after meeting at my place, we set off and decided to head towards Woolloongabba and find something small for breakfast there. It was a later than usual start around and the weather was lovely and warm so we had an enjoyable ride along the river towards the Goodwill Bridge and after crossing, heading past the Mater Hospital toward the Gabba. After reading a review of new East Brisbane restaurant Catbird Seat Bistro I was interested to see what they had on offer but wasn't feeling anything in particular there. So we walked our bikes a little further towards old favourite Paw Paw but the line was long and we were on a semi-deadline with a soccer game to play just after lunchtime. Despite loving Pearl Cafe, we weren't feeling it and although the Spanish-inspired menu at Canvas sounded amazing, it was a bit heavy for a pre-soccer meal. So we headed across the road to The Baker's Arms. I'd been there before and thought it might have something easy and quick.

The Baker's Arms is a specialty bakehouse in the Logan Rd precinct of shops and restaurants and serve up freshly baked items for breakfast and lunch daily. On top of the usual pastries, cakes and pies that you'd expect to find at a bakery, they make fresh sandwiches on house-made bread, muffins and other savoury items such as vegetarian tarts, vegetable rolls and frittata that ar...


Spring Hill Deli Braking for Breakfast

It was a miserable rainy Saturday morning and I was still recovering from some sort of flu going around (the Ekka flu?) so riding to the West End markets did  not sound appealing. C agreed and was nice enough to pick me up to still have our weekly market trip. Given that we had a car, we decided that we'd try somewhere different and less-rideable for breakfast. I suggested Spring Hill Deli on Boundary St as I don't get there very often and C had only been once. Unfortunately it was 7:45 when we drove past and were greeted with a very obviously closed cafe - it doesn't open until 9 so we decided to market up first and come back.

It was a pretty sad market trip, battling the rain and having half the stalls missing, so I was really looking forward to our breakfast! When we returned at 9:30, it was already looking packed but luckily we got a seat. Spring Hill Deli is a family-run cafe that uses local products and deli produce, some of which they sell in the small deli section in an off-shoot section of the cafe. They bake and make a lot of their food where possible, including some of their bread. It's located in a small converted red house and is hard to miss. Parking can be tricky around there but luckily C found a park just across the street.

After finding a seat, menus and water were brought out quickly. The menu, attached to a clipboard, is entitled 'Our Whole Food Brunch Menu' and is real comfort brunch food. The Baked oatmeal, drizzled w. maple and served w. berry compote & Greek yoghurt ($15) sounded appealing as did the House made organic grain bread, topped w. labna, avocado, Spanish onion, fresh smoked salmon & poached eggs, served w. dill creme fraiche ($22). But it was too hard to go past the same thing I always order - Israeli Shashuka w. poached eggs, topped w. feta & parsley & served w. toasted sourdough ($17). C decided the Braised Steak & onions, served w. fried eggs & toasted pane ($17). I al...

Wednesday, 20 August


Bread & Meat Co. Forever Craving

American restaurants and eateries are sweeping through Brisbane like crazy - literally popping up around every corner, in every alley way. One of those is Bread & Meat Co. in the TBC precinct in Fortitude Valley.

My friend and I were quite hungry after a long day at work, so we opted for a board of three sliders which allowed us to sample each of the burgers and buns on offer but in a smaller size. To help us feel less guilty about how much carbs and how unhealthy our meal was about to be, we also had a fattoush salad to subsidize this. I think, though, that the chilli fries would've cancelled the salad out, anyway!

The board of sliders consisted of a bbq pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and a brioche bun; a corned beef sandwich with gherkin aioli, poached cabbage and spicy dijon mustard; and a beef brisket sandwich with swiss cheese. My favourite was the pork sandwich. The flavouring was sweet and the meat was just amazing - not tough and stringy, but tender and easy to eat. The beef brisket was somewhat in contrast to the pork sandwich, as the bun was a bit dry and it was a bit hard to swallow. The chilli fries weren't that chilli. In fact, I think it was missing that spice altogether. The meat and bean mix with the chips was nice and was like a con Carne.

