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Sunday, 23 October


Australia and New Zealand ask International Whaling Commission to curb Japan's 'scientific' whaling program "IndyWatch Feed"

The International Whaling Commission is an Inter-governmental Organisation whose purpose is the conservation of whales and the management of whaling.  The legal framework of the IWC is the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.  This Convention was established in 1946, making it one of the first pieces of international environmental legislation.  All member countries of the IWC are signatories to this Convention.  The IWC has a current membership of 88 Governments from countries all over the world.

The Guardian, 21 October 2016:

Australia has thrown its weight behind a bid to outlaw large-scale commercial and so-called “scientific” whaling at a summit next week.

The International Whaling Commission meeting in Slovenia follows Japan’s recent slaughter of more than 300 minke whales, many of them pregnant, when they resumed so-called scientific whaling after a hiatus because the International Court of Justice ruled the hunts were not scientific and should cease.

Australia has put forward ...

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Saturday, 22 October


Del Spurlock: Trade and War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.

Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.


Keep your eye on the ball, Ohioans. Your “so-called”leaders, who robbed you of your jobs, decimated your communities, sent your young men and women to war, based on lies, and failed to recognize their value as citizen-soldiers upon their return are seeking a re-run, and a vote for Jim Jordan will assure their success. Ohio is not only a battlefield for Electoral votes, equally important, it is the staging ground for the ratification of the most undemocratic legislation in American history, (TPP) the Transpacific-Partnership. Jim Jordan will vote for it, because the Koch Brothers, who own him will demand it.

This is what TPP does to Ohioans of the Fourth Congressional District:

  1. Incentivizes moving more of your jobs offshore to low wage counties
  2. Undermines your food safety laws
  3. Empowers the drug companies to raise your rates and resticts current drug access to prople in underdeveloped nations
  4. Frees big banks of American regulations but keeps you on the hook for their failure
  5. Limits Buy America and local preferences ensuring, for example, that foreign steel will re-build America’s bridges
  6. Sets up foreign tribunals to attack our health and environmental laws if they restrict Corporate profits and demand taxpayer compensation.
  7. Opens your markets to goods produced through child labor, human trafficking and anti-LGBT abuses as in Vietnam and Maylasia.

These abuses of your expectations as citizens and of your sacrifices to protect American Sovereignty forfeit the democratic and economic birthright of all Americans. This potential danger was recognized in the only public discussions of the legal implications of our trade agreements in 1992. The record of those NAFTA Proceedings was ignored by the Clinton Administration and later Bush Administrations preventing your right to know how and why Americans were losing their jobs and communities to so-called free trade. (The record of those Proceedings, long hidden by our Department of Labor, can be viewed on Janet’s site) And don’t be fooled by the media characterization of TPP skeptics as backward and un-info...


October 23 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

42 BC  Roman Republican civil wars: Second Battle of Philippi – Mark Antony and Octavian decisively defeated Brutus’s army. Brutus committed suicide.

425 Valentinian III became Roman Emperor, at the age of 6.

502 The Synodus Palmaris, called by Gothic king Theodoric the Great, discharged Pope Symmachus of all charges, ending the schism ofAntipope Laurentius.

1086 At the Battle of az-Zallaqah, the army of Yusuf ibn Tashfin defeated the forces of Castilian King Alfonso VI.

1157 The Battle of Grathe Heath ended the civil war in Denmark. King Sweyn III was killed and Valdemar I restored the country.

1295 The first treaty forming the Auld Alliance between Scotland and France against England was signed in Paris.

1503  Isabella of Portugal, queen of Spain and empress of Germany was born (d. 1539)

1641 Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641.

1642  Battle of Edgehill: First major battle of the First English Civil War.

1694  British/American colonial forces, led by Sir William Phipps, fail to seize Quebec from the French.

1707 The first Parliament of Great Britain met.

1739 War of Jenkins’ Ear started: British Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, reluctantly declared war on Spain.

1812  Claude François de Malet...


Iconic APEC Haus to host 200 World leaders "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

PM Peter O'Neill turned ground today to mark the new site at which the iconic APEC Haus will be developed at the old sea park area at Ela Beach in Port Moresby.

The APEC Haus will host the Prime Ministers and Presidents of APEC’s 21 Member Economies, and Leaders from Pacific Islands Forum Nations at the APEC Papua New Guinea 2018 Leaders’ Summit.
APEC Haus will be built on reclaimed land at Ela Beach and will be an enduring legacy of Papua New Guinea’s hosting of APEC in November 2018.

This is another development described as a milestone achievement the country will see under the leadership of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in partnership with Oil Search Limited.

Again Oil Search will be partnering with the government to deliver infrastructures under the governments text credit schemes to deliver this iconic building for the APEC event in 2018.

Speaking during his keynote speech, Minister for Sports, National Events and APEC Justin Tkatchenko said the redevelopment of the building will cost K120 million with Global Construction Company taking the lead to construct the buildings foundation.

The Building will also show the traditions, cultures and the aspects of the Motu Koitabu people through the design on the building.
The new iconic building will cater for the 200 leaders who will be coming into the country for the APEC Summit.
The APEC Building is expected to be ready in July of 2018. PNGFM


China is Getting Lured Into Cheney’s Japanese Trap "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

34234123213123As the situation in the South-China Sea continues to detoriate, we should remember that it was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who took advantage of Japan’s role as host to the recent Group of 7 industrial nations’ annual summit to introduce a provocative resolution criticizing China’s presence in controversial islands of the East China Sea known in China as the Diaoyo Islands and in Japan as the Senkaku islands. The G7 resolution was part of a carefully orchestrated escalation of tensions, ultimately between USA and its Asian allies, proxy-led by Abe’s Japan against the Peoples’ Republic of China.

The US war “games” over the various largely uninhabited South and East China Seas islands, which have been getting very serious recently, must be seen in the light of parallel Washington war games aimed at militarily encircling Putin’s Russia with US troops stationed at the NATO-side of the Russian borders, US so-called anti-ballistic missile defense in Romania aimed at Russia, and the not-so-covert role of the CIA and Obama Administration via the State Department Über-warhawk Victoria Nuland to justify US and EU economic sanctions against Russia, itself a form of war.

The May 27 G7 Declaration states, “We are concerned about the situation in the East and South China Seas, and emphasize the fundamental importance of peaceful management and settlement of disputes.” Not the wording, but the fact that the G7, that was founded in the 1970’s to discuss economic problems, intervened in the issue is a significant escalation.

Why the fight over barren islands?

For decades following World War II the islands were uninhabited and, despite formal claims by China, Japan and Taiwan, no source of major tension. The Diaoyo (Senkaku) islands consist of eight uninhabited islands of 7 square kilometers in the East China Sea straddling China’s coast, Taiwan’s coast and Japan’s Okinawa, site of a major US military base. However, a close study of the map reveals that the three island groups have strategic and vital military significance in event of a future clash between Washington and China, and that they border international sea lanes that carry some $5 trillion annually of sea trade, mostly to China.

The Diaoyu Islands inside Chinese exclusive economic maritime zone are being u...


53 Students Off to Study in Malaysia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

53 students from Central province will be leaving for Malaysia to undergo further studies at Seri Stamford College in Malaysia.

The recipients of the Governor Haoda Scholarship Program consisted of 5 students from Goilala district, 20 from Rigo, 20 also from Kairuku-Hiri, and 8 from Abau.

In farewelling the students, Central Provincial Administrator Mr. Gei Guni Raga urged the students to make the most of the opportunity as the province needed more educated people to run it.
“Our Central students have been marginalised for too long. Spaces at the University cannot cater for a huge number of students and so we have come up with this initiative to send some of our best students to go out and get quality education”.
The scholarship is a joint venture between the Central Government and the Ilimo Township Development. The students were assured that if they had completed their studies and graduated, employment either with Ilimo Township Development or Central provincial government would be among the first choices they could choose from. PNGFM


Vanuatu Christians march against minority religious-based groups "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) organized what it terms as a biggest march through Port Vila this morning in protest against non-Christian faiths

In a nationwide appeal for support, Chairman of VCC, Pastor Allan Navuki told listeners of Radio Vanuatu to join the march today to pledge their support for their Christian faith.

He said the march was decided after VCC was advised by the government about a planned major conference of the Muslim faith in Vanuatu.

Pastor Navuki confirmed the VCC had also refused a reconciliation proposal from the minority Muslim faith.

“Vanuatu is a Christian country and this is embedded in our national constitution and we cannot risk our peace by allowing the rich denominations into our nation top influence what we already have,” he said.

“I am calling on all Christians to come in big numbers to show what we mean as a Christian nation”.

The march is one of the longest marches, beginning from Tagabe and ending up at the Saralana stage where various speeches were made by VCC leaders.

There are about 1000 members of the Muslim faith in Vanuatu.

 Loop Vanuatu



366 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

A picnic lunch with a great niece, great nephew, their parents and grand parents; dinner with friends and the All Blacks record-breaking 18th consecutive win.

It’s been a very happy Labour weekend Saturday and I’m grateful for it.

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1) Continuing Restrictions on Free Expression in West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) Minister vows to improve logistics flow in East Indonesia

3) Indonesia to apply uniform fuel prices next year


October 21, 2016

1) Continuing Restrictions on Free Expression in West Papua

UNPO conducted an interview with Aprila R.A. Wayar on her experiences as a journalist carrying out her professio...


How war dehumanises everyone it touches "IndyWatch Feed World"

Planet Earth (oD) – All acts of mass murder are crimes against humanity, and require a gross debasing of other people.

On a recent visit to one of my favourite haunts in London, Gloucester Books, I flicked through the secondhand paperbacks and old magazines that were fading in the sun. The leading article in a National Geographic Magazine commemorated the crews of the US Eighth Army Air Force for their forbearance and sacrifice during WW2. Nothing unusual in that, but the honour extended to their bombing raids over German cities. The story focused mainly on the former pilots and had photos of young men running towards their planes, waves and smiles as they climbed in, each touching for luck an illustration painted on the side of some forties’ pin-up girl with red lips.

The men, who were now grey-haired, appeared kind and benevolent, all the more so through their understandably emotional reunion. The editorial, too, was kind. It claimed that German civilians were regrettably but justifiably killed during ‘surgical’ bombing raids owing to legitimate enemy targets being situated near built-up residential areas. It sounded familiar, and sadly all too recent. I dropped the magazine into the pile in disgust.

I thought about the Lancaster bombers thundering through the night sky, wave after wave disgorging an evil alchemy over hundreds of thousands of civilians—the elderly unable to run, the children clutching toys, all bursting into flames. And I thought about the campaign of dehumanisation that continued into the last days of the war that portrayed all our enemies, and even their children, as less than human.

This campaign was hardly subtle, with the enemy depicted as bugs. Magazines carried cartoons showing Italians, Germans and Japanese as part cockroach, and prior to the mass incendiary bombing of Japanese cities, the US Marines’ magazine Leatherneck displayed a cartoon of a half-human, half-insect creature entitled Louseous Japanicas to accompany an article that called for “enemy breeding grounds to be completely annihilated.”

In the month following the article—March 1945—seemingly endless waves of B-29s roared across Tokyo, dropping one million bombs containing 2,000 tons of incendiaries. In under three hours, over 100,000 people lay dead and one million were homeless. The firebombing of...


Burma: Aid Blocked to Rakhine State "GroovUs Feed Nvideos"

Republic of the Union of Myanmar (HRW) – Humanitarian Groups, Journalists, and Rights Monitors Need Access.

The Burmese government and army should urgently ensure humanitarian aid can reach ethnic Rohingya and other vulnerable populations in northern Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch said today. Government security operations have cut off assistance to tens of thousands of people and forced many to flee their homes.

“Recent violence in northern Rakhine State has led the army to deny access to aid agencies that provide essential health care and food to people at grave risk,” said Brad Adams, Asia director. “The Rohingya and others have been especially vulnerable since the ethnic cleansing campaign in 2012, and many rely on humanitarian aid to survive.”

On October 9, 2016, armed men attacked three police outposts in Maungdaw township near the border with Bangladesh, killing nine police officers and seizing weapons. The President’s Office blamed a previously unknown Rohingya group called Aqa Mul Mujahidin for the attacks, though other officials have said it is unclear who was responsible.

Government security forces declared the area an “operation zone” and began sweeps to find the attackers. According to senior members of the government, security forces have killed 30 people, while five members of the security forces have also been killed. However, reporting is heavily reliant on government sources as journalists have been denied access.

Rohingya activists have alleged that government forces have committed serious abuses during the current operations, including summary executions and the burning of villages.

Since October 9, authorities have blocked all aid deliveries to Maungdaw township and aid agencies have not been able to conduct a needs assessment. “We have asked [for access] from township level to Union level,” a World Food Programme (WFP) partnerships officer said. “The official explanation [for being denied access] is that security operations are ongoing.”

Recent violence in n...


The work of Richard Charles Niemtzow, 1975-1991 "IndyWatch Feed National"


Recently, while reading Jacque Vallee’s latest book, ‘Forbidden Science – Volume Three,’ (2016. Documatica Research, LLC) I became interested in the research conducted by Richard Charles Niemtzow; an American researcher. I therefore undertook a literature search for material about him, and ended up compiling this post.


Richard Charles Niemtzow was born on 18 April 1942 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He attended the Admiral Farrgut Academy, High School, June 1960, in Pine Beach, New Jersey; then Emory University, Pre-Med Physics Major, 1960-1964, Atlanta, Georgia.

Between 1964-1965 he gained a BA at Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont. He then undertook training to become a Medical Doctor, between 1965-1976 at Universite de Montpellier Faculte de Medecine, Montpellier, France.

He then gained a PhD in Biological Sciences, from Pacific Western University, Los Angeles, in February 1985. May 1992 saw him gain a Master’s degree in Public Health. He then attended the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, and became a Flight Surgeon, class of 891003, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas. [1]

The APRO Bulletin. Vol. 23 No. 5 March 1975. pp1&6



All Blacks versus Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The All Blacks are playing Australia in a Bledisloe Cup match in Auckland, although with two wins already the cup is not at stake. What is at stake is pride, and there will be plenty of that. And perhaps a record of 18 consecutive wins, although the Wallabies are contesting strongly so far. Here is […]


Today’s Trivia "IndyWatch Feed"

Welcome to Daily Trivia. The world’s heaviest ball of twine weighs 21K pounds and was created by a man named JFK over the last 37 years. He says that in 1979 God told him to quit drinking and turn to twine. It’s hard to tell if he stopped drinking then.  (Source)   The brewery in […]

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Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed"

Whaleoil Backchat is brought to you byuse coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You don’t have to stay “on topic” in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. […]

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New Zealand v Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

This is tonight’s Rugby Post.  Please do not talk about this game in Backchat.  Even when the game is over, do not post the results or talk about the score, as there may be people waiting to watch it delayed.    You know what to do:  put your score guess in the comments before the […]

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Hillary Clinton: Threatening China and Asia-Pacific Security "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Much has been said about Hillary Clinton’s hostility towards Russia. The Democratic candidate attacks her Republican rival Donald Trump, accusing him of harboring sympathy for Moscow. But Russia is not the only country Mrs. Clinton is hostile to. China policy ranks very high in the presidential race. Neither Trump nor Clinton treats China as a friend in this campaign...