The service was really friendly and the accent of staff gives you the impression that you...

Saturday, 19 July


Kwan Brothers. Forever Craving

The asian addition to the already multicultural establishments on the corner of Alfred 
and Constance Street is Kwan Brothers - situated next to the Italian brother restaurant of Alfredo's, and the more gastro-pub venue of Alfred & Constance.

A catch-up was due for a bunch of childhood friends, plus a few extra friends we all came to know along the way. It was a shock realisation that I hadn't met some of them for over a year and a half, yet conversation flowed so naturally.

I had finished work way to early for our 7:30pm dinner date, and by the time came, was famished! Good thing was that we were all quite hungry, and ordered quite a bit of food. To be honest, none of the food here was anything new to us, as we were all of asian heritage.

First up were the spicy soft shell crab buns, or bao's as they were described on the menu. These were quite familiar in that they resembled the already famous buns from bun mobile, which again, were highly influenced from China. The soft shell crab itself was slightly s...

Wednesday, 25 June


Foraging Quail. Forever Craving

I've been having trouble trying to fit in some social interaction time with friends lately, so it was a pleasure to catch up with an old colleague, and enjoy some amazing food simultaneously. Good thing that my friend is also an avid food eater, too!

I've been hearing about Foraging Quail for a while now, and finally found the opportune time to go and try it out. It's very minimal in the interior, with a spacious layout and dim lighting. This restaurant's menu is degustation style, with plates designed to share, which can be an issue when people don't agree with dish choices - good thing my friend and I enjoy similar food!

For dinner, we chose the sea confit trout, with mussels, clams, bonito malto, fungi seaweed and a bisque foam, but before we were served this first dish, we were provided with poppyseed bread and butter, which was uniquely tough yet strangely delicious. An amuse bouche was also provided, which I could definitely tell, had a lot of inspiration from vietnamese flavours.



Habitat. Forever Craving

The owners of Moose and Gibson fame have ventured into a new venture in West End, paying homage to the surroundings and what is to be the home of the tallest green wall in Brisbane by naming their new restaurant, Habitat.

Beautiful architecture and finishing touches creates a wood cabin feel about the restaurant, which is perfect to enjoy great food and be kept amongst the warmth of friends in this cold weather.

Up cycling was definitely a feature of this place, as well as the amazing ant farm counter which creates a feature of the venue. It was a great experience as part of a group of bloggers who got to sample the diverse menu, with shared entrees, mains and a smorgasbord of desserts for us to try.

For entree, I had the chance to taste the grilled prawns with a raddish, celery and chive salad and salsa verde with parsley chips. The prawns were grilled amazingly, however, I felt the salad lacked some sauce. Also tasted the wagyu beef skirt with pepper berry sauce and bush tomato dumpling,...


Cowch. Forever Craving

Late night hang outs are always the best, even when there's nowhere to go! But finding a place to go late at night is becoming easier in Brisbane, with many establishments staying open until the dark hours of the evening.

Cowch has just recently opened in Southbank, and first impressions from the outside was just wow. The styling, decor, and vibe was all very inviting. We sat down and decided on our desserts before heading to the counter to order.

We chose the sticky date pudding, and the udder puffs. "Udder puffs?" You ask? Yes, they are small Yorkshire puddings filled with your choice of toppings and ice cream. Our combinations were cookies and cream with brownies; raspberry sorbet with pineapple; and kiwi with peanut butter ice cream. My favourite was the cookies and cream and brownie combo. I could say that it would've been much better if the puddings were crispy and warm, but other than that, everything was quite good.

My friend, who is an avid sticky date pudding lover, said that the pudding tasted like banana bread, and a butterscotch sauce would have topped the cake; pun intended.


Inferno Range at Pizza Capers. Forever Craving

Introducing Pizza Capers new Inferno range! Go grab either the prawn and chorizo pizza, or the pulled pork inferno pizza and test yourself to see how much heat you can handle!