And… Kiss! "IndyWatch Feed"

  Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama was on Saturday welcomed to Government House in Auckland for his first official New Zealand visit since he took power in a coup in 2006. Mr Bainimarama was greeted with a powhiri and a military inspection before he sat down with Prime Minister John Key for talks. Mr Key […]

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The advantage for National if they win Mt Roskill "IndyWatch Feed"

Rob Hosking explains how National would gain an advantage in the extremely unlikely event they won Mt Roskill in the by-election. National has one large advantage in the byelection – well, two, perhaps. There are significant benefits from what is still, despite a fairly lacklustre run since re-election at the end of 2014, an aura […]

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Is benefit fraud a NCEA course? "IndyWatch Feed"

If benefit fraud is an NCEA course this women seems to have got at least a “merit”. With points deducted only for getting caught. A Kapiti woman who fraudulently claimed $131,371 in social welfare benefits has been sentenced to 10 months’ home detention. Georgina Harry-Anne Marama Kelly Kraus , also known as Georgina Huriwaka, 39, pleaded […]

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Dabster – one that is especially skilled; expert; one who is master of their profession; a handy person; a dabbler or bungler;  an unskilled hand; a person who works in a superficial or clumsy manner.

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Good point Chris, why do Labour keep going around and around in circles? "IndyWatch Feed"

Chris Trotter wonders why Labour constantly goes round and round in circles. WHY DOES LABOUR do it? Why is it forever tying itself up in ethical knots and programmatic contradictions? Its policy-making does not seem to proceed from any discernible core of political principle. On the contrary, it comes across as the sort of haphazard […]

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Adrienne Jansen: Migrant Stories "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

You’re at the airport. You want a cab so you head for the long line of taxis sitting on the rank. You take the first. Chances are the driver will be a first generation migrant – the taxi industry in New Zealand has become a microcosm of multiculturalism. Adrienne Jansen and Liz Grant Recounting the migrant experience By […]


France: Solidarity with prisoners of the Social War "IndyWatch Feed War"


From Bordered by Silence

Solidarity Weekend for Prisoners of the Social War
Saturday October 29 and Sunday October 30

How do we demonstrate our solidarity with shared acts of revolt, even in the face of repression?

In this period of war and of generally heightened tension, the unbearable conditions under which we’re made to live are maintained by fear. Fear of losing your job and of coming up short at the end of the month, fear of police, fear of prison. This feeling is driven home by the indefinite extension of the state of emergency and by locking away for ever longer those who remain recalcitrant. And yet, there are so many reasons to revolt against this world of cash and cops, and so no wonder that many people don’t give in to resignation and continue to take action against it all, in small groups or in a crowd, by day or by night. Because the social war against the deadly rule of state and capital, there can be no truce: attacks against borders, rebellions in jail, escapes from detention centres, sabotage against the construction of airports or of high-tension power lines. Ransacking schools, burning construction equipment or the cables that permit the flow of information and transportation. Destroying campaign offices, riots following yet another police killing, daily hustles to avoid wage slavery… Beyond any law, whether earthly or divine, this routine disorder is able to flourish freely.

These past months, many of us have been thrilled to see the spread of offensive street actions, including in unpermitted marches not organized by unions or parties. From clashes with the guard dogs of the state and property and to the fiery destruction of their tools of the trade; from the smashed windows of businesses and the occasional looting of their contents, to burning Porsches and AutoLibs(1), and to blockades of high schools; even the occasional attack on snitch journalists and managing to break free of the union marshals — all this has come to shake up the arrogance of the powerful. In all (these) forms of struggle, not just those of the current “social movement”, self-organization and direct action are essential to break from the pacification imposed by consumer relations and the terrorism of the state. Afte...


Podesta Adani WikiLeak: Clinton Presidency will hold mirror to Turnbull’s climate inaction "IndyWatch Feed"

MEDIA STATEMENT – 22 October 2016

Revelations via WikiLeaks in The Australian newspaper today that a major US philanthropist has been emailing the senior advisor to the likely next US President, about the expansion of coal mining in Australia, highlights a major diplomatic risk for the Turnbull government: that a Clinton Administration will hold a mirror to Australia’s climate inaction and pursuit of new coal reserves, says Executive Director of The Sunrise Project, Mr John Hepburn.

Find here an email written by John Hepburn, forwarded to John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign, former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Obama which is now on the Wikileaks site.

“It is no surprise that the ongoing expansion of coal mining in Australia is on the radar of Clinton’s most senior advisor. While the world is ratifying the Paris Climate agreement in record time, Australia is becoming a global embarrassment for being the first developed country to go backwards on climate policy and fast-tracking the approval of new coal mines,” said Mr Hepburn.

“With the UN Climate Conference in Marrakesh only weeks away, this leak adds to the wider pattern of international concern over Australia’s failure to meet our international obligations and dogged commitment to give special treatment to the coal industry while the rest of the world rapidly shifts to clean energy.

“In January, the Obama Administration implemented a moratorium on new coal mines on public land in the US. The UK has closed its last coal mine and China will close more than 1,000 coal mines in 2016, yet our government is still in the thrall of mining companies like Adani at a time when scientists are confirming that barely any carbon budget remains.

“Of course we and other environmental groups are fighting tooth and nail to stop the Adani project. It should not be allowed to proceed. It is a highly polluting project by a shonky company with an appalling track record of environmental abuse. If built, the Adani Carmichael mine will be a carbon bomb that is completely incompat...


Witness list for next Nuclear Citizens’ Jury 29 October South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Pro nuclear witnesses in RED. Probably Leaning to pro – orange Neutral (or I don’t know) in Yellow Leaning to nuclear free – light green Nuclear free -GREEN

It is not clear exactly which individuals are to be the facilitators.

Safety (1)

(includes overview and focus on impact on human health)



Dr Sami Hautakangas (alternate for Timo Äikäs)
Dr Margaret Beavis
Dr Robert Hall (alternate for Professor Tilman Ruff)
Dr Stephan Bayer (alternate for John Carlson)
Dr Tony Hooker (added by democracyCo from Fact Check queries)
Dr Ian Fairlie (via Skype)
Dr Jim Green
Safety (2)


(includes general safety, siting and transport)





Dr John Loy (alternate for Carl-Magnus Larsson)


Premier Jay Weatherill’s Nuclear Waste Decisions in November South Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Weatherill nuclear dreamDavid Noonan, 22 Oct 16 In mid-late November Premier Weatherill intends to announce his SA gov decision and go to the SA Parliament to amend the Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Prohibition Act 2000 – at a minimum: to repeal the prohibition on spending public monies on nuclear waste plans (as per the likely ‘amber light’ Citizen Jury outcome over the first weekend in Nov).

This has to follow on from release of the SA Parliamentary Inquiry Report, likely in the week of Parliamentary sittings 15th to 17th Nov. The SA Liberals have privately said they will not give their position while the Citizen’s Jury is on, and will not do so until after this Inquiry reports.

The Premier will likely go to Parliament in the final scheduled sitting week of 29th Nov to 1st Dec (with an ‘optional sitting week’ in early Dec – which is very rarely ever used). The Premier requires the SA Liberals to agree to his proposed changes.

Appears unlikely the SA Liberals will agree to repeal the key prohibitions on import, transport, storage and disposal of International nuclear waste (at this time) BUT likely agree to repeal the prohibition on spending public funds – in a ‘further information’ style approach.

The Premier will then formally ask the Federal government to jointly work up the Inter dump plan along-side the SA gov through-out 2017 and in the lead up to the March 2018 State election. The Premier would then have to return to Parliament to repeal the key prohibitions on import, transport, storage and disposal of nuclear waste – potentially late in 2017 OR after the State Election.

Note: Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas MLC (the lead Liberal on the Parliamentary Inquiry) has made media statements (as an individual) that the extent of public funds required to be spent before SA knows if this plan could go ahead – “is a potential deal breaker”;

And has also cast doubt on the potential eco­nomic benefits: warning it was not possible to verify “some of the financial ­estimates in terms of what the state might earn from this facility”.

see:SA nuclear dump dreams just fool’s gold: senior Lib The Australian 29 Sept 2016:


Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed"

Boston in the Fall from Hans Johnson Studios on Vimeo.

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Australia desperately needs to discuss our poisoned military role – Pine Gap and other targets "IndyWatch Feed"

map-Australia-targets-when China looks at Australia, it will see Australia as an American base

“I think fundamentally we have to ask is that really the way we want to go. The signal we’re sending to Americans is that if they go to war with China, sure, we’ll be part of that.”

“It is embedding us in global military operations for which there is little strategic benefit for Australia.”

We are told mass surveillance makes us safer and in our fear we accept growing militarisation….. these facilities most likely don’t protect us, but put us at greater risk….These are the questions we don’t discuss.

US military bases in Australia: Protecting us or putting us at risk?    Emma Reynolds @emmareyn OCTOBER 2, 2016 THE US is strengthening a network of secretive military bases across Australia that could be used for waging wars against our interests, it was claimed at a weekend summit.


HORS DE COMBAT "IndyWatch Feed"

Folks ... limited blogging for a time ... of great relief to many I'm sure.   Short story, had a major incident with an escalator in Auckland and came off a clear second best.  Casevaced to the Auckland Hospital where a CAT scan should some bleeding on the brain ... apart from that no real injuries; sutures in the head, a gash on the arms and left leg, a fair amount of bruising and an interesting set of imprints on my shoulder made coming in contact with the escalator treads as I cartwheeled my way back down ... one unkind observer said it was a gold medal performance. Also a badly damaged ego and and suit to match.  

NO, I had not been drinking, back foot slipped.

The head warder in the neurosurgical ward has agreed that I should be released with time off for good behavior so I'm heading back to Paihia.

Going to go light on blogging for the next few days.

Great kudos to the Auckland hospital.   Their professionalism was unquestioned.  Their care and attention was superb.   I didn't want for anything.   It was a five star facility with five star service.


Australia’s deplorable nuclear disarmament policy "IndyWatch Feed"


The coming anti-science revolution – starting with the Trumpocene "IndyWatch Feed"

In Australia, we have a senator who similarly sees climate change as a thing made up by the UN. Our top-rating radio host, Alan Jones, has said climate science is “witchcraft”.

Now, before I go on, there’s a prevailing view (often expressed in the comments of this blog) that climate science deniers and oddballs like Alex Jones should be ignored. In some ways, those commenters are right.

But then you look at the popularity of people like Jones and see that, to increasing numbers of people, they are not people to be ignored, but are paragons of fearless truth-telling.

There’s a demographic to which rhetoric from people like Jones and, more broadly, Trump, appeals.

For a while, maybe the Trumpocene and the Anthropocene can coexist.

But even though they exist on separate plains, can we really afford to dismiss the impact of either of them?

Book Anthropocene

trump-hawkWe are approaching the Trumpocene, a new epoch where climate change is just a big scary conspiracy Graham Readfearn

Websites pushing climate science denial are growing their audience in an era where populist rhetoric and the rejection of expertise is gaining traction For years now geologists have been politely but forcefully arguing over the existence or otherwise of a new epoch – one that might have started decades ago.

Some of the world’s most respected geologists and scientists reckon humans have had such a profound impact on the Earth that we’ve now moved out of the Holocene and into the Anthropocene.

It’s not official. But it’s close.

Dropping nuclear bo...


Serious Voter fraud revealed in Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

We revealed on Whaleoil that “extreme left wing, hate speech blogger, ” Martyn Bradbury (or as we like to call him Martyn Martin ) was enrolled to vote twice at the last election. One enrollment was for Martin Bradbury and the other for Martyn Bradbury. For the two enrollments to occur two separate forms had […]

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Top nuclear shill, James Voss, imported to lecture South Australians on the benefits of nuclear "IndyWatch Feed"

nuke-spruikersSmTrisha Dee Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 22 Oct 16   Leading international nuclear industry executives have descended on Adelaide. James Voss has global links in the nuclear industry at the highest level. Through UCL he is lecturing South Australians on the glories of nuclear. Voss is the ex-MD of Pangea Resources – a failed joint venture attempt to bring High Level nuclear waste to Australia in the late 1990s. We need community driven, not industry driven initatives.


Stark choice – eliminate nuclear weapons – or they’ll eliminate us "IndyWatch Feed"

bombed cityEliminate nuclear weapons – or they’ll eliminate us Lew Patrie  Will you help end our terrible love affair with nuclear weapons that threatens us all?

“Our species faces the stark choice of either eliminating the world’s nuclear weapons, or they will eliminate us”, so said Joseph Rotblat, senior Manhattan Project scientist who quit the project for ethical reasons after the Hiroshima bombing in 1945. These dangers are now greater than ever. Dealing with this threat to human survival is the main reason that Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) exists.

The 2016 World Conference against atomic and hydrogen bombs confirmed that nuclear powers still maintain more than 15,000 nuclear warheads, half ours. About 1,000 of them are ready for immediate launch.

Dr. Ira Helfand, active with PSR and International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, has provided evidence that detonating even 100 nuclear weapons in a limited nuclear war could cause the deaths of as many as 2 billion people from massive starvation due to crop failures caused by a prolonged nuclear winter.

Recently, the risk of outbreak of nuclear war has sharply increased due to deteriorating relations between Russia and the U.S. Both nations are building smaller, more usable nuclear weapons.

Competing U.S./NATO and Russian military exercises have raised international tensions. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry has stated that nuclear war is more likely than...


Japan’s ruling party might lose next election on the nuclear issue "IndyWatch Feed"

Abe,-Shinzo-nukeLDP may lose next election if nuclear exit becomes main issue: ex-PM  KYODO  OCT 21, 2016

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said the pro-nuclear ruling party of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could lose the next Lower House election if nuclear power becomes the main election issue.

Citing recent gubernatorial election wins for candidates concerned about restarting nuclear power plants in Niigata and Kagoshima prefectures, Koizumi said during a recent interview with Kyodo News, “(Anti-nuclear) opinions are beginning to grow . . . that could influence the (next) House of Representatives election.”

If opposition parties unite in fielding anti-nuclear candidates and make complete phase-out of the country’s nuclear plants one of the top election issues, they can defeat the ruling Liberal Democratic Party by tapping into voter fears following the 20111 Fukushima meltdowns, Koizumi said.

The current term of Lower House lawmakers expires in December 2018, but some senior LDP officials have said Abe might dissolve the house for an election early next year.

Koizumi, who promoted nuclear power generation as prime minister between 2001 and 2006, has become an active anti-nuclear campaigner. He has repeatedly criticized Abe and the way his government is dealing with the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

“There is no way that a party which ignores the will of the public can maintain its hold on power,” said Koizumi, who retired from politics in 2009.

Koizumi also said that the main opposition Democratic Party “has not realized that the nuclear...


Ukraine pulls out of deal to pay Russia for nuclear waste disposal "IndyWatch Feed"

text-relevantUkraine to stop paying Russia for nuclear waste disposal : 21 Oct, 2016 From next year Ukraine is not going to pay Russia $200 million annually to remove spent nuclear fuel from the country, according to Ukrainian Energy Minister IgorNasalik.

The country will build its own spent nuclear fuel storage facility, the minister announced.

The storage site chosen is in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power, but it is not designed to store nuclear waste for a long time.

The exclusion zone is a 30-kilometer radius from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant established by the USSR soon after the 1986 accident.

Construction of the new central used fuel storage facility is expected to start in March 2017, according to a director of a subsidiary of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant operator Energoatom.

European nuclear industry experts are concerned the Ukrainian project does not meet standards for nuclear safety and creates a risk of a radioactive accident.

In August, the former director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Mikhail Umanets warned of the rising number of emergency situations in Ukraine’s nuclear energy sector, stressing the country would face a “collapse” in the sector within seven years……



Erin offers to dig for dirt on toxin shock "IndyWatch Feed"

US environment crusader Erin Brockovich has vowed to advocate on behalf of residents affected by the Defence Department’s Adelaide contamination scandal.(subscribers only)


Doubts over Australia’s Department of Environment Regulation (DER) commitment to public health "IndyWatch Feed"

Environment regulator questioned over its measuring of how it protects public health, ABC News By Rebecca Turner, 20 Oct 16, The environmental regulator has been questioned why it is using the speed at which it issues environmental approvals to measure its effectiveness at protecting public health and the environment.

Between the lines of the department’s 2015-16 annual report lies a simmering disagreement between the public sector watchdog, auditor-general Colin Murphy, and the director-general of the Department of Environmental Regulation, Jason Banks.

Mr Murphy has taken the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) to task for choosing to monitor how effectively it fulfils one of its key roles — ensuring pollution and land clearing do not put the health of Western Australians or their environment at risk — by measuring how quickly it finalises environmental approvals, permits and investigations……..

While the disagreement is being played out in the most bureaucratic of language in a document which is likely to gather dust on departmental shelves, it is an interesting insight into how policy debates are conducted among public servants.

For example, Mr Murphy chose to issue a qualified opinion on the department’s annual report, a serious matter in the world of auditing.

He was critical of how the department used four Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  which focused on the timeliness of regulatory activities — including the percentage of major resource projects work approvals decided within 60 days — to measure how it was avoiding risks to public health and the environment.

He called the KPIs to assess its effectiveness as a regulator “not relevant”…….

While the nature of this new KPI is unknown, this year’s annual report marked the first time the department has not published KPIs which show how many times environmental pollution exceeded safe guidelines.

It has prompted Greens MP Lynn Maclaren to call on the WA Government to reinstate vigorous environmental health and air quality measuring in the annual report.

Ms Maclaren said she agreed with the auditor-general, who had raised a serious issue with a department which she claimed was shifting its focus away from ensuring a healthy environment and towards speedy development approvals.

“Who else is going to challenge the director-general in this way?” she said.”It shows that he is taking his job very seriously.”



Coal Seam Gas industry far too influential in CSIRO research "IndyWatch Feed"

‘No-brainer’: Calls for CSIRO to make its CSG gas research more independent , The Age, Peter Hannam, 19 Oct 16  The CSIRO needs to ensure its research into coal seam gas remains independent of industry if it’s to win over opponents worried about environmental and social impacts, The Australia Institute (TAI) argues in a new paper.

The report highlighted how the original research advisory committee of the CSIRO-led body – known as the Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) – had been dominated by industry representatives and the CSIRO.

While this committee have since been split into NSW and Queenslandones, industry continues to have a significant presence that raised doubts about how arm’s length the research work could be, said Matt Grudnoff, a researcher with the TAI.

“It’s not just the industry is sponsoring this research,” Mr Grudnoff said. “Industry also sits at the table that decides the questions, and decides what projects get funded.” “It’s a no-brainer that they should get gas executives off these research committees” if the industry wanted to be accepted by communities worried about interference and possible contamination of aquifers from CSG wells, he said.

The industry also wants to convince the public that gas is cleaner than coal as part of efforts to gain “social licence”, Mr Grudnoff said. CSIRO executives will face a fresh grilling at Senate estimates on Thursday.

Emails released earlier this year revealed the nation’s premier research agency was looking to shift its emphasis away from “science for science sake”.

“Public good is not enough, needs to be linked to jobs and growth, but science that leads to SLO [social licence to operate] is OK,” Andreas Schiller, an executive in the Oceans and Atmosphere division, said in one email.

According to CSIRO, GISERA funding totalled $13.05 million for the 2014-15 to 2016-17 years. Industry chipped in about half, or $6.65 million, with governments and CSIRO providing the rest…….



Map of the Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Geologic provinces of the world Click here for larger view  

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How does get fucked sound? "IndyWatch Feed"

The boxing bludgers have their hands out for taxpayer cash. Joseph Parker’s promoters are asking for taxpayers’ money to ensure the New Zealand heavyweight boxer gets a world title fight in Auckland in December. Promoter Dean Lonergan told the Herald last week that Duco Events will require sponsorship and funding to the tune of seven […]

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“There are cases of contamination that happen all over the country that people don’t hear about” "IndyWatch Feed"

  Water managers have been told they need to take a stronger lead in ensuring communities in New Zealand are supplied with safe drinking water. Around two hundred water sector leaders and representatives attended a panel discussion on the implications of the Havelock North Water contamination crisis as part of the three day Water New […]

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Russia Deploys Entire Northern Fleet To Syria For War "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

(ANTIMEDIA) Moscow is sending a blunt message to its American counterparts by dispatching a major aircraft carrier battlegroup to conduct operations in Syria, while another Russian spy ship appears to be surveying underwater internet cables in the region.

The Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, is currently conducting live-fire exercises with its escort vessels between Scotland and Norway and is expected to remain on-station off the coast of Syria for at least four months. It is leading a fleet of eight Russian ships.

The move comes as Russia and the United States continue to disagree over the fate of the Syrian conflict. It is speculated to be in anticipation of an expansion of the Syrian war. As U.S.-backed Iraqi forces look to liberate ISIS’ last major stronghold within Iraqi territory, many are rightly predicting the focus of the so-called war against ISIS will shift to Syria.

As observed by Kingston University historian and Russian navy observer, Dr. Alex Clarke:

“The war against Daesh will be moving into Syria, more focus will be on there – just as it is, there were will [sic] a large Russian led task force off its Mediterranean coast. This is going to shift the balance of power within the area, even more in favour of Assad; simply because it will complicate the task for other nations wishing to support their own allies within the conflict.”

Dr. Clarke also suggested such a move would represent a shift in the balance of world military power, particularly in light of the timing of joint Russian-Chinese exercises being conducted in the disputed South China Sea.

Although it is unclear whether the U.S. will be deterred by Russia’s military posturing in Syria (especially once the country has sworn in an all but certain President Clinton), Russia may have some hidden strategies in deploying these warships to the region. As reported by the New Zealand Herald:

“Author and military analyst H.I. Sutton is one of several observers who ha...


Reality TV: When You Move On The Homeless, Make Sure The Media Is Around "IndyWatch Feed"

This week, Brisbane City Council ordered police in to break up a homeless camp on the edge of the Brisbane CBD. Along for the ride, of course, were media. Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri takes aim.

This week, Brisbane City Council hit a new low when it evicted a group of residents who were sleeping rough under the Go Between Bridge in South Brisbane.

It seems the council saw fit to tip off the mainstream media in advance so they could film the moment when police and enforcement officers moved in, but neglected to inform or consult me as the local councillor for the area.

Responding to homelessness by moving people on is not sweeping the mess under the rug. It is better described as adding more crap to the mess, smearing it around with your foot, spitting in it, then hiding it under multiple rugs in different parts of the house.

Last Thursday, people not only lost a lot of possessions and a dry place to sleep. They lost access to a community meeting place where they could share resources and information, socialise with visiting friends, and find relative safety in numbers.

Brisbane City Councillor Jonathan Sri (Greens), .Brisbane City Councillor Jonathan Sri (Greens).

The stated justification for the mass move on order was ‘public safety and hygiene concerns’. A cynic might say that that’s code for “Wealthy developers and investors complained that the rough sleepers were devaluing their new apartments.”

Before we get carried away with media reports of urinating, swearing and drinking in public, we should remember that rough sleepers are not degenerate ‘vagrants’. They are human beings just like the rest of us, who happen to be on the wrong end of a ruthless and economically unsustainable housing bubble.

Homelessness is complex, particularly under the bridges along Kurilpa Peninsula, where people have sought refuge and shelter for decades. Every so often, Brisbane City Council forcibly breaks up these makeshift camps, but does very little to address the underlying problems.

Most rough sleepers have significant physical or mental health issues for which they do not receive sufficient support and treatment. Many homeless people struggle to access welfare payments because they don’t have a fixed address or a reliable phone, let alone the skills and education to navigate a prohibitively bureaucratic application process.

When you’re homeless, almost everything costs more. Your bedding and clothing wears out quicker because you don’t have a safe, dry....


Saudi Sheep “deal” is going to require a scalp "IndyWatch Feed"

An Ombudsman’s interim decision released about the existence or otherwise of legal advice on the multimillion dollar Saudi sheep deal shows MFAT has failed to back up the Prime Minister’s claims on the matter, says Labour MP David Parker. “The Prime Minister and Murray McCully have both repeatedly claimed that there was a legal risk […]

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“Make A Wish List” Russia Tells Duterte, As New Asian Axis Forms "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Tyler Durden

Yesterday, when Philippine president Duterte finally took the plunge to announce his “separation” from the US (even if his government has backtracked somewhat today), he said that not only would he “realign” himself in China’s ideological flow but, in a nuance that was missed by many, said that “I will also go to Russia to talk to (President Vladimir) Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world – China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way.”

To be sure, an offical axis between China, Russia and a nation that until recently was a core US ally in the Pacific Rim – whose loss would be a huge slap in the face of Obama and whoever replaced him as president – would be music to Putin’s ears, which is why just minutes after Philippine president announced his stunning separation from the US, Russia’s ambassador to the country promptly said Moscow is ready to provide assistance to and fully cooperate with Manila.

“Formulate your wish list. What kind of assistance do you expect from Russia and we will be ready to sit down with you and discuss what can and should be done,” Russian Ambassador Igor Khovaev told GMA News on Friday. He then went on to state that Russia is open to working with the Philippines in “any area, any field of possible cooperation.”

The ambassador assured the news outlet that Moscow would not “interfere with the domestic affairs of a sovereign state,” and that the “true Russia” is much different than the one portrayed in Hollywood films. Khovaev added that the Philippines and Russia “deserve to know each other much, much better.”

The aggresive, if diplomatic brownnosing continued, when the ambassador also said that Duterte impressed Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting in Laos last month, and that...


Photo of the Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister 1945 -2015 Born to Lose, Lived to Win Baddest Mother…… of Rock ‘n’ Roll This Post is for Nige Baby… Lemmy was a true hell-raiser and his tales of half a century of hard partying often left interviewers lost for words. Even in his older years he’d hang out in The Rainbow […]

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Saturday’s smiles "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

An old man and a young boy were travelling through their village with
their donkey.

The boy rode on the donkey and the old man walked.  As they went along they passed some people who remarked it was a shame the old man was walking and the boy was riding. 

The man and boy thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions.  Later, they passed some people who remarked, “What a shame, he makes that little boy walk.”

They then decided they both would walk. 

Soon they passed some more people who thought they were stupid to walk when they had a decent donkey to ride. So, they both rode the donkey. 

Now they passed some people who shamed them by saying “how awful to put such a load on a poor donkey”.

The boy and man said they were probably right, so they decided to carry the donkey.  But as they crossed a bridge, they lost their grip on the animal and he fell into the river and drowned.

The moral of the story?

If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your ass good-bye.

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Germans Are Leaving Germany ‘In Droves’ "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

source: Zero Hedge
Submitted by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute


  • More than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, left Germany during the past decade.Die Welt.
  • Germany is facing a spike in migrant crime, including an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germany. Many Germans appear to be losing hope about the future direction of their country.
  • “We refugees… do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with you…. Why do you not go to another country? We are sick of you!” — Aras Bacho an 18-year-old Syrian migrant, in Der Freitag, October 2016.
  • A real estate agent in a town near Lake Balaton, a popular tourist destination in western Hungary, said that 80% of the Germans relocating there cite the migration crisis as the main reason for their desire to leave Germany.
  • “I believe that Islam does not belong to Germany. I regard it as a foreign entity which has brought the West more problems than benefits. In my opinion, many followers of this religion are rude, demanding and despise Germany.” — A German citizen who emigrated from Germany, in an “Open Letter to the German Government.”
  • “I believe that immigration is producing major and irreversible changes in German society. I am angry that this is happening without the direct approval of German citizens. … I believe that it is a shame that in Germany Jews must again be afraid to be Jews.” — A German citizen who emigrated from Germany, in an “Open Letter to the German Government.”
  • “My husband sometimes says he has the feeling that we are now the largest minority with no lobby. For each group there is an institution, a location, a public interest, but for us, a heterosexual married couple with two children, not unemployed, neither handicapped nor Islamic, for people like us there is no longer any interest.” — “Anna,” in a letter to the Mayor of Munich about her decision to move her family out of the city because migrants were making her life there impossible.



Not To Be Outdone "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia's ABC programme of late has made a specialty of serving up manufactured and false horror stories based on footage shot anything up to four years ago.  (Turnbull was dumb enough to fall for it, in one instance.)

Not to be out done, New Zealand's oleaginous ratbag tabloid continues to feature political analysis written fourteen months ago.  Of course, the fact that these pieces seem to boost Winston Peters and denigrate the National Party is entirely coincidental.

Note the aging headline for an aging charlatan.

Winston becoming NZ's Churchill


Assaults on guards up since SERCO got the boot "IndyWatch Feed"

Who is going to be held to account for the massive increase in assaults on guards since Serco were given the boot? Assaults on prison guards by inmates have increased by more than 100 in the last year. But the Department of Corrections say that a three-year staff safety plan will “directly contribute to making […]

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Birding from VdF: Todos Santos "IndyWatch Feed World"

Oasis Playa Las Palmas de San Pedro, near Todos Santos

Oasis Playa Las Palmas de San Pedro, near Todos Santos

Check out my last post for an introduction to this series and to read about the Sierra de la Laguna.