Lashings of pulled pork on top of a crispy pizza base, drizzled with deliciously thick adobo sauce, accompanied by a bean salsa, capsicum and Spanish onion.

Chorizo slices and generous amounts of prawns laid atop smokey black bean chipotle, Spanish onion, roasted capsicum, corn and mozzarella cheese, with a strong tobasco flavour.

The bright colours of these pizzas sure do give a hint of how spicy these are, but even then, you still don't know what's coming until you eat them. 

Corn empanadas and spicy chicken wings are also part of this special, and my goodness they too are spicy! 


Monday, 09 June


Hatch & Co. Forever Craving

Definitely lucky to get a reservation, despite it being pretty late for dinner! Hatch & Co has been quite the hotspot of late, and the first time I went here for a friend's birthday, i've always had the intention of returning. Its open plan and very airy, which creates this relaxed feel, especially with the feature wall just bordering the open kitchen.

We were firstly seated outside at their bar tables as we were early for our reservation, however, were soon moved inside amongst the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. Soon after being seated, we were approached to have our order taken.

Tonight, we chose the slow cooked lamb shoulder with garlic and lemon dressing, topped with watercress. For sides, we chose chunky chips with aioli, and steamed broccoli and beans. We also snuck in a small share plate of BBQ chicken wings.

Undoubtedly, the chicken wings were the best dish of the night - we wished we had ordered more! They were finger-licking tasty and not too sour as sometimes BBQ chicken wings can be, or so i've experienced. We cleared this dish in no time. 


London Porterhouse. Forever Craving

A carnivores delight! We checked out London Porterhouse in Tenerife for dinner and had already decided what we were going to eat - the mixed meat grill platter. I mean, two guys and a restaurant, what would you expect?

The food came out pretty quickly, considering the array of meats included in the grill. Grain fed eye fillet, chorizo, spatchcock, pork ribs, lambs ribs and lamb cutlets were on offer, and to accompany these were steamed greens, salad and chunky cut chips with red wine jus, bernaise, and chimichurri sauce.

Hands down, the favourite from the grill was the spatchcock - flavoursome, and so tender that the meat fell off the bones, however, it would've been much easier to eat without the bones! Nonetheless, I could've just eaten a few more portions of the spatchcock. The meats were all cooked amazingly, however, the flavours and our liking of them did vary.

The service lapse at times, where even the waiter who attended to us did inform us that there had been miscommunication as to whether our drinks had been given. Usually they come out pretty quick, but we were left dry and thirsty and had to remind them that we were still waiting. Apparently we were to receive them on the house, but in the end they took our money for the bill and assumed that the leftover change was their tip, so really, it wasn't free after all...


Thursday, 17 April


I am back....well sort of :) I So Hungry

growing our own vegetable garden!

Wow it i has been a long long while since I last updated!  I have been so busy being a full time mother to my beautiful daughter Eva!   Can't believe that she is turning two this June already!  How time flies.   She is geting to the toddler stage :).     Less wakings which is a bonus but trying to ignore those little tantrums can be a bit hard sometimes.   Stress levels get up but all is good when I look at her most adorable baby photo above my computer.

We have been trying to build a vegetable patch for the last few months just to ourselves busy....well mainly Eva being busy and teaching her where her green food comes from.   Oh and teaching her how to only pick when the tomatoes are getting ripe!   She is getting good at that and watering the garden nearly every morning.  I think it has become a routine.   When she wakes up she remembers to water the garden! 

We tried to grow broccoli, snow beans and cucumber!   The broccoli just died because something was infesting it!  And our snow beans died because of the heavy rainfall and  the we only 'harverested' one cucumber lol. 

one cucumber from our vege garden!  nice and crunchy

The only greens that are thriving are all the Asian herbs and cherry tomatoes! 

Anyway enough of me rambling on!! 

Sorry about all the photos that are missing!  Not sure what happened!  

I will be sure be updating a little often just because I got more 'time' on my hands now :).