At three hours away from Villa del Faro, the town of Todos Santos is a bit of a stretch for a day trip, but could be accomplished by a determined driver or could be an addition to a stay here on the East Cape. Todos Santos is a very pleasant town on the Pacific coast of the southern Baja Peninsula, and two spots in particular are relatively well-visited by birders in the region: a little wetland area right by the beach at the southern edge of town called La Poza de Todos Santos (poza meaning “pool” or “puddle”) and a hotel associated with the spot called Hotel Posada la Poza (posada meaning “inn” or “lodge”).

When I walked around the neighborhood of the hotel in question, I saw very few birds and a couple thousands gnats, which fought with several dozen mosquitos to land on any exposed skin. After half an hour of wandering around and not finding any sort of pond or lagoon, I abandoned the effort to go further south to Playa Las Palmas de San Pedro, which I knew from the day prior was more easily fruitful. Looking at a map more closely after the fact, however, I realize that I was actually just a tad too far north to see the Poza, since I was constricted by fences in the spot where I parked and headed in the wrong direction. I can’t tell whether one needs to be on the hotel property to reach the best spot, but on eBird the hotel hotspot has far more species than the natural landmark hotspot does.

Playa Las Palmas, as seen from the southern hill

Playa Las Palmas, as seen from the southern hill

From Todos Santos, a ten minute drive south will take you to the “exit” for Playa Las Palmas, which Jocelyn described in her post earlier this month. Ten more minutes on a rough dirt road will lead to a parking area where you can walk to the beach and from there to the “oasis” mentioned in the area’s eBird hotspot, which was less gnatty an...


Are you a Libertarian? "IndyWatch Feed"

Take the easy ten question quiz to see if you are a Lesbian Librarian   Libertarian

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Kelompok HAM minta pemerintah sambut ajakan 6 Negara Pasifik soal Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Jayapura, Jubi – Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) menyampaikan apresiasi mendalam kepada enam negara-negara Pasifik yang telah mengangkat dugaan pelanggaran HAM di Papua serta pengormatan terhadap hak penentuan nasib sendiri bagi rakyat Papua. AHRC mengakui bahwa pelanggaran HAM sudah terjadi puluhan tahun di Papua, dan tidak ada upaya serius oleh pemerintah Indonesia untuk menanganinya. AHRC…

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Aktivis HAM: Penuntasan kasus HAM Papua, jalan penyelesaian Papua yang lebih besar "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Jayapura, Jubi – Penyelesaian kasus-kasus pelanggaran HAM masa lalu di Papua adalah kewajiban mendesak pemerintah RI, sebagai salah satu cara penyelesaian masalah Papua yang lebih besar. Hal tersebut ditekankan Papang Hidayat, peneliti Amnesty Internasional, kepada Jubi Kamis (13/10/2016), menanggapi tawaran kemungkinan penyelesaian HAM nonyudisial oleh Menkopolhukam Wiranto terkait kasus-kasus pelanggaran HAM masa lalu, termasuk di…

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Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"



Brazil Charges 21 People With Homicide in BHP Mining Dam Collapse "IndyWatch Feed"

It is a shame PNG did not hold BHP mining executives similarly accountable over Ok Tedi and never seems to consider criminal charges in other cases of severe environmental damage

Last year’s failure of the Fundão dam released a torrent of sludge that washed away villages.

Last year’s failure of the Fundão dam released a torrent of sludge that washed away villages.

Current and former officials from Vale SA and BHP Billiton and joint venture Samarco Mineração named

Paul Kiernan | Wall Street Journal | October 20 2016

Brazilian federal prosecutors filed homicide charges Thursday against 21 people in connection with a catastrophic collapse of a mining dam last year that killed 19 people.

Those charged include current and former top executives of mining giants Vale SA and BHP Billiton Ltd. and their joint venture, Samarco Mineração SA. Among them are former Samarco Chief Executive Ricardo Vescovi, Vale’s current iron-ore director Peter Poppinga, and eight Vale and BHP representatives at Samarco.

The charges mark the end of a nearly year long criminal investigation into the Nov. 5, 2015, failure of Samarco’s Fundão tailings dam in southeast Brazil.

Believed to be the biggest disaster of its kind anywhere, the incident released a torrent of sludge that washed away villages, displaced hundreds of people and traveled more than 400 miles through southeast Brazil’s Rio Doce basin before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. Almost a year later, the river is still tainted a rusty red from sediment, its washed-out banks visible from the cruising altitude of commercial airliners.

Additional charges against the 21 individuals include the crimes of causing a flood, landslide and grave bodily harm. Vale, BHP and Samarc...


PBB Surati RI Tanyakan Pembunuhan Orang Asli Papua "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

SUVA, FIJI, SATUHARAPAN.COM - Sebuah komite yang berada di bawah naungan Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa, Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) diketahui telah mengirimkan surat notifikasi kepada perwakilan tetap Indonesia di PBB tentang berbagai tuduhan dan dugaan kekerasan dan diskriminasi rasial di Papua. Adanya surat ini diungkapkan oleh Direktur Eksekutif Pacific Islands Association of NGO's…

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Meatworkers union boss charged with ripping off the Meatworkers union "IndyWatch Feed"

Who would ever have a guessed…a dodgy Meatworkers union boss caught stealing from his own dodgy Meatworkers union accounts. Remember I busted these guys a few years back for dodgy accounting. No surprises then that one ratbag union boss is before the courts for stealing his own member’s money. An Invercargill man is facing multiple charges totalling […]

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Genosida Papua: Tantangan Berat Bagi Diplomasi NKRI "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

SYDNEY, SATUHARAPAN.COM - Upaya Indonesia untuk meredam internasionalisasi masalah Papua, tampaknya semakin hari semakin menemukan tantangan berat. Setelah tujuh negara Pasifik belum lama ini mengangkat isu Papua di Sidang Majelis Umum Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa (PBB), berbagai jalur lain untuk mengangkat isu itu bermunculan. Tak lagi hanya lewat jalur diplomasi formal, kini lewat saluran diplomasi lain, termasuk…

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Vote Kea for Bird of the Year "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

KEEEEAAAAA! Kea (Nestor notabilis) was named by Maori for the sound of its call.  Listen to it here It is the world’s only mountain parrot and found only in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. These sociable and highly intelligent birds are well adapted to their harsh alpine environment. Their curiosity and omnivorous appetite, that they have developed […]


We don’t need to time travel to see New Zealand’s future we just need to look at Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

This video shows us New Zealand’s future. One Nation is surging in the polls despite getting nothing but negative coverage from News Media and even though it’s MPs have been consistently disrespected and attacked by the other political parties. Nothing the media or the other political parties say or do affects One Nation’s popularity because […]

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Phil, all you have to do is find the cheap land – here are the houses "IndyWatch Feed"

Apparently, there is a housing crisis everywhere. In the UK they are looking for solutions to their own housing crisis. Most first-time buyers can only dream of buying a home for less than £50,000 – but it is possible if you’re prepared to go ‘modular’. This involves selecting pre-fabricated, low-cost modules of various sizes which […]

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Who am I? "IndyWatch Feed"

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

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The Nation – retirement, mental health "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Today on@TheNationTV3 Can we afford to keep retiring at 65? We talk to @DianeMaxwellNZ and @PaulGoldsmithMP An affordability problem that National remains in denial of. Past and future growth of the elderly population Between 1901 and 1951, the number of New Zealanders aged 65 years and over increased almost six-fold, from 31,000 to 177,000. Over […]


Gutless media want to put our troops at risk, if they are there at all "IndyWatch Feed"

The media sickens me, they are trying to get the government to confirm if our NZSAS troops are in Iraq and helping put bad wogs in the ground. They are trying to make it should like it is a bad thing they are doing. The Government has denied reports that the SAS is in a […]

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Cyber attack "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

There’s claims of disruption on the Internet and a possible cyber attack. Cyber attack disrupts websites in US, Europe A number of big websites in the US and Europe are being hit by what appears to be a large cyber attack. It’s been disrupting sites including Twitter and Netflix, as well as Spotify, Airbnb and […]


Western Bay of Plenty has a whole new take on gender assigned toilets "IndyWatch Feed"

via the Tipline Please speculate in the comments as to the true meaning of the sign. You can even use the usual tool to add your take on this and share the image below.    

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Alt-middlish "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

I usually don’t care much for political labels, because politics is much more complex than petty pigeon-holing allows (at least from my point of view). Even the simplistic left and right have acquired different slants. The alt-right label is getting a bit of attention with it’s association with Donald Trump in the US. Even it […]


Could. How much did it cost to conclude something “could” happen? "IndyWatch Feed"

Cop a load of this. Researchers have created a model to reveal how climate change could combine the same weather patterns that led to a $1.3 billion drought. Could. The drought, that left much of the country brown over the 2012-13 summer, was the worst in 70 years in some regions, and was the result […]

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Devoy: Some Kiwis are racist for wanting jobs to go to Kiwis first "IndyWatch Feed"

  Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has intervened in the debate about foreign students, warning Kiwis about showing “casual racism” towards them. Dame Susan told Newshub she is concerned about the way some Kiwis are blaming the 125,000 students here for taking low-paid jobs off New Zealand’s young people. “[They are] being told to […]

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Various "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

I have total Trump fatigue, especially Trump parody fatigue, but I thought this was funny enough to overcome it.

The Elves, they’re very sharp. I know them, I have negotiated with them, I understand them, they respect me, because I have worked with them and made deals with them. Isildur was not a negotiator. The great House of Gondor, not a negotiator, none of them. That’s why they wander like losers in the woods now. The Elves are negotiators. They make deals, and they take us to the cleaners because the Men are led by losers. The Elves do not respect losers. Look at what happened the last time. “Oh no,” Elrond said, “you take the Ring, Isildur.” And Isildur, he’s a dummy — the Gondorians are dummies, all of them, their wives all tell me that, beautiful women except their country is stupid — and he takes it. What does it get him? Face down in a ditch, a very low-class waterway, filled with arrows.

I’ve been too busy to pay much attention to political news recently. All the debate, which I’m usually so invested in and outraged by has been a very distant buzz. This must be what it’s like to be a normal person. It’s quite nice. It occurred to me that I’m usually like a person listening to music with the headphones on, but to most people politics is an iPod accidentally switched on and playing in the pocket of someone’s jacket somewhere on the far side of the room.

I’ve been reading a lot. I just finished The Time Machine, by H G Wells. He invented the time travel genre! And reading it, I wondered: are there loads of really great literary genres still out there, un-invented? How do you invent a genre?

I also liked The Emperor of all Maladies, Siddhartha Mukherjee’s history of cancer. It’s good science writing, and I couldn’t help but love a book in which biologists are the heroes.

There have been a few reviews of my book out recently. Landfall Online and Scoop, just to remind you all that actual people liked my book, and you might too. You can buy it here.



Brexit/EU update "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

From Missy in London: The posturing by EU Leaders has been ongoing since June, with a lot of threats being provided if the UK tries to leave the EU completely and not sign up to free movement. This week was no different, however, today was the European Council Meeting (leaders), and Theresa May went for […]


UK child migrant controversy "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

From Missy in London: First Update is on the Migrant situation – child migrants in particular. This is a situation that has been causing much controversy this week in the UK. Background: It was estimated that there were approximately 800 ‘children’ in the Calais camp that could be eligible to come to the UK as […]


Labour’s health petition whopper "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

This week’s petition from Labour is aimed at fixing our tax system. Perhaps Labour should aim at on fixing their honesty, or their research or maths. Sign this petition To the New Zealand Government Fund our health system properly so New Zealanders can get the treatment they need. That’s hopelessly vague. More detail: Sign the […]


Saturday’ soapbox "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Saturday’s soapbox is yours to use as you will – within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. You’re welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse, but not abuse.

Image may contain: one or more people

Second hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack. Besides, in this random miscellaneous company we may rub against some complete stranger who will, with luck, turn into the best friend we have in the world. – Virginia Woolf

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Whaleoil General Debate "IndyWatch Feed"

Whaleoil General Debate is brought to you by use coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account. There are some rules, and if there […]

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Face of the Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Caution:  language The infamous feud between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump has been alive throughout this election season to the point at which Trump even referenced it during the presidential debates and in his guest appearances on The Howard Stern Show. During the third debate on Thursday night, Rosie let loose a series of angry […]

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From London’s River Bus "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Missy has posted here about her commutes on London’s River Bus service: I am enjoying my commute home tonight, sun shining, blue sky, and a gorgeous view from the river bus. I hope I never get bored with, or sick of, the view of tower bridge as the boat approaches, or of Greenwich as we […]


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

The word for today is… voleplane (verb) – 1. (a) To glide toward the earth in an airplane with the engine cut off. (b) To glide toward the earth with the engine cut off. Used of an airplane. 2. To make one’s way or go by gliding. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : Early […]

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Daily Proverb "IndyWatch Feed"

Proverbs 21 4Haughty eyes, a proud heart, and evil actions are all sin.

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National Meeting Makes Plans to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

For Immediate Release – 21 October 2016

Genetically Engineered Trees Condemned in Region known as “Ground Zero” for Their Development

North Myrtle Beach, SC– In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which made landfall only days before, strategies to stop the development of genetically engineered trees (GE trees) were the topic at a meeting that brought Indigenous Peoples, scientists, ecologists, and legal, social and environmental justice experts to North Myrtle Beach over October 12-18.

GE trees would threaten forests and communities throughout the U.S. Southeast–known by activists as “ground zero” for the development of GE trees.

Global Justice Ecology Project, Biofuelwatch and the Indigenous Environmental Network, all members of the North American Coordinating Committee against GE Trees (NACC), organized the meeting. Groups from across the region and the country took part in the meeting [1], including participants from several new organizations: ActionAid, Hip Hop Caucus, Beyond Toxics and Heartwood.

Topics included the exploitation of migrant labor for industrial tree plantations promoted by South Carolina based GE tree company ArborGen [2], the dangerous impacts of toxic herbicides and pesticides used in tree plantations, and the links between GE trees, biomass energy and worsening climate change.

Heartwood’s Tabitha Tripp said she was struck by the inherent danger in altering forest habitats with GE trees. “The irreversible escape of GE tree traits into wild forests will impact these forest communities for generations to come,” stated Tripp. “On top of that are the impacts from the vast amounts of highly toxic chemicals used, and the consumption of large volumes of fresh water resources. We are committed to stopping GE trees from being dispersed on public and private lands.”

The Southeastern U.S. has been the world’s number one producer of wood pulp with one in five forested acres converted to industrial pine plantations. The region’s forests are now also being logged for wood pellet exports to UK coal plants.

“GE tree plantations are a false solution, not the magic cure-all to climate change and deforestation promised by the wood products and energy industries,” added Cristina Stella, an attorney with the Center for Food Safety. “GE trees would contaminate and destroy natural forests; reduce biodiversity; pollute water; endanger the health of workers; and negatively affect local communities. CFS is committed to using our extensive legal and policy expertise in GE organisms to prevent these impacts.”