Til next time


Tuesday, 17 September


Zagyoza @ West End The Cafe Crawler

Zagyoza is a Japanese gyoza store which recently opened up in the heart of West End. It is tucked away nicely along Vulture St and serves some of the best gyozas in Brisbane! For those of you unfamiliar with the term "gyoza", they are Japanese pan-fried dumplings which are simply delish! Zagyoza makes their own gyozas with a wide range of flavours - from traditional pork to teriyaki chicken, black bean, spinach and ricotta, pumpkin feta, beef curry and moussaka just to name a few!

They do $10 lunch specials on most weekdays and these are just simply divine! Usually, you get a few delicious vegetarian side dishes with dumplings of your choice! This is also a great lunch option for vegetarians and vegans out there!

I was lucky enough to try their house-made pumpkin lasagne special with sides of fresh salads, stir fry veges and I chose the black bean gyozas! The veges were so refreshing and went really well with the heavier pumpkin lasagne.

They have a partnership with one of the bars across the road and if you feel like some izakaya nibbles, you can always pop over for some beer and gyozas!

If going to the actual store to have gyoza is too much of a hassle, you can always buy their take home packs, which come with easy instructions on how to make them at home!

However, Zagyoza is a true gem hidden in West End and definitely worth a try!!!

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Wednesday, 04 September


Blackstar Coffee @ West End The Cafe Crawler

Currently my favourite coffee spot! The coffee here is just right for me - creamy, not too bitter, not too sweet, not too acidic!

They serve the best iced coffee as well (in beer bottles too!). They cater for the majority of the people, offering iced coffee with these options - black coffee, full cream coffee, soy, or skim milk.

Their food menu is quite limited so it's more suitable for just a coffee date with someone!

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Monday, 14 January


2018 Pizza Challenge Part One Kittens Gone Lentil

For 2018, I set myself the challenge of making pizza once a month. This is the first six months of that challenge. Please excuse my inability to take pretty photos of pizzas! They all kind of look the same.

Spinach, Onion, Mushroom, and Sausage Pizza from Vegan Pizza by Julie Hasson: This is in the book listed as Pepperoni in the title, rather than sausage, but I took the option to use the sausage crumbles. I made the pizza base, tomato-garlic sauce, and sausage crumbles all from the book. The result was excellent! It also has spinach, mushrooms, red onion, and mozzarella (I used FYH). It all combined perfectly, the cheese melted into the sauce deliciously, this was a fabulous pizza!
Rating: :D

Spinach, Onion, Mushroom, and Sausage Pizza

Garlic, Sausage, and Onion Pizza from Vegan Pizza by Julie Hasson: Another solid pizza, this uses tomato-garlic pizza sauce and the dough from the book. I took the option of using sliced vegan sausages (Vegie Delights BBQ sausages) rather than the sausage crumbles for this one. It also has onion and garlic on it, as the name would suggest, and more FYH mozzarella. I left off the optional jalapeno.
Rating: :)

Garlic, Sausage, and Onion Pizza

Meaty Cheese Pizza from Veganize It by Robin Robertson: This pizza was super! The dough is not as easy as the one from Vegan Pizza, and I found it ended up a bit sticky, but it was still great. This book has options for DIY or store-bought, and I used a mix. I made the pepperoni from the book, and used the Oven-Roasted Tomato Sauce as well. But I used some tofurky beef crumbles and FYH mozzarella in place of from scratch recipes. This pizza, as you can imagine, is very filling!
Rating: :D

Meaty-Cheesy Pizza

Pizza with Zucchini, Artichokes, and Soy Mozzarella from The Comp...

Tuesday, 03 September


MIZU @ West ENd The Cafe Crawler

I got really excited when I found out about MIZU's recent opening in West End. Though West End is known for many good food places, I've always thought it lacked an authentic Japanese restaurant and had always hoped for one to open up! Alas, my dream came true!

MIZU serves izakaya-style dishes during dinner where the concept is to order many sharing plates of food and they are served as they are made. For lunch, they offer an affordable price range of lunchboxes! I love traditional Japanese lunchboxes - obento!

I've been here for both dinner and lunch and both are just are delicious! For me though, lunch is definitely more worth it because you get to try many side dishes with the lunchboxes you order.

My sisters and I came here for lunch and all were very happy with our orders - chicken karaage, pork katsu and salmon teriyaki. The pork katsu had one of the best batters in Brisbane - very crispy on the outside whilst the pork remains juicy when you bite into it. This was similar with chicken karaage as well!

My salmon teriyaki lunchbox was the best in my opinion - you could tell that they used very good quality fish and was cooked very well!

On a separate occasion, we came for dinner and tried some different dishes!

The first dish that came out was the renkon chips wtih tofu and avo dip. The renkon chips were very crispy and went very well with the creamy yet refreshing dip!

One of our favourites of the night was the tofu and nasu dengaku which had battered tofu, eggplant and zucchini drizzled with miso sauce - perfecto!

Monday, 02 September


Sourced Grocer @ Teneriffe The Cafe Crawler

I had heard many things about Sourced Grocer and wanted to check it out myself!

I've been here on two separate occasions now and have both loved it!

Sourced Grocer reminds me of cafes in Melbourne with its interior design!

The great thing about Sourced Grocer is that they sell the ingredients that they use to make the food as well! So, if you fancy something from the menu, just enquire at the cash register and they'll be able to help you out!

I ordered their Bircher Muesli which is currently No. 2 on my favourite cafes for Bircher Muesli (1st place is still Lake Cafe on the Gold Coast)

Their breakfast muesli options are all very yummy as well because they use Farmer Jo Muesli.

My friend ordered the brioche, which unfortunately, I didn't get to try - but, she said it was very nice!

On a separate occasion, I tried their falafel salad and Sourced Sandwich, which were even better than what I had the first time!



Leaf Espresso Bar @ Tarragindi The Cafe Crawler

My friends and I were searching for cafes to visit and decided on Leaf Espresso Bar because of it's interior design from photos we had seen on other food blogs!  We also saw some pictures of really delish food so definitely wanted to check this place out!

My verdict? 

The interior design definitely didn't disappoint - it had a very homey feel and eco-friendly atmosphere as the interior design used a lot of tree branches with hanging light bulbs and glass bowl terrariums in many corners of the cafe. 

The food? The food was average. Despite all the delicious-looking pictures on food blogs I had visited beforehand, taste wise, it was very average. I ordered the mushroom sautee which came with some spinach, poached eggs and sourdough. I love my sourdough and was a little disappointed when I realised that what they served wasn't sourdough. It was more like a white bread baguette. My mushrooms were quite bland as well.

My friend got the pulled pork burger with house made burger. That, however, tasted a lot better than my brunch dish! 

The coffee? Don't bother. The latte I ordered was mainly froth and my coffee was burnt. Nowadays, I think my palette has become very critical of coffees... not sure if this is a good thing or not if I'm this picky with my coffees...

Probably won't be back for another while... think I'll just be visiting my usual favourites if I have to drive all the way out of my suburb to get brunch. Maybe next time, Leaf Espresso!



Merriweather @ South Brisbane The Cafe Crawler

Merriweather serves coffee roasted by Cup and is located conveniently for many businessmen and businesswomen for a quick coffee. Whilst coffee is pretty up there, they have a limited menu for breakfast and lunch. However, they do bake daily muffins, cakes and assorted desserts which may be ideal for a quick morning tea or afternoon tea if you're in that area.

On one occasion, my friend and I landed at Merriweather for breakfast and both ordered the granola which came with milk, buffalo yoghurt and fresh strawberries. I think they use Farmer Jo muesli (but I may not be 100% correct). 

I ordered a latte, and like other Cup coffees, it didn't disappoint me. Cup coffee is more on the bitter side of aromas with tinges of butterscotch.

I have ordered cappucinnos from here before and there's is quite different - instead of sprinkling chocolate powder, they use Bahen & Co. chocolate. I found it to bit a bit overpowering with the coffee though. 

The interior of Merriweather is very clean, modern and minimalistic. The cafe is situated on an intersection between two streets and has both outdoor and indoor seating areas. 