ArborGen was also a major focus of the meeting. An international GE tree research and development company headquartered in South Carolina, ArborGen was founded in 1999. Its joint fu...


Media watch – Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

22 October 2016 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general […]


Open Forum – Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

22 October 2016 Facebook: NZ politics/media+ This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isn’t spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to […]


Which Libyan government kills refugees? "IndyWatch Feed"

This video says about itself:

Drowning for Freedom: Libya’s Migrant Jails (Part 1)

17 March 2015

As Libya descends further into civil war and lawlessness, migrants from Africa and the Middle East continue to journey to the country’s coast in search of smugglers to take them across the Mediterranean Sea and into Europe.

Search and rescue operations by Libya’s coast guard are restricted due to diminishing resources, and have to contend with dangerous gangs of armed traffickers.

Those rescued at sea by the coast guard are brought to detention centers, where they face deplorable conditions and are forced to remain for long periods of time. In some instances, migrants are detained by militias in unofficial prisons outside of government control.

In part one of a three-part series, VICE News is given access to chilling footage filmed by the Libyan coast guard, who have witnessed an influx of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, recovering hundreds of bodies of those who’ve drowned on their journey to Europe.

These two v...


Hawaii’s Mauna Kea protectors remain steadfast in opposition to giant telescope "GroovUs Feed Nvideos"

by Sarah Aziza

Mauna Kea Protectors. (Twitter / @nefaeriest)

Mauna Kea Protectors. (Twitter/@nefaeriest)

A years-long battle over a $1.4 billion dollar construction project returned to court on Thursday. The showdown brings proponents of the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope, or TMT, face to face again with its strident opponents led by Native Hawaiian organizers. The Hawaiian Supreme Court previously revoked the project’s permit after a series of suits brought by Native Hawaiian activists and their supporters. The new hearings will reconsider this decision, placing the future of the Pacific mountain peak in question once again.

The TMT was first approved in 2013 as a joint scientific endeavor sponsored by American universities and partners from abroad. Originally set to be completed in 2024, the TMT will be one of the largest telescopes ever built, and 10 times more powerful than the Hubble Telescope. Mauna Kea was chosen for its exceptional height — being the highest peak in the Pacific at 13,796 feet — and its year-round visibility of the night sky. The TMT would follow about a dozen smaller telescopes already in the area, and would enable astronomers to see “forming galaxies at the very edge of the observable Universe, near the beginning of time.”

At the same time, however, the site is also held sacred by some Native Hawaiians, and news of the pending project inspired fierce resistance. Native groups and their supporters began organizing against the project soon after its announcement, and staged a dramatic disruption of the project’s groundbreaking ceremony in October 2014. These “Mauna Kea protectors” proceeded to occupy the area around the proposed construction site for over a month.

During the stand-off, protectors frequently employed poetry, song and dance...


Analysis: The impact of La Niña on UK wind power "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A comment piece in the Times earlier this week appeared to make a troubling prediction for the UK wind industry this winter. It warned the arrival of a weather phenomenon known as La Niña, “could cause real problems” for electricity supplies because of the likelihood of it being accompanied by an “unusually cold and windless winter” in the UK.

But, according to Met Office experts and Carbon Brief’s analysis of past La Niña events, there is little ground for such fears. As just one of a host of factors that can affect UK weather, La Niña is unlikely to dominate enough to warrant forecasts of “emergency” supply shortages.

This is especially true this time round since the impending event is expected to be weak, if it materialises at all.

‘Windless’ winter

Every five years or so, weakening trade winds cause a shift to warmer than normal ocean temperatures in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, a phenomena known as El Niño. La Niña is El Niño’s cold-water counterpart.

The World Meteorological Organisation this week confirmed there’s a 50-60% chance that a weak La Niña will develop before the end of the year. However, signs that an event may be imminent have been visible for a few months now, fuelling speculation about the likely consequences for everything from weather to food security and commodity prices.

Earlier this week, the Times’ deputy business editor, Robin Pagnamenta,...


Bush Meat Trade threatens hundreds of Species with Extinction "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

The hunting of wildlife for bushmeat has become a “global crisis” that threatens to wipe out more than 300 species, or a quarter of all threatened terrestrial mammal species on Earth, a first-of-its-kind study released Wednesday warned.

Among the world’s largest land mammals, 60 percent are at risk of extinction from human consumption, researchers found.

This is the first global assessment of mammal hunting and results show evidence of a global crisis,” the authors wrote Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Bush Meat on Sale in Equatorial Gunea

Bush Meat on Sale in Equatorial Gunea

“Many forests, savannahs, grasslands, and deserts in the developing world are now becoming ‘empty landscapes,’ ” they added. “Only bold changes will substantially diminish the imminent possibility of humans consuming many of the world’s wild mammals to the point of functional or global extinction.”

Said study lead author William Ripple, distinguished professor of ecology at Oregon State University: “These were surprising results and alarming results. I wasn’t expecting to find so many species where the major threat is hunting. If we go ahead with business as usual, we’re going to have many regions suffering from a lack of animals.”

The species being pushed toward extinction by illegal and unregulated hunting include clouded leopards, tigers, Bactrian camels, long-beaked echidnas, and pangolins.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists one-fourth of the world’s roughly 4,500 land mammals as threatened with extinction. Ripple and his team analyzed individual species from the list and identified 301 threatened mammal species for which a primary threat is being shot or trapped by humans.

The main reason for the hunting is to obtain meat for food, followed by medicinal products, ornamental use, and the live-pet trade.

All of the species live in developing countries such as Madagascar, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Papua New Guin...


Former top executives of mining giants Vale and BHP Billiton face homicide charges over Brazil dam disaster "IndyWatch Feed"

Brazilian prosecutors have filed homicide charges against 21 people over a mining dam collapse a year ago that killed 19 people and left hundreds homeless in the Minas Gerais region. Among those charged include current and former top executives of mining companies Vale and BHP Billiton who jointly owned the Samarco mine. If found guilty of qualified homicide, the individuals could face sentences of between 12 and 30 years in prison. Prosecutors claim employees of BHP and Vale knew there was a risk of collapse but ignored it, prioritizing their profits over the safety of local people. The companies have denied the charges and said they would defend their staff. They also accused prosecutors of ignoring the evidence against those claims.


Vietnam Backs US ‘Intervention’ In Pacific Amidst Dwindling Asian Pivot "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Top defense officials from Hanoi and Washington met Monday to discuss the role of the US in the region and how Vietnam would respond to American “intervention” in Asia and the Pacific. As the presidency of Barack Obama winds down,…

Friday, 21 October


Photo Feature: The New Homes, Lives and Identities of the Indian Diaspora in the EU "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Three Indian photographers – Kounteya Sinha, Paroma Mukherjee and Shome Basu – travelled through 21 European countries to chronicle the lives of the Indian diaspora.

Curry king Micky Sehgal arrived in Italy in June 1980 with $500 in his pocket. Today, Micky owns three of Rome’s most famous Indian restaurants by the name Maharajah and has an annual turnover of over 1.5 million euros. Sehgal’s first home was 65 square metres but now he lives in a 1,600 square metre villa. Maharajah’s clientele includes Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Rajnikant. Credit: Kounteya Sinha

Curry king Micky Sehgal arrived in Italy in June 1980 with $500 in his pocket. Today, Micky owns three of Rome’s most famous Indian restaurants by the name Maharajah and has an annual turnover of over 1.5 million euros. Sehgal’s first home was 65 square metres but now he lives in a 1,600 square metre villa. Maharajah’s clientele includes Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Rajnikant. Credit: Kounteya Sinha

New Delhi: ‘New Homelands: The Indian Diaspora in the European Union’, a photography exhibition organised by the EU’s delegation to India, sets out to chronicle the lives of Indians who have settled down in different parts of Europe. Three Indian photographers – Kounteya Sinha, Paroma Mukherjee and Shome Basu – travelled through 21 European countries to study the lives of the Indian diaspora.

Exhibition curator Alka Pande writes:

“The overseas Indian represents multiple regions, religions, languages, and cultures.  Following the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, he began to migrate overseas. to countries of Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and Fiji.

In the post-war era, Indians have journeyed forth to many different states of  Europe. There are Roman Catholics as well as Punjabi farmers in Italy; Goans in Portugal; blue collar workers, and doctors in the UK, academics and artists in the Netherlands, France and Germany, bankers and jewelers in Belgium and so on. Their migration continues to this day as they are the second largest community of migrants to the...


The U.S. Pivot to Nowhere "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Patrick Truffer. He graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs and completes a Master of Arts program in International Relations at the Freie Universität Berlin.

In an address to the Australian parliament in November 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that, with the “Pivot to East Asia“, the importance of the Southeast Asian region would receive more attention. This was interpreted as a shift in military focus from a peaceful, consolidated Europe to an emerging Asia increasingly under China’s influence.

Now, five years later, as Obama nears the end of his term, has this strategic realignment been a success? During this period, was there actually a shift in military focus from Europe to the Asian region? What consequences has this had on the power politics in the region? Could the United States do a better job of keeping China under check and help resolve regional conflicts?

US President Barack Obama addresses the Australian Parliament Parliament House in Canberra on November 17, 2011. President Obama is in Australia to mark the 60th anniversary of their security alliance and to bolster Washington's presence in the strategically important region (Photo: Rick Rycroft / AFP).

US President Barack Obama addresses the Australian Parliament Parliament House in Canberra on November 17, 2011. President Obama is in Australia to mark the 60th anniversary of their security alliance and to bolster Washington’s presence in the strategically important region (Photo: Rick Rycroft / AFP).

Even when U.S. President Barack Obama announced the “Pivot to East Asia” with a bang in November 2011 in Canberra, the American commitment in Asia was not new: The United States had long been both an Atlantic and Pacific nation. The U.S. had been intensifying its military and diplomatic engagement in the Asian region since 2004, under...


October 22 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

362  A mysterious fire destroyed the temple of Apollo at Daphne outside Antioch.

1383  The 1383-1385 Crisis in Portugal: King Fernando diedwithout a male heir to the Portuguese throne, sparking a period of civil war and disorder.

1633 Battle of southern Fujian sea: The Ming dynasty defeated the Dutch East India Company.

1707 – Scilly naval disaster: four British Royal Navy ships ran aground near the Isles of Scilly because of faulty navigation. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell and thousands of sailors drowned.

1730 Construction of the Ladoga Canal  completed.

1734  Daniel Boone, American pioneer and hunter, was born (d. 1820).

1746 The College of New Jersey (later renamed Princeton University) received its charter.

1784  Russia founded a colony on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

1790  Warriors of the Miami tribe under Chief Little Turtle defeated United States troops under General Josiah Harmar in the Northwest Indian War.

1797 André-Jacques Garnerin made the first recorded parachute jump 1,000 metres (3,200 feet) above Paris,.

1811 Franz Liszt, Hungarian pianist and composer, was born (d. 1886).

1836  Sam Houston was inaugurated as the first President of the Republic of Texas.

1844  The Great Anticipation: Millerites, followers of William Miller, anticipate the end of the world in conjunction with the Second Advent of Christ.

1875  First telegraphic connection in Argentina.

1877  The Blantyre mining disaster in Scotland killed 207 miners.



Russia’s NPP Near the Bay of Bengal "IndyWatch Feed Asia"



BIGGEST New Zealand UFO File Release EVER "GroovUs Feed Nvideos"

QUFOSR are proud to announce they will be releasing the biggest New Zealand UFO file collection ever. The files contain eye witness testimony from civilians, government officials, pilots and many others. Several files discuss extraterrestrial visitation, one discusses a found thousand year old blue print for a UFO that was being built by a professional civilian and one file presents NZ officials explaining a pilots sighting as Venus and his subsequently angry reply about them ruining his reputation. These files will change the UFO world. Like and subscribe to QUFOSR to keep up to date on the releases and their other videos.


366 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

My mother was a gentle woman and a wise one.

She tended to practise rather than preach but every now and then she’d say something to guide me.

One of those somethings was it’s never too late to say sorry or thank you.

She was right and I’m grateful for that.

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Rob O’Neill on Renato Amato "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The 98th in this occasional series of reprints from Quote Unquote the magazine is from the June 1994 issue. The intro read:
Rob O’Neill on Renato “Michael” Amato, 1928-1964. The first in an occasional series.
Neglected Writers
If, like me, you spend a lot of time rummaging around in second-hand bookshops, you may have come across the name Renato Amato. If you’re not, then the odds are that you wouldn’t have.

It was 30 years this April since Amato died from a brain haemorrhage in Wellington at the age of 35. His single volume, the collection of stories The Full Circle Of The Travelling Cuckoo, was posthumously published in 1967. Since then he has been almost universally, and quite unjustly, ignored. Perhaps because of the dominant strain of literary nationalism at the time, ironically a movement often associated with his friend Maurice Shadbolt, Amato just didn’t seem to fit.

Born in Portenza in southern Italy in 1928, Amato fought on both sides during World War II. First he was co-opted into the Fascist Black Brigade and later, using forged papers, he joined the partisans — where he saw many of his former officers taken prisoner and executed.

Filled with a general disgust after the war, Amato tried to build a life for himself. He attended university but did not finish a degree. He began writing and had some pieces published. Moving to Rome, he acted, wrote, took labouring jobs and waited on tables. He met several more-established writers, including Cesare Pavese, but they made little impression on him.

Working for a refugee organisation in the early 50s and learning English, Amato began to think about emigrating. New Zealand was virtually off limits to Italian migrants so, perhaps out of some sense of perversity, he decided that was where he wanted to go.

He arrived in Auckland in 1954 and renamed himself Michael. Again he found a succession of jobs — labouring, selling linen door-to-door — and virtually abandoned writing until, in 1958, he met his future wife, Sheena McAdam.

She was a student at Victoria University and, with her encouragement, he enrolled there himself and began writing again. Between then and his death in 1964, Amato had numerous stories published in local literary journals and his talent and promise began to be recognised.

To his contemporaries, Amato always seemed a writer of anothe...


Today’s Trivia "IndyWatch Feed"

Welcome to Daily Trivia. In medieval Europe “barber-butchers” were barbers that practiced surgery as well, a profession ranging from amputations to haircuts. The red and white ‘barber swirl’ in front of most barber shops today signifies blood and bandages which was common in their trade. (Source)   “Witch windows”, or diagonal windows, exist almost exclusively […]

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Deadly Infections from Medical Devices could be ended by using Manuka honey "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is a neat practical protocol.   Simply dip all surgical tools into a hot solution of honey as a matter of course after sterilization.  This will at least block most accidental infection.

 Research can fine tune all this but this also applies surely to food handling.  All butchering tools can be constantly dipped in and out of such a solution for a given shift with a high confidence that nasty bugs are been intercepted continuously..
 The reliance here is on Manuka but any honey works almost as well  Even household work can be managed with this protocol were concerns exist.