I would definitely drop by more often if they do decide to expand their food menu, as coffee is great here! Again, I'm still on a mission to search for the perfect cafe with both amazing food AND coffee!!

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Primal Pantry @ Teneriffe The Cafe Crawler

I had been wanting to try out Primal Pantry for a while now! It's the first 100% paleo cafe that has opened up in Brisbane!

My friends and I arrived at around lunch time however, were very disappointed by the service. The menu unfortunately, didn't appeal to us, so we just decided to get smoothies instead.

I tried their green smoothie which was too sour for my liking and our experience there was just ruined by how rude the staff were.

We left after we had the smoothies and headed to another cafe for lunch.

Despite my love for their concept of serving paleo food and the interior design, Primal Pantry greatly disappointed me and I won't be returning any time soon.

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Bass Espresso @ West End The Cafe Crawler

West End is known for its restaurants, cafes and general vibe, and I always get excited when new places open up. Bass Espresso opened recently on Boundary St and is a small cafe filled with vintage vibe. Their house blend coffee is more on the fruity, acidic side of aroma and their current single origin (Rowanda) has more of a creamier aroma. Personally, I like the single origin better.

Because they have just started, they don't have a menu for food yet, but when I was chatting to the barista and the manager, they said they were looking to expand and hopefully have a menu for food in the near future. This is exciting as I always find it hard to go to places with both amazing coffee AND food!

The decor of this cafe is very vintage, and has many musical instruments lying around as part of the decoration (also very exciting for a muso like myself to visit!). Bass Espresso adds onto the unique layer of West End cafes as it has its own individual style that you can't find at other cafes in West End.

They also do live music on Saturdays from 1pm and invite musicians from all genres to perform! Great way to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon sipping away and enjoying the live music, in my opinion!

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Saturday, 01 June


Commune Cafe, Vintage Espresso, Canteen Kitchen The Cafe Crawler

Recently, Ive started to explore Burleigh Heads and have discovered lots of nice places that I want to share with everyone!


Situated on Lower Gold Coast Highway, Commune is a vintage caf serving a big range of breakfast and lunch nibbles! Commune uses Campos coffee beans and the coffee is fantastic! Pricing is on the cheaper end of the spectrum but you get more than what you pay for! Fantastic salads and fluffy blueberry pancakes with coconut icecream and fresh bananas! Will definitely become a regular here!


Monday, 15 April


Cocotte The Cafe Crawler

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Saturday, 23 March


The Chicken and the Egg Under the Mango Tree

More new additions to our household Chickens! We brought home four chickens last week and they have been settling in to their new home very well. Happily eating, clucking and scratching under the shade of the backyard mango tree. After working out how much it would cost to finish the chook house, we gave up []

Monday, 18 March


Garden Update March 2013 Under the Mango Tree

After a relaxing long-weekend in Byron Bay, the first thing we did after unpacking was get straight into the garden. We now have a new no-dig garden bed planted with the seedlings Ive been nurturing on the verandah for the last month. In this garden bed we used up the leftover chicken and horse manure []

Tuesday, 05 March


A Late Happy New Year I So Hungry

It has been a long time since I last posted!  Looking back last year's posts............I didn't write much :).  That is because all last year I was taking time off from being pregnant and giving birth to the most beautiful daughter on Earth.   She is 8 months old now and just right now she is sleeping away.

The above photo shows is what I mainly prepare now - baby food!!   E loves loves fruit and a bit of yogurt.    She started solids around 5months and since then I have been battling with her food in-tolerances which created her skin to get eczema, flare ups and really horrible skin.  So then I kept a food diary - the culprit I found was wheat.  So hopefully she can get bread again.......I will slowly introduce that later in the month and see if her skin reacts.

Some snaps of food I have been making but never really had the time to post here (will do soon!). 