Deadly infections from medical devices could be ended by using Manuka honey

Monday, October 10, 2016 by: Amy Goodrich

(NaturalNews) Manuka honey is a unique and highly beneficial type of honey produced in Australia and New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, also known as tea tree. Recently touted as a superfood, Manuka honey has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of....


1) Editorial Papua priority "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

2) Countdown on for Indonesia’s response


1) Editorial Papua priority

October 21, 2016 | 07:15 am
The latest visit by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo raises both hope and worry. Can he win over the hearts and minds of people in Papua and West Papua? He certainly is trying — by improving traditional markets, inaugurating power facilities and eliminating the wide price gap of fuel compared to other areas in the country.
Jokowi’s new “one fuel, one price” policy, however controversial and difficult, should serve as an example of the President’s commitment and his clear leadership in demanding that his policy is supported.


Friday night Chesstock "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Anyone heard of Lejzor and Fiszel Czyż? The immigrated from Poland to Chicago, changing their names to Leonard and Philip Chess. They worked in a family junkyard within hearing distance of a black Baptist church. “On a Sunday, man, they’d get going with that groove and you couldn’t help but stand there and dance. Really, […]

17:00 NPIP calls for prison abolition not LGBTI officers "IndyWatch Feed Nznews" NPIP calls for prison abolition not LGBTI officers:

No Pride in Prisons recognises that hiring LGBTI prison officers does nothing to alleviate the suffering of our queer whānaunga inside. Inclusivity is a scam if it’s used to distract from real, life-destroying violence.

“Queer participation in the prison system does nothing to alleviate the suffering which that system causes. If you want our queer siblings to suffer less, we need to free them from ever being incarcerated. That means opposing the expansion of the prison system, opposing the construction of a new prison, opposing the use of rainbow flags to pink-wash the violence of incarceration.”


Donald roasts Hillary roasts Donald "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

At the AL Smith charity dinner in New York Donald Trump mostly attacked Hillary Clinton, sometimes to boos. Clinton returned fire.


Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed"

Whaleoil Backchat is brought to you byuse coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You don’t have to stay “on topic” in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. […]

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New book: Assessing food needs following a natural disaster in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea is vulnerable to natural disasters, including drought and frost associated with El Niño weather events and excessive rainfall associated with La Niña events. Drought, frost and excessive rainfall can cause major disruptions to village food supplies. Drought also reduces villagers’ access to clean drinking water, which in turn has a negative impact on peoples’ health and the capacity of schools and hospitals to operate. There are often other impacts — damage to crops and property by wildfires, out-migration and an increased death rate.

In 1997–98, and again in 2015–16, a major El Niño event caused significant disruption to drinking water and food supply for many Papua New Guinean villagers. Staff of many agencies, including those working through the Church Partnership Program El Niño Drought Response Program, were involved in assessing the impact and providing relief in 2015–16.

A new publication has just been launched in PNG, titled Assessing Food Needs Following a Natural Disaster in Papua New Guinea. The book reflects on some of the experiences of the Church Partnership Program El Niño Drought Response Program and serves as a guide for assessing future food shortages and to help those in need. It brings together the experiences of those working on the Church Partnership Program response to the 2015–16 El Niño event and serves as a guide for assessing future food shortages and to help those in need.

This publication was authored by Matthew Kanua, Mike Bourke, Brendan Jinks and Michael Lowe, with the support of the Church Partnership Program, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

It can be downloaded free of charge here. A limited number of hard copies are available by emailing

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Sorry, we’re closed "IndyWatch Feed"

Official figures show a seasonally adjusted 6300 settled here in September, surpassing the previous peak of 6200 reached in November 2015. A record 70,000 more migrants arrived than departed in the year to September. Statistics New Zealand population statistics manager Jo-Anne Skinner said the annual net gain reflected record high migrant arrivals and fewer migrant […]

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Law and order are lacking in the Goilala district of Central because there was no police station commander there since 1997, a village chief says.

Chief of Tapini James Komae said there was no magistrate there either.

Komae said that for about 20 years, there was no public servant living in the Tapini local level government area, which was the headquarters for the district.

A Catholic priest who has been living in Tapini for the last 19 years said there was a real absence of not just the judiciary services but every sense of sovereign authority.

“The key element of sovereignty here which is the district administration is absent here at the Goilala district,” Father Brian Cahill said.

“The second key element here in terms of law and order is the police which is also dysfunctional in this place.
“We need senior (police) officers who can command respect in the community.

“There are a large number of murderers and rapists out here but the police could not arrest them because they are afraid of them.
“We need somebody with a rank of inspector to command the police station here.

“At the moment, the acting OIC (officer in charge) of the station here is a new recruit from Bomana Police College.
Cahill spoke last Saturday at the Tapini Sacred Heart High School during a visit by a national and supreme court judge Justice Panuel Mogish.

Mogish thanked Cahill for his dedication to the people of Goilala in providing education and health services when the government system had failed. Mogish urged Goilala MP William Samb to work in partnership with the judiciary and the church to bring development into the district.
“I am inspired about the difficulties you sustained when staying out here,” Mogish said.

“When I took the opportunity to look after Central as a judge administrator in 2009, I made it my business to come and visit Tapini in Goilala district. In 2009, I have traveled the length and breadth of Central as a judge to some places where judges have never been to before.

“I’ve been to Kwikila, Moreguina, Kupiano, Bereina and now in Tapini.

“My next place to visit is at a place called Magarida and the last places will be up at Tolokuma and Woitape.
“We have a lot of good things that we can make happen in the district, but we need dedicated leaders to run the show.”

“The system of government here has collapsed and the CatholicChurch is the only body that is running the district here.”
Samb said it was a challenge for him and the district administration to develop the district using the limited resources they...


Champagne socialist takes break from Australian holiday to think about homelessness… "IndyWatch Feed"

Some people have an easy life. Labour’s candidate for Waiariki, Tamati Coffey, is in Australia tasting the wine and cruising the rivers as he takes a break from owning a bar and dabbling in politics. As a former (albeit minor) TV celebrity, small businessman and property investor Tamati Coffey doesn’t have to think about homelessness […]

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Hornswoggle – get the better of (someone) by cheating or deception; to cheat, hoax, hoodwink, swindle or trick; bamboozle.

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Karl du Fresne on how we have failed our most vulnerable "IndyWatch Feed"

  Until the 1980s, mentally ill people in New Zealand were mostly looked after in hospitals. Older readers will remember the names of these institutions: Tokanui, Sunnyside, Lake Alice, Porirua and Kingseat, to name a few. They tended to be drab, depressing places where patients were managed rather than treated. I know this because my […]

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Fukushima Unit 2 Containment Repair Research Underway "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

IRID announced details of work that is now underway to determine if a method for repairing the unit 2 suppression chamber might work. IRID determined based on previous investigations that there may be a hole or series of holes of around 50mm in the unit 2 suppression chamber. Current research work will determine if filling that structure with concrete would work. The process that would be used and the extent of the research work is significant. The proposed plan would use a concrete pump truck with a 5 inch diameter flexible hose to inject concrete into the suppression chamber. Initial work took place at the Ando Hazama Technical Research Institute (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) on October 15th.  It does appear they were successful in layering the concrete mixture and having it sink properly in the bottom of the suppression chamber tube. A 28 day pressure test will be conducted to assure the concrete properly plugs ...



(Read more...)


Government electoral law change priorities are amusing "IndyWatch Feed"

Amy Adams’ electoral law changes priorities are amusing. Richard Harman reports: Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams say legislation will be introduced into Parliament next week to make the TV campaign broadcast changes. The Government will allocate $3.605 million to political parties to buy time on TV. But that will be all the time they will be […]

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Anti-pipeline Gitxsan angry over province’s deal with unelected band chiefs "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Gitxsan blockade Dec 2014

Gitxsan protest against proposed LNG projects, including the Pacific Northwest LNG pipeline.

‘You’ve brought shame to Gitxsan’

By George Baker, Andrew Kurjata, CBC News, October 20, 2016

Members of the Gitxsan First Nation opposed to pipeline development are outraged that nine unelected hereditary chiefs are working on a deal with the province connected to a natural gas pipeline on B.C.’s North Coast.

The documents were leaked and posted online, prompting an emergency meeting to discuss next steps.

“We had a full room speaking totally against what they’ve done,” said Norman Stephens, a Gitxsan member opposed to the development.

“Words like ‘shameful, you’ve brought shame to the Gitxsan,’ those were used extensively.”

Project supports Pacific NorthWest LNG

The agreement is connected to the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Line.

The line would supply the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, which was approved by the federal government earlier this year.

Opponents fear the development will damage the salmon-bearing Skeena River.

“If they do that development, we will lose our fish,” said Stephens. “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that our fish stocks will be depleted. We will lose all of that.”

Deal promises Gitxsan won’t interfere

Stephens is particularly upset by conditions that say the Gitxsan will not be allowed to prevent construction work.

Section 5.4 reads, “Gitxsan agrees not to support or participate in any acts that frustrate, delay, stop or otherwise physically impede the right of the Province or a Natural Gas Pipeline proponent … to carry out any activities associated with the development and operations of that Natural Gas Pipeline Project.”

Section 5.5 says the hereditary chiefs will help the province resolve any disputes that come up with members of the Git...


Generation Snowflake thinks free speech is a weapon used against them "IndyWatch Feed"

The liberal panty-waists of Generation Snowflake are now arguing that simply advocating for free speech is “a cudgel against them“. They sound remarkably like a few health troughers I am acquainted with. The conventional wisdom surrounding American college life these days views campuses as hotbeds of intolerance for free speech, with students themselves leading the […]

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Mental health, walking, putting one foot in front of the other metaphorically and literally, etc… "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

‪#‎mhawnz‬ It’s been Mental Health Awareness…umm. Well… its been going for more than a week but I’m not sure it’s lasting a full month.

Lake BenmoreLake Benmore

There was a challenge, with the hashtag ‪#‎mhawnz, where you posted a different type of photo from the outdoors every day to mark the period.

The idea is, from what I can gather, to highlight the general benefits of getting out into nature.

I seem to know a lot of people going through mental health issues at the moment.  And – in what now seems like a different life – I was, for five years, a volunteer on Youthline’s crisis line, which gave me a bit of insight into all this.

Personally? I’m not unacquainted with the black dog sniffing around the room at 3am, or waking with what I call the Boulder of Dread on my chest.

Anyone, I’ve learned, can hit overload. It’s not something I dwell on or go on about. I can hyper-intellectualise this by saying self-dramatisation is one of the ills of our age – and that is true, I think.

The other,  probably more important reason is that I’m just, culturally and emotionally,  a bit of an uptight Presbyterian about these things.

I’m okay with that, by the way. I love and accept my attitude problem.

Omarama BridgeSnow, Omarama Bridge



Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed"

WELCOME TO JAPAN from Thibaut Buccellato on Vimeo.

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This is why we need Parliamentary authorisation for military deployments "IndyWatch Feed"

The Guardian is reporting that New Zealand SAS troops are in combat in Northern Iraq. The government is vigorously denying the claims, but do you believe them? The problem - entirely of their own making - is that they cloud SAS deployments in self-serving secrecy and refuse to give any details. This, combined with the fact that they reserved the right to send them to Iraq alongside the supposedly non-combatant trainers, means that it can't really be ruled out.

Which is precisely why foreign military deployments should have to be authorised by Parliament. The government shouldn't have the right to involve us in a shooting war and send kiwis overseas to kill and die without telling us about it. The UK requires Parliamentary authorisation for foreign military deployments. We should follow suit.


Splitting hacking hairs: Journalistic ethics 101 "IndyWatch Feed"

So let me get this straight… A criminal hacker illegally hacking e-mails is okay. A criminal hacker dumping all the hacked material so that it available for the public to sift through it is not okay. A journalist accepting the hacked e-mails from a criminal hacker is okay A journalist sifting through all the hacked […]

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Rail/Bus Service This Weekend "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Railway maintenance means bus journeys over Labour weeknd Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) and KiwiRail will use the 3-day Labour weekend to do maintenance work to replace overhead poles at Wellington Junction — which affects the Kapiti Coast, Johnsonville, Hutt, and Wairarapa rail lines. Extra buses will replace some train services over the weekend. But […]


Newsletter: Helen Evans | PNG Update in 2 weeks | AAC bumper crop | ADB@50 | Pacific PFM | World Bank future "IndyWatch Feed"

rs9924__dsc7980-lprLatest aid profile: Helen Evans

After working on Indigenous health and HIV/AIDS in Australia, Helen Evans rose to leadership positions in two of the world’s biggest health funds, tackling some of the most significant health challenges of our time. Helen’s story is the latest in our Aid Profiles series, profiling the lives of Australians who have made a difference in development.

PNG Update in 2 weeks

The PNG Update will kick off at the UPNG Waigani Campus in Port Moresby on Thursday 3 November with addresses from the PNG Minister for Planning, Charles Abel and the Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis. Keynote speakers during the two-day event include Professor Betty Lovei on women in leadership, and Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan on public sector finance reform. ANU-UPNG faculty will showcase our joint research, and there’s a special session on the 2015-16 drought and frosts. Panel sessions will examine PNG’s post-boom economy, and address issues relating to gender, infrastructure, sustainability, and much more. The full program is available here. No registration required.

Australasian Aid Conference: humanitarian aid panel

Many thanks to everyone who submitted proposals for the 2017 Australasian Aid Conference. Submissions were up by two-thirds on last year. The program will be released in December. In the meantime, we’re pleased to announce our second plenary panel, on how to fix humanitarian aid. Phoebe Wynn-Pope (Australian Red Cross), Adam Kamradt-Scott (University of Sydney), Paul McPhun (MSF) and our own Robin Davies will discuss the crisis in the current global humanitarian aid system, and explore options for resolving it. Early-bird registration for the conference remains open until November 10.


The Asian Development Bank was founded 50 years ago. Our...


Map of the Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Rivers of Europe in Rainbow Colours Click here for larger view  

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Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The causes of the great cheese glut –  Mitch McCann:

There’s a big problem in United States right now. No, not that – America’s got too much cheese.

According to Vox, 453 million kilograms sits in cold storage warehouses across the country.

There’s a few reasons for what’s being labelled “America’s cheese glut”.

Around 2014, China’s economy was growing fast.

They were buying up heaps of US dairy products, like milk powder and cheese.

American farmers stepped up to meet demand, then China’s economy slowed, and with it – cheese sales. . . 

Forestry Industry Helps Grow Kiwi Population:

A new set of guidelines to help forest owners protect kiwi will help increase kiwi population numbers across New Zealand.

The guidelines, created by Kiwis for kiwi’s National Mentor for Advocacy, Wendy Sporle, have also been developed into a short training module to educate forestry crews about on-the-ground kiwi management.

Wendy Sporle has been a Northland farm forester for 40 years and has decades of forestry and kiwi management experience. . . 

Tirau’s iconic sheep, ram, and dog buildings for sale:

After 23 years, the creators and owners of the iconic Sheep, Ram and Dog buildings in Tirau are putting them up for sale.

Sitting on a prime corner on State Highway 1, the buildings have been much-loved  and photographed by locals, tourists and people passing through the town since their creation. 

John and Nancy Drake, the creators and current owners of the buildings, built the sheep back in 1994. . . 

Fonterra Showcases Clean Water Commitments at Global Summit:



Mark Steyn on the criminalisation of ‘free’ speech "IndyWatch Feed"

One of the reasons I’m in favor of Hillary Clinton being decisively defeated next month is because a Democrat victory, bolstered by a five-four (or six-three, or seven-two) majority on the Supreme Court, will be disastrous for free speech in the United States. President Obama has just declared that the “wild wild west” of the […]


Only 69 more years "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The latest benefit stats are a mixed bag. That'll be why they haven't made the news. Not a lot to criticise and not a lot to crow about.

For instance, over the year to September 2016, "... the number of recipients of Jobseeker Support increased by 1,383, or 1.1 percent."

The rise is nearly all female; Maori and Pacific.

The drop in sole parents numbers is quite substantial - "....the number of recipients of Sole Parent Support decreased by 3,515, or 5.2 percent."

But (given the nature of the rise in Jobseeker numbers) I suspect that some of this reduction will actually be a transfer of older sole parents onto Jobseeker as their youngest child turns 14.

Regarding the last main benefit, "...the number of recipients of Supported Living Payment remained relatively stable, decreasing by 593, or 0.6 percent."

For many years the numbers on an invalid benefit only grew so  even stability is an improvement.

HOWEVER, the upward trend in people receiving a Supported Living Payment for a psychological or psychiatric condition continues. A further 765 were added over the year.

There was a marked increase in Pacific people becoming dependent on this benefit and the age group with the largest growth was 25-39 years.

Overall, "...the number of main benefit recipients decreased by 3,292, or 1.1 percent."

At this rate (assuming a static population) it will only take around 69 years to get back to a level where only 2 percent of the working age population is reliant on a benefit - the sort of level that was normal until the 1970s!

Image result for DPB numbers welfare working group


Court of Appeal decision on election advertising leaves us none the wiser "IndyWatch Feed"

The Electoral Commission sought the view of the Court of Appeal to clarify the approach the Commission should be taking to the interpretation of “election advertisement” when issuing advisory opinions and the meaning of “election programme” when providing advice on election broadcasting. Clarification was needed following two 2014 decisions of the High Court that appeared […]


Government implements more pointless bureaucracy "IndyWatch Feed"

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith says most pool drownings occur because gates no longer close, fences have not been maintained or changes have been made that allow access. “Half of inspected pools have been found to be non-compliant, exposing children to risk,” he said after parliament passed his bill on Thursday. Included in the […]


Friday’s answers "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

J Bloggs, Teletext and Gravedodger posed the questions for which they     get my thanks.

Since it’s Labour Weekend they can claim a virtual carrot cake by leaving the answers below whether or not they’ve stumped us all.

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Photo of the Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Charles Lindbergh’s Secret German Mistresses When Charles Lindbergh died in Maui in 1974—by then an environmentalist so dedicated he refused burial with any article of clothing that might contaminate the earth—there seemed little new of consequence left to discover about the once world-celebrated aviator. Lindbergh in fact lived an extraordinarily active romantic life, particularly in […]


Powering aquatic research with self-charging tags "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Piezoelectricity has nothing do with pie. In fact, it’s a pioneering avenue of research into producing energy from physical movement, which could revolutionize the way we track fish. By harnessing this source of power, the Department of Energy (DOE)’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has developed the first self-charging tag for studying the movement of fish throughout their lives. Because it works as long as the fish swims, its developers believe the technology could be especially useful for the long-term monitoring of the behavior of long-lived species like sturgeon and migratory species of concern like eels and lamprey. [caption id="attachment_190347" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Lui et al. have developed the first self-charging tag, an acoustic transmitter implanted in fish and powered by their movement. Photo credit: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.[/caption] “It could help us better understand how dams and ocean energy devices affect fish behavior by tracking them long-term and develop mitigation measures accordingly,” said corresponding author Daniel Deng, Chief Scientist in the Hydrology Group of Energy & Environment Directorate at PNNL. The device consists of a supple strip of piezoelectric composite beam, a circuit board and a beeping transducer that converts energy from one form to another. Underwater receivers record these sounds to keep track of the fish. The tag has been designed in 10 cm and 7.7 cm lengths to fit fish of various sizes; it weighs about 1 g and 0.8 g, respectively. The transmitter emits a signal that provides more than 65,000 unique tag codes and is strong…


Empire Kidman : des éleveurs australiens défient Gina Rinehart "IndyWatch Feed"

20 Oct 2016 | Radio AustraliaUn groupe d'éleveurs australiens contre la femme la plus riche du pays, alliée à un groupe chinois : c'est l'affiche d'un duel qui s'annonce passionnant, avec en ligne de mire, les terres agricoles de la famille Kidman.


Chinese Engineers’ Bodies Recovered From Quetta Lead and Zinc Mine "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chinese engineers’ bodies recovered from Pakistan mine

anadolu agency turk state

Rescuers retrieve bodies of 2 Chinese engineers killed trying to save colleague trapped in mine

Chinese engineers' bodies recovered from Pakistan mine

By Aamir Latif

KARACHI, Pakistan

Rescue teams have retrieved the bodies of two Chinese engineers who were trapped in a mine a month ago while attempting to rescue a Pakistani co-worker in Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province, local media reported Thursday.

The rescue team will continue to search for the body of the Pakistani worker, who was trapped while working in a lead and zinc mine, local English daily Dawn reported, quoting a company official.

The bodies of the Chinese engineers were taken to the southern port city Karachi, where their families have already arrived to collect them.

The large Balochistan district is rich in copper, zinc and natural gas and has had a long history of mine accidents, mainly because of weak infrastructure and safety standards.


A blow against bigotry in the UK "IndyWatch Feed"

The UK government has agreed to pardon gay men convicted of historic offences:

Thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted under outdated gross indecency laws are to be posthumously pardoned, the Government has announced, in a “momentous” victory for campaigners.

Announcing what has been dubbed as the ‘Alan Turing law’ justice minister Sam Gyimah said the Government would seek to implement the change through an amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill. It will effectively act as an apology to those convicted for consensual same-sex relationships before homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales in 1967.


In another step, the Government is also announcing that it will introduce a new statutory pardon for the living in cases where offences have been successfully deleted through the disregard process.

Mr Gyimah added: “It is hugely important that we pardon people convicted of historical sexual offences who would be innocent of any crime today. Through pardons and the existing disregard process we will meet our manifesto commitment to put right these wrongs.”

Righting this historic wrong is a great step forward for justice in the UK, and a blow against bigotry. But what about New Zealand? There's a petition currently before the Justice and Electoral Committee, but the government's response has been to dismiss it as "too hard". National thinks it is far easier to let these people carry the burden of their unjust convictions than to act to correct them - and that's just wrong. These people were convicted of things that should never have been criminal in the first place. The government has wronged them, and it needs to right that wrong and apologise. If the UK can do it, then so can we.


More pointless grandstanding from Labour that shows they aren’t a government in waiting "IndyWatch Feed"

Labour really does pick battles that no one cares about. Parliament is going to debate a Labour Party bill that calls for the immediate election of all the members of Environment Canterbury. It was drafted by Labour’s Canterbury spokeswoman Megan Woods in response to the government’s sacking of all the regional council’s elected members in […]


What about a WPexit? "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

What about a WPexit?

West Papuans deserve the chance to vote to leave Indonesia

22 October 2016



$5.4 Billion Melanesian ocean economy in peril "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Fish caught just outside the Marine Protected Area (MPA) area in Tikina Wai, Fiji. Photograph: Brent Stirton/1521

Fish caught just outside the Marine Protected Area (MPA) area in Tikina Wai, Fiji. Photograph: Brent Stirton/1521

The authors single out seabed mining for example as a potentially lucrative emerging industry in the short term, but one that could threaten marine life while providing little benefit to local communities

Johnny Langenheim | The Guardian | 19 October 2016

A new WWF report values Melanesia’s marine ecosystems at half a trillion dollars. But radical action is needed to maintain them.

That Melanesian Pacific island economies are heavily reliant on the ocean is hardly a surprise. But a new report by WWF has quantified the annual economic output from the region’s waters – what they term Gross Marine Product (GMP) – at $5.4 billion – a sum equivalent to the combined GDP of Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

The Reviving Melanesia’s Ocean Economy report was produced in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Global Change Institute (GCI) at the University of Queensland. It aims to highlight the need for urgent action to safeguard Melanesia’s marine resources in the face of threats like climate change, over-fishing and pollution.

Fisheries account for half of Melanesia’s marine-derived economic output according to the report. Projections suggest that by 2030 the region will need 60% more fish to feed its rapidly growing population – yet stocks are projected to decline not increase. Since most coastal fishing in Melanesia is subsistence based, there is the very real prospect of a nutritional shortfall that will affect millions of people.



Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"



Open Government: Finally, an action plan! "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday, just ten days before the (self-extended) deadline, the government released its Second Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-18. The first action plan was a disaster, with unambitious and vague "commitments" developed in secret without meaningful input from the public. The good news is that this one is much better.

The Action Plan contains seven commitments, focusing on open data, an open budget, improved OIA practice, improved access to legislation, improved policy practice (including around consultation), and improved OGP engagement. Many of these reflect suggestions made in the public engagement process, and there's no hidden Big Brother agenda. They're also all specific and measureable, with defined milestones, so we can tell if the government is meeting its commitments.

The downside however is a lack of ambition. There's nothing big here, nothing which is going to be transformative or which will be a star commitment - no sign that the government has bought in to the OGP agenda of a race for the top. Instead, they're still trying to do as little as possible while not spending any money or changing anything substantive. They're just doing a better job of complying with OGP guidelines than last time.

In other words, we have a victory of process over substance, which ignores the OGP's promise of real change. New Zealand can and should do better.


Australia continues to try to scuttle international moves towards a nuclear weapons ban ! "IndyWatch Feed"

exclamation-Australia will not support negotiations to outlaw nuclear weapons  Senate estimates to question foreign affairs department officials on Thursday on nuclear disarmament stance, Guardian,  20 Oct 16, Australia will not support a resolution to begin negotiations to outlaw nuclear weapons, as it grows increasingly isolated from a global disarmament push.

A resolution is before the United Nations general assembly to “convene a United Nations conference in 2017, to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons”.

The resolution has 39 co-sponsoring nations and will be voted on by the general assembly later this month, or next. The conference is slated for March next year.

Officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will appear before Senate estimates on Thursday to face questioning on Australia’s nuclear disarmament position.

Support for a ban treaty has been growing steadily over months of negotiations, but it has no support from the nine known nuclear states – the US, China, France, Britain, Russia, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea – which includes the veto-wielding permanent five members of the security council.

Australia has spent months in negotiations over the proposed negotiations, seeking to stymie the push for a ban on nuclear weapons, and has sought to press the case for what it describes as a “building blocks” approach of engaging with nuclear powers to reduce the global stockpile of 15,000 weapons.

Australia has consistently maintained that while nuclear weapons exist, it must rely on the protection of the deterrent effect of the US’s nuclear arsenal, the second largest in the world.

In August, with nations at a UN disarmament meeting set to unanimously pass a report recommending negotiations on a ban start in 2017, Australia forced a vote on the issue, which it lost 68 to 22.

The move upset op...


Road Maggots putting Kiwi at risk "IndyWatch Feed"

Not content with holding up traffic, now road maggots are putting Kiwi at risk. Some mountain bikers have been issued written Department of Conservation warnings for illegally cutting a trail through a pristine forest on Tauranga’s doorstep. The track was discovered by volunteers helping to reintroduce kiwi and kokako into the Otanewainuku Forest. Otanewainuku Kiwi […]


Australia wants ‘scientific whaling’ ended "IndyWatch Feed"

Sea Shepherd crew member Laurens De Groot hurls a bottle of butyric acid (rotten butter) at Japanese harpoon whaling ship, the Yushin Maru No. 1, as the Sea Shepherd helicopter flies overhead during an encounter in Antarctica in 2009. Photo Adam Lau/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd crew member Laurens De Groot hurls a bottle of butyric acid (rotten butter) at Japanese harpoon whaling ship, the Yushin Maru No. 1, as the Sea Shepherd helicopter flies overhead during an encounter in Antarctica in 2009. Photo Adam Lau/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Canberra [AAP]

Australia will push for a permanent end to all forms of whaling at an international meeting in Slovenia.

Environment minister Josh Frydenberg will ask the International Whaling Commission to take greater responsibility for how it deals with so-called scientific whaling, a camouflage used by Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Ocean.

‘For too long, the commission has deferred responsibility for so-called scientific whaling to its scientific committee,’ Mr Frydenberg said ahead of travelling to the commission’s biennial meeting.

‘The commission must be more engaged on this important and divisive issue and form its own conclusions.’

The minister plans to build support for two Australian-led resolutions aimed at getting the commission to better deal with ‘scientific’ whaling and bring it more in line with best practice for multilateral treaty bodies.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the global moratorium on commercial whaling and 70 years since the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling was made.

At least 45 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises are found in Australian waters and Mr Frydenberg says the government takes seriously its obligations to protect them.

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Confusing report by Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Update Report on the state-wide blackout. "IndyWatch Feed"

Dennis Matthews, 21 Oct 16 I have just read the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Update Report on the state-wide blackout.

The collapse of more than twenty transmission line towers initiated a sequence of domino-like events that ended with the loss of grid-power to the entire state. When I came to the end of the report I was mystified by the lack of attention to the first domino to fall – the transmission-line towers. The final chapter of the report, Next Steps, makes no mention of the towers, including the fact that they have been replaced by temporary structures.

I went back to the beginning of the report and was amazed to find the transmission line faults (caused by the tower collapses) classed as “pre event”.

What on earth is AEMO doing? Do we have to wait six months to find out whether the transmission-line towers are strong enough? Will there be another disruption to the electricity transmission system in the meantime? Your guess is as good as mine.



Gable Tostee walks away a free man "IndyWatch Feed National"

Gable Tostee leaves the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Thursday. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

Gable Tostee leaves the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Thursday. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

Sarah Motherwell

Brisbane [AAP]

Gable Tostee is having his first day free from bail restrictions and court appearances after being found not guilty of killing his New Zealand Tinder date.

The 30-year-old was on Thursday acquitted by a Brisbane Supreme Court jury of the murder and manslaughter of Kiwi tourist Warriena Wright.