Home made pizza

Cassava Cake


Friday, 01 March


Biochar video Under the Mango Tree

A little something for the weekend

Tuesday, 26 February


The French Experiment Under the Mango Tree

Have you read French Children Dont Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman? I did last year and it was so interesting to read about how children are raised in France. It certainly dispelled any mother-guilt about sending my child to daycare. Ive recently read French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon which is a similar []

Monday, 18 February


Garden Club @ Freestyle Tout Under the Mango Tree

For those of you who dont know, Freestyle Tout is one of Brisbanes premier dessert cafes. This year theyve managed to combine two of my great loves: food + gardening.  The garden club meets every second month and each meeting will include expert advice from guest presenters. The first event this year Growing a Compact []

Saturday, 12 January


Reusable Makeup Pads Reduce Your Footprint Tiffin bite sized food adventures

Woman sitting on each applying makeup to her face with a compact

My days of extravagant eyeshadow, bold blusher and blue mascara are firmly in the rear-view mirror. There is still the odd occasion though, when I like to splash on a bit of war paint. Until now, I have removed my makeup with makeup remover and the standard cotton pads available in any supermarket. Last weekend I noticed I was down to my last 3 makeup pads. Time to swap out the disposables for reusable makeup pads.

Its a no brainer that disposable cotton pads are a frivolous use of resources. Theres the growing of the cotton itself (a water hungry crop), manufacturing and then disposal. Its true, you can compost the disposable pads (and I do) but it is far more responsible to make my own reusable makeup pads.  They are simple to make and can be washed and reused time and again.

Choosing a Fabric

My preference is flannelette which is also called brushed cotton. It has a texture that is similar to the disposable pads, so it isnt harsh on your eyes. I find that whilst towelling is absorbent, its too rough on my face. Towelling may suit you and if that is the case, no doubt you have an old towel or washer that you can re-purpose.

There are lots of online options where you can purchase these pads but honestly, making them will take you less than 30 minutes. This saves on cost and hopefully uses something that you already have at home. I would have loved a piece of flannelette with a cute pattern like the reusable makeup pads on Esty but in the spirit of zero waste, I used the flannelette I already had.

Reusuable Makeup Pads



New Year, Same Me Kittens Gone Lentil

I'm not one to get excited about a new year. Honestly, it is just the passage of time. I never stay up until midnight, and I don't do long lists of resolutions. I am the New Year grinch. But I still have a few food traditions that amuse me around this time. So here it is, from 2018 to 2019.

New Year's Eve Eve

Normally I make pizza and pie on New Year's eve. However this year (last year?) my brother and his girlfriend were arriving from London on NYE in the evening, so that was going to be its own thing. So I did my tradition a year early. In the past I have made two pizzas, but this year I just made one.

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza: I guess this can technically be I made a thing, but really it is just I put some stuff on a pizza. I used a pre-made pizza base, topped it with BBQ sauce and Fenn Smoked Sesame Cheese, then layered on some chopped Vegie Delights schnitzel, pineapple chunks, black olives, and Daiya cheddar. Once it was out, I sprinkled it with some bacon bits and some chives. It was really satisfying, and really easy.

NYE BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Apricot Frangipane Tart from Vegan Desserts by Hannah Kaminsky: I love apricots, and we are having a really good apricot season at the moment. My pastry skills are still pretty amateur, but I was pleased with how pretty this turned out! The pastry was easy to make, though I found it was a bit thick and tough (which could be due to me, I need more practice). The filling was delicious - almond meal and sugar and things, it was like a perfect non too sweet soft marzipan, topped with the sliced apricots. The filling called for 1TBS flaxseed, which you then grind. I skipped that and just used ready ground flax. This was a lovely taste, and kept well for a couple of days.
Rating: :)

Apricot Frangipane Tart

New Year's Eve

We decided to go with a spread of snacks for the actual NYE. By the time they landed, got through customs, and my parents drove them home, it was almost 8pm. So I was glad we hadn't planned for anything more complex. There was crusty bread, water crackers, veggie sticks, and GF rice crackers to go with Fenn Smoked Sesame Cheese, Kehoe Beetroot Dip, and Tartex Mushroom Pate. It was my first time trying the beetroot cashew dip, and it was surprisingly tangy....

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