Ms Wright, 26, fell to her death while trying to climb down from the balcony of Mr Tostee’s 14th floor Surfers Paradise apartment in the early hours of August 8, 2014.

An audio recording Mr Tostee made on his mobile phone that captured the struggle between the pair and Ms Wright’s eventual death was a key piece of evidence during the six day trial.

The court had heard Mr Tostee put Ms Wright out on his balcony and locked the door after she threw rocks at him and also hit him with a metal telescope clamp.

Despite a verdict being reached early on the fourth day of deliberations, Mr Tostee’s case faced a possible mistrial when it was discovered a juror had been posting about it on her Instagram account.

Justice John Byrne rejected an application by Mr Tostee’s lawyers for a mistrial but did scold the juror anonymously after the verdict was delivered.

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Climate change not on the agenda for US presidential debates "IndyWatch Feed"

USA election 2016Why the silence on climate in the US presidential debates? The Conversation, October 20, 2016 As scientists become more gloomy about keeping global warming below the allegedly “safe” limit of 2℃, the issue is disappearing from the US presidential debates. There was a brief mention in the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate, with climate change treated as an “afterthought”.

Trump has previously (in 2012) suggested that climate change “was created by and for the Chinese”. Clinton has put forward a detailed climate and energy plan.

Even former Vice President Al Gore joining Clinton on at a campaign rally in Florida didn’t particularly help.

So why has climate change gone AWOL?

Early days

It’s an odd phenomenon, because awareness of the threat of climate change goes back more than half a century, well before its sudden arrival on public policy agendas in 1988…….

A combination of growing scientific alarm about the growth of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and a long hot summer in 1988 made climate change an election issue. On the campaign trail, then-Vice President George H. W. Bush announced in his presidential compaign:

Those who think we’re powerless to do anything about the “greenhouse effect” are forgetting about the “White House effect”. As President, I intend to do something about it… In my first year in office, I will convene a global conference on the environment at the White House… We will talk about global warming… And we will act.

They didn...


Jim Green refute’s Geoff Russell’s pro nuclear propaganda on New Matilda "IndyWatch Feed"

As part of an ongoing debate over the capacity of nuclear energy to tackle climate change, Friends of the Earth’s Jim Green responds to New Matilda’s recent coverage.

New Matilda editor Chris Graham writes in an October 13 editorial that those responding to Geoff Russell’s pro-nuclear articles “never seek to punch holes in a single fact or claim”. In this article I’ll take up the challenge to respond substantively to some of Russell’s pro-nuclear claims.

But first, some passing comments on the other nuclear advocates mentioned in Chris’s editorial. Chrislinks to a video of Dr James Hansen ‒ a response is posted here. Chr...


Donald Trump gets his facts wrong on USA-Russia Nuclear START Treaty "IndyWatch Feed"

TrumpAP FACT CHECK: Trump gets facts wrong on START Treaty

AP FACT CHECK: Donald Trump is wrong to say that only Russia can still create warheads under the New START treaty limiting nuclear weapons A claim from the final presidential debate and how it stacks up with the facts:

DONALD TRUMP: Referring to a 2010 U.S.-Russia treaty limiting both countries to 1,550 strategic nuclear warheads, Trump said, “They create warheads. We can’t.”

The FACTS: Incorrect. The New START treaty, which Trump called “Start Up,” does not prevent either the U.S. or Russia from building nuclear warheads. It restricts each country to a total of 1,550 warheads deployed on bombers, submarines and in underground silos and requires that this limit be reached by February 2018.

Trump also said that after the treaty was signed, “They expanded and we didn’t.”

It’s true that the Russians have increased the number of their deployed warheads to 1,796, and the U.S. warhead total has dropped to 1,367. But it also is true that their total was far below that of the U.S. when the treaty went into effect in 2010. New data published by the State Department this month showed that although Russia has added to its warhead total, its inventory of missile launchers, such as underground silos, has shrunk.

 Hans Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists, who closely tracks U.S. and Russian strategic forces, says the rise in Russian deployed warheads is temporary and is to be followed by the retirement of older nuclear weapons so that Moscow gets under the treaty limits. “Russian compliance with the treaty by 2018 is not in doubt,” he wrote recently.



“Direct Action” effect on greenhouse emissions would be wiped out if Adani coal mine goes ahead "IndyWatch Feed"

coal CarmichaelMine2Adani coal mine would wipe out Direct Action gains within a year, estimates show, The Age,  Peter Hannam, 20 Oct 16, 

Carbon cuts made by the federal government’s Direct Action climate change plan by 2020 would be wiped out by pollution from a single coal mine in just over a year, new data revealed at a Senate estimates hearing shows.

Officials from the Clean Energy Regulator said that projects paid for from the first three auctions of the Emissions Reduction Fund – the backbone of Direct Action – would trim pollution by just 42 million tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent by 2020.

Even if all the remaining funds were spent – with a fourth auction planned for November 16 – emissions reductions are projected to total only 92 million tonnes by the year 2020, officials told senators.

By contrast, the Adani coal mine proposed for Queensland’s Galilee Basin would trigger emissions of about 79 million tonnes a year – nullifying the ERF’s pre-2020 abatement in little over a year if it proceeded……


France’s nuclear safety regulator calls for shutdown of 5 more reactors, due to safety risks "IndyWatch Feed"

safety-symbolflag-franceFrance’s nuclear watchdog wants to shut down 5 reactors over failure risk 20 Oct, 2016 10: The French nuclear watchdog has called for the shutdown and inspection of five more nuclear reactors for safety checks. The reactors have a high level of carbon which could lead to various failures.

The Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) has asked nuclear power utility EDF to carry out additional inspections at Fessenheim 1,Tricastin 2 and 4, Gravelines 4 and Civaux 1 reactors, according to a press release. All these reactors are located across the whole France, close to towns and communes.

“The performance of these inspections will require shutdown of the reactors concerned,” ASN added. The watchdog wants to check “certain channel heads of the steam generators on five of its reactors, in which the steel is affected by a high carbon concentration.”

According to ASN’s analysis, “certain channel heads of the steam generators … contain a significant carbon concentration zone which could lead to lower than expected mechanical properties.”

The watchdog said that it doesn’t want to wait “for the scheduled refueling outage of these reactors” and thus demands safety checks “within three months.”

According to the Local, this abnormality could lead to failures in mechanical properties and even to leaks or explosions.

The five reactors under scrutiny are among 18 at which ASN found abnormalities in June. Of the 18 reactors ASN says that six could be restarted after inspection. Seven others (Bugey 4, Civaux 2, Dampierre 3, Gravelines 2, Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux B1 and Tricastin 1 and 3) are being inspecte...


Australian taxpayers’ funded publishing of climate denialist Bjorn Lomborg’s book "IndyWatch Feed"

Government funded Lomborg’s ‘vanity’ book: Senate Estimates,, , Higher Education Editor Canberra @harejulie , 21 Oct 16, Taxpayers contributed $640,000 to a book edited, written and published by Bjorn Lomborg and his Copenhagen Consensus Centre which was ridiculed in Senate Estimates on Thursday as “vanity publishing”.

Lomborg, Bjorn


New Zealand Immigration respond to my question about TB infections "IndyWatch Feed"

I wrote to New Zealand Immigration to ask about TB testing after reading on Breitbart that “the local Michigan offices of refugee resettlement agencies are hiding refugee latent tuberculosis (TB) infection rates from the public.” Identifying and treating refugees who arrive with latent TB infection rates is an important element in state and national TB […]


Next education minister will be too meek to be any use, says Chris Holden "IndyWatch Feed"

The next Education Minister needs to take on and destroy the teacher unions, but Chris Holden reckons they will be as meek as a mouse. One could easily be forgiven for thinking Parliament is increasingly becoming a place where MPs are more concerned about their public profile and political ambitions than they are about implementing […]


Whingers need not apply "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Duane Trafford who runs Mosgiel-based pest control company, Predator Contracting LTD needs staff but whingers need not apply:

He needs more staff to run the company and has laid out the type of person he wants to employ in clear language.

The advertisement is on TradeMe and says:

OK….SO I’m looking for Staff.

The requirements are pretty simple… understanding of some of the key points I’m about to explain are necessary….
1/ I am looking for possumers…not pig hunters…not people that tried hunting once…and thought they liked it…and thought they were having a midlife crisis..and decided they needed to get out of the office…..but Possumers……!!!
2/ Now by Possumers..I mean people that can work as part of a team….Come back to accommodation at night and NOT WHINGE!!!! Can start the day with a positive attitude and not WHINGE!!! Can talk to other members of their team with respect and not WHINGE!!!! I don’t want shit stirring whingers!!!
3/ They need to be able to get off their arses and walk down into the gullies and push through the tuff shit…..without crying about it!!
4/ They need to understand that the job doesnt mean you get to drive around on QUADS all day and shoot shit….you actually have to walk….and the walking involves HILLS!
5/ They need to understand that theres NO internet…no cell coverage…no breaks….and most of all NO WHINGING!!!!!
6/ They need to understand that there are prickles…and theyre outside….and they’ll get wet hair…and wet socks…and cold…and hot….and thirsty …and hungry….and that I’m not their bloody mother…..
7) They need to understand that the job entails being away from home, and staying in back country accommodation ( huts, shearers quarters etc)

Some relevant skills Im looking for….
1/ Preferably a CSL (Controlled Substance Licence) you can apply toxins or at least be able obtain one…which means NO Police charges in the last 7 years..including DUI’s DO I need to emphasis this??? Because Im sick of people applying that havent read this part!!.
2/ PREFERABLY Relevant ATV/LUV/2 Wheeler/4WD tickets
3/ Possuming Experience
4/ The ability NOT to whinge about everything( in case you missed it)
5/ The ability to change with the times. We are a company that is progressive&#8230...


After Cops Couldn’t Do the Job, This Gang Kicked All the Meth Dealers Out of Town "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Tribal-Huk-New-Zealand-MethThey had no problem explaining what would happen if the meth dealers refused to leave.


Another Chernobyl or Fukushima risk plausible: Experts "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

The “flawed and woefully incomplete” public data from the nuclear industry is leading to an over-confident attitude to risk, the researchers warned.

The study, which put fresh pressure on the nuclear industry to be more transparent with data on incidents, also called for a fundamental rethink of how accidents are rated, arguing that the current method (the discrete seven-point International Nuclear Event Scale or INES) is highly imprecise, poorly defined, and often inconsistent.

For example, the Fukushima accident and the Chernobyl accident are rated 7 — the maximum severity level — on the INES scale.

However, Fukushima alone would need a score of between 10 and 11 to represent the true magnitude of consequences, the researchers said.


Catastrophic nuclear accidents like Chernobyl disaster in the US that took place in 1986 and the more recent Japan’s Fukushima disasters in 2011 may not be relics of the past. But the risk…

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Rainwater flood in Shika nuclear plant raises concerns at NRA "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Shika NPP Ishikawa Prefecture.jpg

The Shika nuclear plant in Ishikawa Prefecture operated by Hokuriku Electric Power Co.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has instructed Hokuriku Electric Power Co. to further investigate and prevent a recurrence of flooding that short-circuited the emergency lighting system at its Shika nuclear plant in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The 6.6 tons of rainwater that entered the No. 2 reactor building at the Shika plant in late September also came close to drenching power batteries prepared for emergency use.

It was never imagined that such a volume of rain would flood the building,” NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said Oct. 19. “There was the possibility of losing an important safety function.”

The Shika plant is currently offline, but the flooding incident could prompt the NRA to review the screening process required before the nuclear reactor is cleared to resume operations.

Hokuriku Electric President Yutaka Kanai apologized for the incident at a special meeting…

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Abe’s Nuclear Japan Goals Face More Ballot-Box Battles in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


– Anti-nuclear candidates win in Niigata, Kagoshima prefectures

– Three gubernatorial races next year in regions facing restarts

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ambition to restart the country’s fleet of nuclear reactors may face further challenges from local elections.

The victory of an anti-nuclear gubernatorial candidate in the central prefecture of Niigata on Sunday, following a similar win in the southern Kagoshima region earlier this year, is complicating efforts by the country’s ruling party to revive Japan’s nuclear fleet. There will be at least three such elections next year in areas where utilities are vying to restart reactors.


Even as the Abe administration remains committed to including nuclear power as part of Japan’s energy mix, implementing this vision will require overcoming ever-more-dogged resistance from local communities and their representatives,” Tobias Harris, a vice president with Teneo Intelligence in Washington D.C., said in a note Monday. “The restart process will continue to…

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Kapiti College Students Support Clean Water "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Taking social action Kapiti College students recently made submissions to the Parliamentary Select Committee Hearing on the Choose Clean Water petition. (To see Sophie Handford’s statement, scroll down to October 19. For the Fish&Game press release on the issue, scroll down to October 17.) Today we publish two more submissions from the Kapiti College group. […]


Ex-PM Koizumi: ‘Why doesn’t gov’t eliminate nuclear power?’ "IndyWatch Feed"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi gestures as he speaks at a hotel in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, on Oct. 18, 2016

MATSUMOTO, Nagano — Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Oct. 18 commented on the victory of an anti-nuclear newcomer in the Oct. 16 Niigata gubernatorial election, asking why the government isn’t giving up nuclear power when it can.

The newly elected governor, Ryuichi Yoneyama, has expressed a cautious view on the restart of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture.

“He beat a candidate backed by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Komeito and the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, and it was an unexpected upset. I guess that the public has come to understand that nuclear power plants are dangerous, not safe,” Koizumi said during an address in the Nagano Prefecture city of Matsumoto.

He underscored the impact of the election, saying that if the opposition parties jointly field candidates…

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French and Japanese Quality Defects to Shut-down Multiple French Nuclear Reactors – Areva Le Creusot Forge and JCFC (Japan Casting and Forging) at Work "IndyWatch Feed"

Mining Awareness +

NRC Inspection Le Creusot 2009
Notice that the above inspection was in 2009. Regulators have suspected or known about problems at French state-owned Areva Le Creusot Forge for a very long time.

According to the US NRC:
The steam generator is an integral part of the reactor coolant pressure boundary, and its integrity is important to the safe operation of the plant.

Today ASN, the French nuclear regulator, has stated that “analyses performed by EDF at ASN’s request since 2015 conclude that certain channel heads of the steam generators manufactured by Areva Creusot Forge or JCFC” [ Japan Casting and Forging Corporation] “contain a significant carbon concentration zone which could lead to lower than expected mechanical properties.” In other words, they are more likely to fail and could lead to a serious nuclear accident. An earlier ASN notice states that “in particular its resistance to crack…

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National’s RMA reform is neutered and comatose "IndyWatch Feed"

They really should just shelve it until next term.   It’s a watered down waste of time and resources.  Oh the irony. The government’s latest attempt to reform the Resource Management Act continues to run into trouble, with the chairman of the select committee conceding on Thursday that the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill will miss […]

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